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E.ON Login: Access & Manage Your Account Online

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With your E.ON online account, you can submit meter readings, pay bills and much more. In this E.ON login guide, we break down all you need to know about accessing your online account and the E.ON app.

How do I access the E.ON login page?

There are a few different ways to access the E.ON login page. We break down these different ways below:

  1. Google it - Type "E.ON login" into the Google search bar. Choose the result that reads "Login - E.On". This will usually be the first result. Hit the link which will take you to the E.ON Energy login page.
  2. Access via E.ON's homepage - Google "E.ON" and click on the link that reads "Gas and electricity supplier | Renewable energy | E.ON". You'll be taken to the E.ON homepage. Click the red "Log in" button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the E.ON Energy login page.
  3. We recommend that you save the E.ON Energy login page in your favourites bar by clicking the star symbol to the right of the address bar. You'll see the E.ON logo, along with your other favourite pages, displayed in a row beneath your address bar. Click it any time you want to access the E.ON login page.

  4. E.ON smartphone app - With your smartphone, you can download the E.ON app and log into your account on the go. You can also use the fingerprint or facial recognition functions to log in directly. You can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store.

How do I log in to my E.ON account?

It's quick and easy to log in to your E.ON online account. No matter if you're a new or existing customer, discover how to sign in below!

E.ON login for new customers

If you haven't yet registered for an E.ON online account, now's a good time to do so. To register, go to the login page (explained in the previous section) and click on the link that says "Create an account".

You'll be asked to enter the following two details:

  • Your account number - This number is eight to 12 digits long. It can be found on the top of your energy bill.
  • Your postcode - Make sure you enter the one that corresponds to your E.ON account.

Once you've entered these details, click the red button that says "Continue".

E.ON login for returning customers


Now that you have your login details, you can finally get past the E.ON Energy login page to access your energy account online.

In the first box of the login page, enter your email address or username. Then hit the "Continue" button, which will take you to a second page where you'll be asked to enter your password. Next, hit the "Log in" button which will change from grey to red.

At this stage, you should be logged into your account, if not check out the following tips for more help.

Forgotten your email address?

  1. Use your account number or username instead. You'll see your account number at the top of your bill, as shown in our E.ON tariffs page. If you can no longer access your registered email address, either because it has been blocked or closed down, go to E.ON's reset Your ID page.
  2. Fill out the form, using the email address that you want to change. Then click the red "Submit" button.

Forgotten your password?

For security reasons, if you've forgotten your password, you'll have to create a new one. Follow these next steps to learn how.

  1. Click on the second red link below the login page that reads "Help me log in".
  2. Enter either your email address, account number or username in the first box that appears. Then hit the "Continue" button.
  3. On the following screen, enter your postcode and hit the red "Reset password" button. You'll receive a four-digit activation code via email or text message to your mobile phone.
  4. Once you've received your activation code from E.ON, head to their password-reset page
  5. Enter your ID (this can be your email address, account number or registered username), your activation code and your postcode. Then click the red "Continue" button.
  6. You'll be sent an activation email. Click the link to reset your password.

If you're still having problems getting past your E.ON login page, contact E.ON directly and an E.ON customer service agent will help you sort it out. Just remember to have your E.ON Energy login details to hand when you call.

E.ON Contact Guide

E.ON Heat Login

Are you an E.ON Heat customer? If so, this means your water is heated by a Heat Interface Unit (HIU), rather than a boiler. This type of heating system is a form of renewable energy.

To log in to your E.ON Heat online account, head to E.ON Heat homepage and click on the red button that says "Login to your account". This will take you to the E.ON Heat login page.

If you're a new Heat customer and haven't registered for an online account, we'll guide you on how to do that. If you're a returning customer but have forgotten your login details, we've also got you covered.

E.ON Heat login for new customers

  1. On the E.ON Heat Login page, click the link "Create your online account".
  2. Fill out the details on the form, which are your account number and postcode.

E.ON Heat login for returning customers

You'll be required to enter your username and password to get past your E.ON login page as a Heat customer. But what would you do if you've forgotten either of the two? Follow the steps below to get past this sticking point.

Forgotten your username?

  1. Head to the username-reminder page and fill out the form on the screen. You need to enter your account number, postcode and email address.
  2. Hit the red "Submit" button.
  3. Open up your email inbox and find the email from E.ON which contains your username.

If you no longer have access to the email address that you gave when you registered, contact the E.ON Heat team via the online contact form on their website. To access the form, go to the E.ON Heat homepage and click on where it says 'Help and support' in the top left corner. Then click 'Contact us'. You will be taken to a new page with the form.

Forgotten your password?

  1. Head to the password-reset page and fill out the form on-screen. You'll need your username and email address*.

*If you no longer have access to the email address which you provided when you registered, contact the E.ON Heat team via their online form.

  • Take a look at your latest emails and open the one you’ve just received from E.ON. Follow the given instructions on how to reset your password.
  • E.ON Business Login

    flame and lightbulb

    Are you an E.ON business customer? If so, you’ll want to be able to manage your business energy account online. Via the platform, you'll be able to do the following:

    • Make payments
    • Submit meter readings
    • Renew your contract
    • Tell E.ON you’re moving

    Let's have a look at how to access your E.ON Business login.

    1. Go to the E.ON homepage.
    2. Select the tab "For your business" in the top left corner of the screen.
    3. Hit the red "Login" button in the top right corner.
    4. Choose the tab that corresponds to your business type: Business or Corporate.
    5. Enter your username and password. If you've forgotten your password, click the red button on the right.

    For more details, head to our dedicated E.ON Business guide.

    E.ON Next login

    E.ON Next is a new part of the E.ON group. Over the next two years, E.ON customers (including former Npower and Powershop customers) will be migrated to this new E.ON Next online platform. Customers who were transferred from Npower to E.ON will be migrated first.

    Via the E.ON Next online platform, customers will be able to do the following:

    • Find details about your tariff
    • Submit meter readings
    • See and pay your bills
    • Update your account details

    E.ON login: Troubleshooting FAQs

    If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, it most likely would have been asked by other E.ON customers. Below you'll find some of the frequently asked questions the supplier has received on login issues.

    1. Why can't I log in to E.ON?

    Having trouble logging in to your E.ON account? It could be because you're using the wrong login details. If this is the case, click the red text on the E.ON login page that says 'Help me to log in'. You will need to provide your E.ON account number to reset the username or password. This can be found at the top of your energy bill.

    2. I have two account numbers. How do I view both of my E.ON accounts together?

    After you've registered online, you can register a second account using the same login details. Here's what you do:

    1. From the ‘Your Account' summary page, click the link that reads ‘Change your details' and head to ‘Register an account'.
    2. Type in the account number of the second account and click ‘Register'.
    3. Go to ‘Your Account', and choose which account you want to view.

    3. If I want to see my bill, but the page is blank. What should I do?

    This is a very common problem if you're not using the latest version of Adobe Reader or if you've not set Adobe Reader as the default viewer for PDF files. Here's what to do to sort it out:

    1. Head to Adobe.com/reader and click the download/install button.
    2. Download any PDF file to your desktop. Hold the control key while you single-click on the pdf icon. From the menu that you've just opened, choose ‘Get Info'.
    3. You'll see the current default application for opening PDF's under the heading ‘Open with'.
    4. From the application listed, open a menu displaying additional applications and locate the most recent version of Adobe Reader.
    5. Hit the ‘Change All' button. By doing this, Adobe Reader will open all PDF files in the future. Click the Continue button.
    6. Log in again to your E.ON account to view your bill, which will now open in pdf format.

    4. I've changed the email associated with my E.ON account. How do I log in?

    You must update your new email address to your online account to ensure that E.ON can contact you about your bills. Follow the three simple steps below to do this:

    1. Log in to your account online.
    2. Choose the option to "update your details".
    3. You'll see the email address you had initially registered with. Delete that one and enter your new email address.
    4. Enter your password when prompted to do so on the screen.
    5. Click on the 'Confirm changes' button.

    A message will appear on the screen confirming that the changes have been saved. From now on you'll see your new email address displayed on the 'Your Account' screen.

    Does E.ON have an app?


    With the E.ON app, you can manage your energy account either from home or on the go. Via the app, you can do the following:

    The E.ON app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play.

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