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Eon Reviews - Customer Service, Workplace, Complaints

Eon Reviews

Eon UK, owned by the larger Eon conglomerate from Germany, is the world’s biggest investor-owned gas and electricity company. It currently has a market share of around 14% in the UK amounting to over 5.5 million homes and businesses nationwide. This is, however, a quite drastic drop from recent years. Since 2005, the company has lost 7% of their market share in favour of smaller, independent companies such as Ovo Energy and First Utility, who have proved to be cheaper and better in the customer service department. Eon is currently the employer of around 9,400 people across the UK and thousands more throughout the rest of Europe.

Complaint handling

Making up part of the ‘Big Six’, it should not come as a shock that Eon receive a huge number of complaints. Given the sheer number of customers the company supplies, its only natural that they would receive complaints on quite a large scale.

The loss of customer focus will frequently happen in this industry once the company surpasses a certain stage. As such, it is all about how fast the company actually deals with the complaints they get. According to some of the top industry authorities, Eon are just below average in their complaint handling capabilities. This is how they fare:


Value for money

Eon are a bit of wild card when it comes to pricing. They can sometimes be the cheapest and sometimes be one of the most expensive, all depending on what tariffs they have available and what time of year. At present (August 2017) their prices are absolutely sky high compared to most of the independent suppliers.

As such, it’s pretty hard to give them a high value for money rating when their general customer service capabilities have been rated so poorly recently. As such, we have decided to give them a 5/10 rating, a little below that what Which? Gave them. The ratings are as follows:

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Place to work

As a place to work, Eon rates fairly highly. They have offices scattered across the country and have a variety of roles that cater to a wide range of skillsets. With this comes an extremely large disparity of salaries, from just above minimum wage into the hundreds of thousands per year. In the employee review section, Eon scored just above average on all categories, including ‘work/life balance’, ‘job security/advancement’ and ‘management’. As such, it looks like they do take care of their employees to a certain degree. Here’s how they fared in the reviews of two major authorities in the employment industry:


Energy mix

As the pressure builds worldwide for energy companies to produce and promote more and more renewable energy, Eon, like the rest of the UK's suppliers, has had to put maximum effort into improving its energy mix. So far, it has done a fantastic job.

40% of energy sold by Eon comes from renewable sources, which is 7% higher than the most popular provider in the UK, British Gas, meaning, arguably,that Eon provides better value for money based on the renewable element of their tariffs. Eon does not currently offer a 100% renewable tariff like many of the other suppliers in the UK; however, give its already quite high level of renewable across the board, it is clear to see that they are focusing on the bigger picture.

As stated above, roughly 40% of all electricity that is put into the national grid by Eon comes from renewable sources, which is actually above the national average. According to the latest figures published by OFGEM (Q1 2017), the current UK energy mix stands at around 23.69% renewables. This shows a huge step in the right direction, and as long as companies such as Eon continue to increase their efforts in renewables, the UK’s energy mix will continue to meet national and european targets.

Overall score

In general Eon definitely aren’t the worst supplier on the planet: they are consistently above average when it comes to customer service in general, but that does not hide the extremely poor service that is often given by this company. TrustPilot, for example, that is purely customer reviews, sees them scoring a mere 0.7/10 overall.

Considering all the above criteria, Selectra has decided to award Eon a 50/100 rating for overall customer service and satisfaction. They definitely need to work on the price consistency. It is understandable that given the size of the company and the amount of investment they’ve put into renewables, that their prices will be slightly higher than independents; however, the volatile nature of their tariffs is just too difficult to predict.