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Eon Energy UK - Tariffs, Account Login, Jobs, Smart Meters

Name  Eon (Greek, Aeon, An Age in English)

Headquarters (UK) Coventry, England

Founded  2002 in the UK

Origin  Essen, Germany 2000
Eon logo


Eon is the world’s largest investor-owned gas and electricity company. It began its existence after the merging of two existing German energy companies, VEBA (translated: United Electricity and Mining Corporation) and VIAG (translated: United Industrial Enterprises Corporation), in 2000. Operations began in the UK when the previously government-owned Powergen was acquired by Eon in 2002.

It now employs around 9,400 people across the UK and supplies to over 5.5 million household and business customers nationwide. Its 2015 revenue stood at £8001.1m, which, out of the Big Six, makes them the lowest earners.

A large glass building complex with an EON sign on it
Source: Wikipedia

In a bid to help create a sustainable future, Eon claim that they include their renewable generation business in every step of the supply chain, using their array of wind farms, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, biomass plants and the UK’s first wave power generator.

They are also currently trying to engage a wider demographic with their resources regarding a sustainable future by investing largely in social media. For example, they regularly make use of Youtube by posting targeted video series’ that attempt to be as light-hearted, yet engaging as possible. In addition, in 2015, Eon developed and released an online marketplace that acts as a comparison tool for household appliances based on energy efficiency and cash savings. This helps their customers to save even more money on their energy bills by using highly efficient domestic items.

Account Login

If you are a new or existing Eon customer and you would like to login to your online account, you can do so by clicking the button below. If you have not yet made an account, you can do so simply by click 'Register' on the same link. You should need no more than your account number and personal information, all of which can be found on any one of your bills. Signing up for this account will give you access to the following:

  • View and pay bills online
  • Submit meter readings
  • Usage information for you and others in your area

If you have forgotten any element of your login credentials, simply click either 'Forgotten password' or 'Help me login'.

Login to your account

Energy Mix

Renewable energy is an extremely hot topic worldwide right now, and as a result, all British energy suppliers are required to give details on their energy mix. From what we can see in the graph below, we can see that, on average, 37.2% of Eon's electricity supply comes from renewable sources. This is 13% higher than the national average, so by no means are Eon lagging behind. They do, unlike most Big Six suppliers, also offer a 100% renewable energy tariff, which consists of only renewables.

There are slight descrepencies between Eon's domestic supply and their business supply. For example, renewables make up a much larger 48.1% of business energy, which is much higher than their total average. Eon also emit a rather low quantity of carbon dioxide emissions in relation to the global average. Across its entire generation arsenal, they estimate that around 265g of CO2 are emitted per kWh generated, which is around half of the average.

Customer Service

According to online reviews, it seems that Eon's customer service levels have taken a real hit over the last few years. According to a poll administered in 2014 by The Telegraph, Eon were voted #1 out of the Big Six energy companies; however, out of 604 reviews on Trustpilot, they have scored an abysmal 0.7/10. This is the result of 88% of people rating them 1 star. It's one saving grace, perhaps, is that Trustpilot reviews tend to focus mainly on the negative, as it is generally used as a place to complain about poor customer service.

In the 2017 Which? Customer survey, Eon were ranked #14 out of 23. Out of the Big Six, they came in #1, which does slightly contrast the Trustpilot score; however, they are still trailing well behind in comparison to smaller, independent companies that are offering their customers a much higher standard of service. In this survey, Eon did not score 5/5 on a single category and scored an overall, mediocre 57% satisfaction rate.

Eon Tariffs

Eon provide two core tariffs for household energy: 'E.ON EnergyPlan' (variable); and 'E.ON Energy Fixed' (fixed). This basically means that you will either have one chosen unit rate (fixed), or one that can go up or down (variable). The unit rate varies in relation to both geography, generation conditions and wholesale market value. There are arguments for both types of tariffs but, like any other company’s variable tariff, it pertains to the energy market’s volatility which means it’s a gamble: it can go up or down. However, if that is something you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, their fixed rate plans allow you to chose a frozen rate, which gives you protection against any price inflation.

Given the frequency at which prices change throughout the vast number of energy suppliers nationwide, the best way to get an up to date comparison is to give us a call on 041704325056. Below we've given an example of the tariff label information for one of Eon's tariffs, demonstrating the regional price change across Great Britain.

E·ON EnergyPlan TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 18.018p £603.57 19.47p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,181.24
Southern Scotland 16.254p £548.70 17.70p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,126.55
North East EN 16.632p £560.48 18.08p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,138.27
North West EN 16.527p £557.38 17.98p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,135.02
Yorkshire 16.128p £544.98 17.58p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,122.65
Merseyside & N Wales 17.945p £601.09 19.39p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,178.96
East Midlands 16.181p £546.53 17.63p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,124.28
West Midlands 16.496p £556.45 17.95p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,134.04
East EN 16.527p £557.38 17.98p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,135.02
South Wales 17.157p £576.91 18.61p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,154.55
London 15.845p £535.99 17.29p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,113.86
South East EN 17.052p £573.50 18.50p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,151.29
South West EN 18.092p £605.74p 19.54p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,183.52

Last updated: March 2017

Smart Meters

In a bid to make people more comfortable with their energy usage, be more in control and put an end to estimated bills, the UK Government wants everyone in the country to be installed with a smart meter before 2020. As such energy companies nationwide are making a huge effort to distribute their meters as efficiently as possible.

Eon are just of the companies that are distributing and installing their smart meters free of charge. If you would like to sign up for your free Eon smart meter you can click the button below to book a fitting.

Business Energy

Eon do offer business energy tariffs, but they seem to be on the more expensive side. Their rates vary based on the amount of electricity that you use. They have various categories that benefit high usage customers, giving them a lower rate for their gas and electricity. Unfortunately, Selectra does not currently offer comparisons on business energy tariffs. As such, for your convenience, we have provided the number to call for Eon Business below.

blue telephone

Eon Business Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0333 202 4586
*Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm;


Eon UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eon Energie, the German energy conglomerate based in Essen. Eon UK is just one of 40 subsidiaries that are under the Eon name. They are operationational in a large number of countries, including Italy, Slovakia and Belgium. In their Consolidated Segmental Statement of 2016, Eon UK declared that their total revenue from supply was £6,114.6 million, which is the smallest of all Big Six companies.

This makes up a rather small percentage of total earnings for Eon SE Group, which totalled £34 million across all operational countries. Their largest earner across all of its country operations is Germany, the origin, which totalled a £10,353.4 million revenue.

Eon generate the large majority of their supply. Given their large arsenal of subsidiary companies, it makes little sense to spend large amounts on the wholesale markets, shortening profit margins. They also make a quite substantial profit from the generation itself. In 2016, they reported a total generation revenue of £1,077 million.

  • You can read more about Eon's UK financial activity in 2016 by visiting the below link:

View Eon's CSS


If you would like to start your career with Eon, there are a number of ways in which you can make it happen, and not just in the UK. There are positions available in Belgium, United States, Germany, Sweden and many other desirable places. In the UK there are a number of job roles available, positioned in a varied landscape of departments. Here are just some of the areas in which you could work:

  • Customer service
  • Corporate development
  • Supply chain
  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Sales

If you would like to filter through the many Eon jobs that are currently available, you can click the following button to visit the Eon careers page.

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