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E.ON has grown to become one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. Read on to learn more about the company and decide if E.ON could be the best supplier for your home.

About E.ON

E.ON UK provides energy to around 3.8 million homes and businesses across the country. The supplier is owned by German company E.ON AG. Prior to its 2002 acquisition, the company was known as Powergen.

Let's take a look at the supplier's inception in Germany and how its growth in the UK market has evolved.

  • E.ON Timeline
  • 2000 - E.ON was created in 2000 through the merger of two German energy companies - VEBA and VIAG.
  • 2002 - Operations started in the UK when E.ON acquired the previously government-owned Powergen.
  • 2003 - E.ON entered the gas market through the acquisition of Ruhrgas (later: E.ON Ruhrgas), which boasted a strong presence in more than 20 European countries.
  • 2005 - E.ON acquired Swedish power company Sydkraft AB, which then changed its corporate name to E.ON Sverige.
  • 2014 - UK energy sector regulator Ofgem ordered the supplier to pay 330,000 customers £12 million due to poor sales practices between 2010 and 2013. It was the most substantial penalty ever imposed on a UK energy supplier.
  • 2016 - The supplier announced that it would abstain from fossil energy in the future. It transferred its fossil energy businesses to a new company, Uniper. This arm was sold off in 2017.
  • 2018 - E.ON acquired renewable energy utility company, Innogy, through a complicated €43 billion asset swap deal between E.ON, Innogy and RWE (Innogy's controlling shareholder). E.ON announced in the same year that it would axe 500 jobs in the UK.
  • 2019 - The supplier absorbed Npower’s domestic retail division.
  • 2020 - E.ON makes plans to merge Npower Business Solutions with its own Industrial & Commercial supply units by the end of 2021.

Has E.ON bought Npower?

E.ON acquired the domestic retail division of Npower in 2019. In April 2020, Npower said it would also combine its business retail operations.

The acquisition made E.ON the second largest domestic supplier in the UK, just behind British Gas and in front of Ovo Energy.

What are the supplier’s plans and prices?

electricity bill

E.ON offers a number of different plans for all meter types and payment methods. Prices depend on your location and the amount of energy that your household consumes. As with most UK energy suppliers, E.ON’s prepayment meter tariffs tend to be more expensive than plans for customers who have credit meters.

Head to our complete E.ON tariffs guide for more information about the supplier’s energy plans and prices. If you’re looking for the best deal on the market, we recommend you also check out the following Selectra guides:

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Reviews: What do customers say?

At the time of writing, E.ON UK has an overall ranking of 3.6 of out five stars on customer review site Trustpilot. It appears that customers have had quite mixed experiences with the supplier – while 61% of customers have rated E.ON as either great or excellent, 33% of the customers who left reviews on Trustpilot gave the supplier a poor or bad rating.

In Citizens Advice’s most recent quarterly ranking of UK energy suppliers, E.ON came near the bottom of the pack at 29th place out of 35 providers. The supplier fared well when it came to customer guarantees and its switching process. However, E.ON only received 1.8 out of five stars when it came to dealing with complaints and ease of contact.

For a more detailed analysis, check out our E.ON Energy reviews guide.

Customer login: How do I access my account?

Are you trying to sign in to your E.ON customer account? Customers can easily manage their energy account via the supplier’s website or app.

To access your account online, simply go to the E.ON homepage and click the red Login button in the top right corner. You will then be prompted to enter your email address or username. Click on where it says Continue and enter your password.

For instructions on how to set up an account, access the app and learn more about what you can do with your online account, head to our complete E.ON login guide.

How do I submit my E.ON meter reading?

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Are you trying to submit your E.ON meter reading? If you have a second-generation smart meter (SMETS2), the meter will automatically submit the meter reading to E.ON. If you have a standard credit meter or a first-generation smart meter (SMETS1) that is not compatible with the supplier, you will need to manually submit your E.ON meter readings either online, via the app or by calling the supplier.

You don’t need to have already created an online account in order to be able to submit an E.ON meter reading online. To submit the reading, go to the supplier’s homepage. Click on Account and help at the top of the page, and then click on where it says Give us a meter reading. You will need to provide an account number, postcode and email address.

If you’re tired of having to manually submit an E.ON meter reading each month, we recommend having a smart meter installed. Since this type of meter will automatically send this information to E.ON, you will no longer need to worry about providing meter readings to ensure accurate billing. You’ll also be able to monitor your energy usage, which can help to cut back on how much you spend.

E.ON top up for prepayment customers

Customers that have a standard prepayment meter must top up their E.ON electric key or gas card at a local PayPoint, Payzone or local Post Office.

If you run out of credit and are not able to top up, your meter will automatically provide you with at least £5 emergency credit. This amount will be deducted from your balance the next time you are able to top up.

If you have a smart meter, you can either top up your meter online, over the phone or via the E.ON app. The E.ON app is free to download. In addition to allowing you to top up your meter in just a few seconds, it will also store all of your payment history and top-up codes.

For E.ON customers with smart meters, your meter will not disconnect from 4 pm to 11 am Monday through Friday, nor on Sundays or Bank Holidays. As with emergency credit, you’ll need to pay for the energy you consumed during those times the next time you top up.

Does E.ON install smart meters?

E.ON has already installed over 2 million smart meters across the UK. The supplier began rolling out the second generation of smart meters (SMETS2) in 2018. These meters are compatible among suppliers, meaning that your meter won’t lose its smart functionality if you switch to a different energy supplier.

Head to our E.ON smart meter guide for more information.

E.ON boiler cover

E.ON has teamed up with HomeServe, a leading home assistance provider, to provide a range of heating, electrics and boiler cover options.

Only homeowners who live in the property are eligible for E.ON boiler cover through HomeServe. Tenants and landlords are not eligible. Are you a landlord? Check out our guide to boiler cover for landlords to find the best plan for your property.

When you take out a boiler cover, E.ON will send an engineer to make sure the boiler is running properly. The engineer will also complete an annual boiler service to ensure that it continues to run efficiently.

The HomeServe helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Boiler cover plans and pricing

E.ON electric and boiler coverage plans range from just 99p per month to £16.99 per month. To have your boiler included, you will need to pay at least £7.99 for the most basic plan. When you take out E.ON boiler cover, you can get a free boiler service during the first year of the agreement.

Does E.ON provide business energy services?

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E.ON provides business energy solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), as well as for industrial and commercial organisations.

For SMEs, E.ON offers fixed-rate contracts (which guarantee that your rates won’t change) that last from one to three years. For larger businesses, E.ON offers a wide range of both fixed and flexible contracts.

Check out our E.ON business energy guide for more information.

Does E.ON provide the Warm Home Discount?

E.ON customers may be able to take advantage of the Warm Home Discount. This government scheme is designed to help households that are at risk of fuel poverty during the winter months, which tend to be more fuel-intensive.

The Warm Home Discount takes the form of a one-off credit of £140 on your electricity bills from October to March. Find out if you qualify with our E.ON Warm Home Discount guide.

If you’re not eligible for the Warm Home Discount, there are still lots of other ways to get support, such as with the E.ON Energy Fund. Check out our guide to government grants and schemes to see what extra help you can get with your energy bills.

How do I contact E.ON?

The quickest way to contact E.ON is via the supplier’s live chat on its website. Customers can also call 0345 052 0000 to speak with an E.ON customer service representative. Lines are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. E.ON customers can also reach out to the supplier via Facebook or Twitter.

The table below breaks down the main E.ON contact details. For further information regarding how to contact E.ON (perhaps for an emergency or a complaint), check out our complete E.ON contact guide.

E.ON contact
Contact method Details
E.ON contact number 0345 052 0000
E.ON mailing address Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG, United Kingdom
Power cuts 105
Gas emergencies 0800 111 999
Energy Ombudsman 0330 440 1624

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