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E.ON Next Tariffs for 2022: Gas & Electricity Prices

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E.ON Next is a brand new company for many customers and you might not have heard about what tariffs they have on offer. In this guide we walk you through the main tariff benefits you have as an E.ON Next customer.

Owing to the ongoing energy crisis, E.ON Next has stopped most of its tariffs from being available. The tariffs that are currently available to some customers are the Next Flex and the Next 1 Year fixed tariffs. The prices and tariffs shown here are tariffs that have been previously available and might become available once the energy market settles again.

E.ON Next Tariffs and Price Increases

Like most energy companies, E.ON Next tariffs will be affected by the price cap rise in April 2022. The price cap will see average energy bills increase by 54%, but this will only affect customers who are on the variable tariffs. For E.ON Next customers, those who are on the E.ON Next Flex tariff will experience the price rise.

Next Flex Average Bill 2021 Average Bill 2022
Direct Debit £1,277 £1,971
Prepayment £1,309 £2,017

If you are on an E.ON Next fixed tariff, you will not be affected by the price cap rise.

E.ON Next Tariffs for 2021


As already mentioned, E.ON Next is no longer offering its full range of tariffs to either its current customers or potential customers. In fact at the moment, if you try to get a quote with E.ON Next, it is very likely you will be unable to do so due to them not being able to offer you a competitive deal.

In this guide, we’ve laid out what tariffs are available on the market currently and we’ve looked at what past E.ON Next tariffs there have to give a general impression of what E.ON Next might offer after the energy crisis.

E.ON Next Tariffs: Variable

E.ON Next has one variable tariff that it has on offer called the E.ON Next Flex tariff. As a variable tariff, this means that your standing charge and your unit rates will fluctuate month to month according to the changes in the wholesale market for energy. E.ON Next will notify you if your rates are changing.

With Next Flex, you can either have a dual-fuel tariff (where you have both your electricity and gas supplied by E.ON) or you can choose to sign up for a single fuel. Another benefit of the E.ON Next Flex tariff is that you do not have to pay an exit fee to leave it.

E.ON Next Tariffs: Fixed


A fixed tariff means that, unlike a variable tariff, your standing charge and unit rates are fixed for a period of time and they cannot rise during that time.

E.ON Next usually offers a range of different fixed tariff options to pick from, including exclusive offers and tariffs ranging from 1 to 2 years. At the moment the only E.ON Next fixed tariff is the Next 1 Year that will fix your price for 1 year.

Normally, if you want to leave a fixed tariff with any company, you will have to pay an exit fee per fuel (one for the electricity and one for the gas) if you want to leave the contract early. A major benefit with the Next 1 Year is that there are no exit fees so you won’t be charged a penalty to leave it.

E.ON Next Prepayment Tariffs


If you have either a traditional prepayment meter or a smart meter, you can also take advantage of an E.ON Next tariff for dual or single fuel. However, it is difficult to find much information on these tariffs as they are specifically catered to individuals.

E.ON Next Economy 7

E.ON Next also offers Economy 7 tariffs for customers who have a dual-rate electricity meter. An Economy 7 meter is for customers who have storage heaters and who need to keep the electricity running at night to build up the heat for the rest of the day.

E.ON Next also allows customers to have an Economy 7 tariff, however like the prepayment tariffs, your standing charges and unit rates all depend on your needs and energy habits. It is best to give E.ON Next a ring to find out more about what they have to offer when it comes to Economy 7 tariffs.

E.ON Next EV Tariffs


E.ON Next also provides an EV tariff for customers who have an electric vehicle. EV tariffs are special tariffs that allow EV vehicle owners to charge their cars without racking up a massive bill.

E.ON Next, as a company dedicated to renewable energy, has their Next Drive tariff that reduces your unit rate to 4p per kWh from between 12am to 4am so you can charge your car without worrying about using too much electricity. You can control your EV tariff with your E.ON Next account.

Currently E.ON Next can’t offer the Next Drive tariff to customers but they hope to do so after the energy crisis.

E.ON Next Business Tariffs

E.ON Next also supplies energy to small to medium sized businesses. Unlike domestic energy, businesses will usually receive a bespoke tariff meaning that the tariff they get will be specially catered to their energy needs. However, like domestic customers, E.ON Next business customers get to pick from variable and fixed tariffs.

E.ON Next Tariff Reviews


Unfortunately, the best E.ON Next tariffs are unlikely to be found on the market at the moment due to the crisis, however we can still have a look to see how they shape up with customers.

According Which?, E.ON Next has scored poorly so far for its customer experience, only achieving an overall customer score of 51%. The main reason for this has been the low score for Value for Money and Payment Accuracy. Trustpilot however says differently as 74% of customers have rated E.ON Next as ‘Excellent’.

For a full analysis, check out our E.ON Next Reviews guide.

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