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Eon customer service: phone & online support

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Trying to get in touch with Eon customer service? Read on to find out the best contact methods, as well as to discover how Eon’s customer service compares to other UK energy suppliers.

In this Eon customer service guide, we break down the best ways for domestic customers to contact the Eon customer service department. We also review the quality and efficiency of the department’s performance.

Are you a business energy customer? Check our Eon Business guide for information regarding customer service for business customers.

Eon customer service number

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Would you like to speak with a representative over the phone? The Eon customer service number is 0345 052 0000. It took us just over 15 minutes to get through to an agent on the phone.

When you call the Eon customer service number, you will listen to an automated recording. Current Eon customers should press 1, and those looking to join or get a quote should press 2.

For contact information regarding other departments, head to our Eon contact guide.

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Customer service for current customers

Once you’ve dialled the Eon customer service number and pressed 1, you will be asked to give your account number. If you don’t know your account number, say “I don’t have it.” You will then be prompted to give your phone number.

After you’ve given your phone number, you will listen to another recording of menu options. Select one of the following options depending on your query:

Customer service for noncustomers

For individuals that are not Eon customers, you should press 2 when calling the Eon customer service number. You will then be presented with the following menu options:

  • To join Eon or get a quote, press 1.
  • If you’re moving into a property that is currently supplied by Eon, press 2.
  • For anything else, press 3.

For general energy enquiries, you can also give us a call here at Selectra. You’ll get through to an advisor within a matter of seconds and be able to get expert energy advice for free.

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Eon customer service email

The Eon customer service email address is This would be the best contact method to use if you need to send any sort of documents to the supplier. A representative usually replies within a day.

If you’re going to email Eon, we recommend including the following information to help them settle your query faster:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your account number
  • Your address

Besides sending an email to Eon, you can also submit an online form on the company’s website. To access the form, go to the Eon homepage and click on Account and help in the top bar. Scroll down to where it says You can email us, too in red letters on the left-hand side. Then click on the link to the right that says online form.

Eon live chat


The quickest way to speak with a customer service representative is via the Eon live chat. We received a response using this online service in less than a minute!

To access the Eon live chat, go to the supplier’s homepage and click on where it says Account and help in the top bar. Scroll down until you see a blue box on the right-hand side that says Live chat. Click on the white button that says Chat now.

You will need to enter the following details in order to begin using the Eon live chat:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • Your account number (optional)
  • The subject related to your query (selected from a drop-down list)

Once you’ve entered the above information, click on the red button that says Start Chat. Soon after the Eon live chat has ended, you’ll be emailed a transcript of the conversation.

In addition to the Eon live chat, customers can also reach out to Eon via Facebook Messenger. However, since it took Eon customer service nearly a day to respond to our message on Facebook, we recommend using the Eon live chat in order to get a much swifter response.

Customer service review: Is it any good?

Now that you know how to get in touch with the Eon customer service department, let’s take a look at how effective it actually is and how it compares to customer service departments from other energy suppliers across the UK.

Eon customer service is ranked number 18 out of 41 energy suppliers, according to the latest research from Citizens Advice. The organisation compares UK energy suppliers on a quarterly basis across the following six categories:

  • Average call-wait time
  • Number of complaints per 10,000 customers
  • Customers who had an accurate bill in the past year
  • Bills and statements sent on time
  • Switches completed within 21 days
  • Customer guarantees

Out of the so-called Big Six energy suppliers, Eon customer service came in at a disappointing fifth place, just in front of Scottish Power in last place. The following table breaks down the customer service ratings for Britain’s traditional Big Six companies:

Northern Powergrid contact phone numbers
Rank Big Six supplier Customer service rating (out of 5)
1 SSE 3.85
2 EDF Energy 3.7
3 Npower 3.6
4 British Gas 3.6
5 Eon 3.15
6 Scottish Power 3.1

Eon’s lowest-scoring categories were its call-wait time and number of complaints, for which it received just two out of five stars for both. As we stated before, we waited for around 15 minutes before we were able to get through to an Eon customer service agent. With regards to its high number of complaints, Eon received 31.7 complaints per 10,000 customers during the first quarter of 2020.

For more insight as to how the company performs when it comes to customer service, check out our Eon reviews guide. If you’re looking to find the energy supplier with the best customer service for your household, we also recommend heading over to our Best Energy Supplier guide.

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