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EON Smart Meter Rollout

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Over one million homes across the UK have an EON smart meter installed. Find out if you can get yours and how you'll use it to reduce your energy bills.

What are the advantages of an EON smart meter

Our complete UK Smart Meters Guide 2019 has all the details on what a smart meter is and its benefits. EON highlights on its website that its smart meter will help you to:

  • Cut costs - by empowering you to monitor your usage and consumption in pounds and pence.
  • Save time - by avoiding the hassle of submitting meter readings by phone or online.
  • Set a budget - on how much you want to spend on energy during the week.

For a quick reminder of what a smart meter is and how it works, see the short clip below:


EON can install one for free at your home if:

  1. You're an EON customer and
  2. You pay either by direct debit, on receipt of your bill, or as part of EON's Smart Pay As You Go tariff.
EON Guide

What types of EON smart meter are there?

EON smart meters suit the customers’ preferred payment method and can seamlessly switch from one to the other without needing to swap out the physical meter unit: (i) direct debit (or on receipt of bill), or (ii) pay-as-you-go. Let's take a closer look at them here:

1. EON smart meter for direct debit customers

Who are they for? They would be for customers who previously had a standard credit meter for gas and another for electricity. These are customers who pay for their energy by setting up a direct debit with EON.

Can I get one? Find out if you can get one by heading to EON's smart meter booking tool. Even if you don’t already have an EON online account set up, you can still enter your details to find out if you’re eligible to get one.

What are the criteria for getting one? When you book your smart meter appointment using the booking tool above, EON will run a personal eligibility check before confirming whether it can install one at your home. Some of the restrictions that may preclude you from getting one are:

  1. Unsafe access to your meters
  2. Lack of signal reaching your home
  3. Other temporary metering restrictions

2. Smart PAYG meters for prepay customers

Who are they for? They're for customers who have a prepayment (or PAYG) meter and who top up with credit before consuming energy.

What's the benefit over a standard PAYG meter? EON's Smart PAYG meter gives you more options than you had with your previous prepayment meter, namely:

  • Ability to see what you're spending on energy in pounds and pence.
  • Freedom to top up without leaving home, either on your smartphone with the Eon Smart Meter App or online.
  • Option to transfer credit between your gas and electricity meter.

How do I do all this on the Eon Smart Meter App

  • Top up - Type the amount you want to top up and confirm your bank card details.
  • Check your balance - Log into your EON account and hit the "Balance" tab to see whether you're in credit or debit, and by how much.
  • Transfer money between meters - Press the transfer button, choose which PAYG meter you want to transfer money from, and the sum of money you want to move.

How do I get one? To get an EON Smart PAYG meter, head over to their online booking tool (link above), enter your details and book an appointment at a date and time that's suitable for you.

If you get disconnected, activate your emergency credit:

Activate £15 emergency credit per fuel (£15 for gas and £15 for electricity) if your balance on either meter falls under two pounds or less. Does your meter display "EC OFFERED"?

 If so, press A

 If not, press 7 followed by A

You've made a payment, but it hasn't reached your meter:

If this has happened, you'll need to enter a twenty-digit number manually:

 Press A, the first digit, then B. Repeat the process until all 20 figures have been introduced.

 Don't worry if you've made a mistake as you can press A to start again.

How do I budget with my EON Smart meter?

Decide how much you want to spend on gas or electricity per day, week or month. Simply set your budget on your in-home display. If you spend more than your set budget, you'll see a warning indicator on the screen. Here's how to set your budget on EON's smart meter:

  1. Choose your budget, for example, £25 per month on electricity. On your display menu, find "Set Budget".
  2. Select the calendar button and choose what period you want to budget over. Then press the settings button.
  3. Press and hold the pound button for ten seconds, and the budget screen will appear for your chosen period.
  4. Using the arrows, select the budget you want to aim for. Set your values using the buttons on the touch screen. Then press the settings button.
  5. If you exceed your budget, you'll hear a beeping sound from the display. To turn off this sound, press the settings button twice, followed by the right arrow key.

What's unique about the EON smart meter?

EON offers a free online energy toolkit called EON See. It helps you reduce your energy consumption by:

  • Seeing how much energy you're consuming and how much money you're spending in near-real-time. You'll be shown your usage over days, weeks and months, displayed in pounds and pence, kilowatts and graphs.
  • Warnings via a traffic light system that shows if your consumption is higher, lower or in line with frequent use.
  • Regular alerts to remind you to keep track of how much gas and electricity you're using.

EON is currently aware that some of its customers' Smart in-home displays are erroneously showing usage of £99,999. EON states on its website that this incorrect figure appearing on the display will not affect your bills and that it endeavours to get this problem solved promptly.

FAQs: Troubleshoot EON smart meter problems

EON often receives similar questions regarding its smart meters. If your question or problem is not covered below, contact EON. Click the button below to find the correct number:

EON Contact

Why is my bill estimated when I have a smart meter?

A key benefit of having a smart meter is being billed for actual consumption, so if you have one, you shouldn't be receiving estimated bills. Some EON customers with smart meters have complained about receiving estimated bills, as reflected in Trustpilot. Below is a response to one such gripe given by an EON representative:

Sometimes we might lose connection with your smart meter. This could be because there is a physical obstruction in the way, or even because of changes in the weather (...) if your smart bill continues to be estimated then please contact us.(EON representative)

So it turns out that if the weather takes a turn, EON may bill you incorrectly!

Another supplier installed by smart meter. Why is it no longer smart?

Ideally, if you get a smart meter from an energy company, you'd expect it to stay smart even if you switch supplier. If it cannot connect to the new supplier it will revert to “dumb” mode which means it won't transmit actual readings automatically, and you'll receive estimated bills unless you continue to report your energy usage figures by phone or online. EON customers reported this inconvenience on consumer-review websites. Here's what an EON representative wrote back in response:

We are unfortunately not able to operate meters installed by other suppliers as smart. We are working with the industry and Government on a solution to this and hope to have something in place soon. We should then be able to update your smart meter, but you will need to provide us with meter readings in the short term. (EON representative)

What EON means by a "solution", is an upgraded SMETS1 system that enables customers to retain smart functionality if another supplier installed their smart meter before they switched to EON. However, this upgraded SMETS1 system is yet to be implemented.

Will I get a SMETS1 or SMETS 2 smart meter?

You've clicked on EON's smart meter booking tool, and you've made your appointment. But you're left wondering what type of smart meter they'll install in your home... SMETS1 or SMETS2? The main difference, as we covered in our business guide, is that a SMETS2 meter will never revert to its “dumb" mode where it stops communicating with your energy company, no matter how many times you switch supplier. When this question was posed in a consumer-review website, here's what an EON representative had to say:

We'll always attempt to install a new generation SMETS2 smart meter first for you. If we can't we'll install a SMETS1 smart meter, even though it's past the SMETS1 end date. (...) Before the end of this year, we'll be upgrading all SMETS1 meters remotely, so you'll be able to continue to use your existing SMETS1 meter if you change supplier. (EON representative)

This is a strong point that falls in EON's favour, if we consider that most of its competitors have been rolling out SMETS1 meters, knowing full well that they might lose their smart functionality if the customer switches to another competitor.

Note that the Government's 2020 deadline for a smart meter to be installed in every UK home has been pushed back to 2024. See our news article for more details.

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