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Extra Energy: Reviews, Complaints, Login, Contact & Tariffs

Information about Extra Energy

Extra Energy certainly has a lot to shout about. It has attracted a lot of attention since launching in April 2014. It was the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK in 2016, attracting 29.4% of all customers that switched gas and electricity supplier. It managed to achieve this by offering the cheapest dual fuel tariffs on the market.


Let’s start with the positive aspects of Extra Energy. The biggest single reason for people switching energy provider is cheaper gas and electricity. Who doesn't like saving money, especially if it’s on something that you have to use anyway. If this was the only factor when reviewing an energy provider, Extra Energy would be near the top of the list.

Another positive for Extra Energy is that they are fully regulated by Ofgem, the body that regulate the energy industry. This means that Extra Energy have to abide by their rules. So if you have a complaint and you’re unable to get any joy by contacting Extra Energy directly, you can also complain through Ofgem, which is good to know as it seemed that people had quite a lot to complain about.

Complaints to Ofgem

Sign with the Ofgem logo on it
Extra Energy is regulated by Ofgem. source Networks

Negative reviews for Extra Energy are not hard to come by. In fact, it is currently the most complained about energy provider in the UK having received 1,916 complaints between January 2017 and March 2017 alone. Quite damning statistics for such a popular energy company. But let’s hold on a moment, as Extra Energy grew so fast, it’s normal to expect the amount of complaints to go up in line with the number of customers. So we shouldn’t focus on total number of complaints.

When we look at the number of complaints per 1000 customers, Extra Energy received 1,682 complaints per 1000 customers. To put that number in context, British Gas received 33 complaints per 1000 customers and Ecotricity received just 1 per 1000 customers for the same period. The latter is the energy provider with the lowest amount of complaints per 1000. So whatever way you look at it, Extra Energy have the most amount of complaints.

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Negative reviews

People who left reviews on websites like Trustpilot, Facebook and Google complained mostly about the tariffs. Some users reported not receiving a bill from Extra Energy so they had no idea how much energy they had been using or the price per kWh with some saying that this continued for up to a year, which could have been the entire duration of their fixed term contract (most users signed up for 1 year contracts).

Screenshot of extra energy bills and payments page
Extra Energy billing received complaints from customers. source Extra Energy

Another reason for customers leaving negative reviews was the hassle of getting out of fixed term tariffs. You may think that once your yearly contract is up, you can leave and switch to another contact. Extra Energy works a little differently and requires you to serve 3 months notice before your contract is due to end. Otherwise, users reported that “once your initial contract is up, you will be automatically rolled over to a different fixed term contract at a higher rate that is fixed for a year and very difficult to get out of”. Some customers seemingly hadn’t read the small print in the contract.

Many of us don’t read the small print and we expected that the standard procedure would apply once their contract is up. What normally happens when your fixed rate tariff is over is, you get put onto a 30 day rolling contract that you can leave once the 30 days are up. Of course, you’ll usually end up paying more on the 30 day rolling contract than you did before.

In the case of Extra energy, reviewers reported that once their initial fixed term contract was up, almost impossible to get out of the contract and they hadn’t informed Extra Energy, they they got rolled onto a fixed term contract, not for 30 days but for another year, paying higher prices per kWh than they were before. Some users reported that their electricity bill increased by a third. What’s more, the reviews reported that it was "almost impossible to get out of the contract".

Leaving a fixed contract

If you would like to know how to avoid having the problem of being put onto a high rate contract and being fixed in for a year, read on. If you are a home user, the only way to do it is to serve your notice 3 months before your contract is up. Then you will be free to switch onto another tariff. Sounds simple right? Not quite, you must serve your notice of cancellation of the fixed contract to Extra Energy 3 months in advance, not before and not after, otherwise it’s not valid and it will count for nothing.

You only have a 30 day window in which to get your letter sent so it reaches them 3 months before the end date e.g. If you contract is up at the end of December, you will have to write to them between the 1st September to the 30th September in order to successfully terminate your contract. Then, at the end of December, you’ll be free to switch.

Account Login

My Extraenergy users will be able to login to their account using the button below. As an Extra Energy customer you are able to do most things via the portal on the web, which means no calling them up, saving you time. You can use your online login to do the following things:

  • make a payment
  • view your billing history
  • see energy usage
  • manage your direct debits, but not set one up
  • send meter readings

If you do want to set up a direct debit, you’d have to do that from your bank. It’s also worth noting that if you are on a smart meter, you will not need to send meter readings manually, this will be done for you in real time.


If you would like to speak to a human regarding one of Extra Energy’s tariffs you can call the phone number below. Remember, Extra Energy only offer fixed rate tariffs so if you’re looking for flexible monthly or pay-as-you-go plans, you can also call us regarding variable and fixed rate gas and electricity tariffs to get a better idea of how much you could save on your energy tariff. You can also visit Extra Energy’s quotes page and browse the different tariffs on offer.

If you don’t want to ring up, you can contact Extra Energy via the contact form on their webpage by filling out the required fields identifying yourself and giving them a phone number so they can call you back or email so they can respond by writing to you.

blue telephone

Extra Energy Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 953 4774
*Monday to Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm

Send a letter to...

Extra Energy Supply Ltd
54 Hagley Road
B16 8PE

Send an email via the contact form...

Contact form

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If you have had a problem with Extra Energy then you can call them on the number below and report your problem to them. This should be your first port of call when reporting a problem.

blue telephone

Extra Energy Complaints Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 953 4774
*Monday to Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm

If you don't have any luck speaking directly with Extra Energy you can get in contact with the industry regulator, Ofgem, who oversee the working of Extra Energy to see if you have more success there. You can complain through the Energy Ombudsman at the link below.

Prices and Tariffs

Extra Energy offer some of the lowest costs per kWh in the industry. They offer one year and two year fixed rate tariffs with the option for a pay-as-you-go, monthly, or quarterly payments. Fixed rate tariffs could allow for potential savings on your energy bills as the price per kWh stays the same for a fixed period. However, if the price falls, you won’t get that benefit, but the general tendency is for price to rise.

Extra Energy's fixed plan tariffs are subject to a £50 exit fee for leaving any one of their gas or electricity tariffs early.

For customers with economy 7 meters, you will not be able to receive reduced off peak rates because Extra Energy currently don’t offer economy 7 based tariffs.

There can be a lot of factors to consider when switching tariff depending on your gas and electricity needs. In the case of Extra Energy that decision is made simpler as they only offer fixed rate tariffs. If you would like a full review of how you should choose your energy tariff you can read our article about the best and cheapest energy suppliers in the UK.

Gas and electricity prices vary by region so if you want to know the Extra energy rates for your region you can consult the table below.

Extra Energy One Year Fixed Plan Tariff
Electricity Unit Rate
Yearly cost of Electricity
Standing Charge per day
Gas Unit Price
Yearly cost of Gas
Standing Charge per day
Northern Scotland 15.053 466.64 17.87 17.16 3.389 423.63 9.43 14.78
Southern Scotland 13.766 426.75 28.88 17.17 3.077 384.63 16.80 14.39
North East EN 3.959 122.73 26.01 7.02 3.324 415.50 9.43 14.51
North West EN 13.713 425.10 28.88 17.11 3.14 392.50 16.80 14.64
Yorkshire 13.598 421.54 28.88 17.00 3.045 380.63 16.80 14.26
Merseyside & N Wales 14.742 457.00 28.88 18.14 3.14 392.50 16.80 14.64
East Midlands 13.503 418.59 28.88 16.90 3.266 408.25 16.80 15.15
West Midlands 13.808 428.05 28.88 17.21 3.182 397.75 16.80 14.81
East EN 13.923 431.61 28.88 17.32 3.056 382.00 16.80 14.30
South Wales 14.354 444.97 28.88 17.75 3.171 396.38 16.80 14.76
London 13.157 407.87 28.88 16.56 3.255 406.88 16.80 15.10
South East EN 14.186 439.77 28.88 17.59 3.203 400.38 16.80 14.89
South West EN 14.711 456.04 28.88 18.11 3.266 408.25 16.80 15.15

Business tariffs

As a business it’s good to be able to plan your overheads in advance so you can budget. Extra Energy offer one, two and three year fixed rate tariffs. That way you can be assured that the rate per kWh will not rise, which takes away the risk of prices rises in the wholesale price of gas and electricity.

If you would like to get in contact with Extra Energy regarding your business energy tariff, you can use any of the following methods below to be put through to a customer service representative.

blue telephone

Extra Energy Business Tariffs Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 953 4774
*Monday to Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm


Extra Energy Offices Birmingham
Extra Energy billing received complaints from customers. source

Extra Energy was launched in 2014 and is based in Birmingham, UK. Extra Energy is part of Extra Holding which operates companies in the fields of insurance, energy and travel and is owned by Moti Ben-Moshe. It has a chequered history, with it’s good points and bad. Since its creation, it has frequently appeared in the best buy tables and was the most switched to company out of all the gas and electricity providers with its one year dual fuel tariff proving to be the most popular. It has also, in that time, drawn the most complaints since league tables began receiving 1,682 complaints per 100,000 customers in the first 3 months of 2016. This is according the Citizens Advice Bureau, a network of charities that give free confidential advice to consumers.

Market Share

As of 2016 Extra Energy had a 1% share of the energy market in the UK. They supplied 280,000 households with electricity and 210,000 with gas. The market share for the big six has been steadily falling over time due to increased competition from companies like Extra Energy and they are one of 6 new energy companies in the UK energy market that have over a 1% share.

Energy Mix

Extra Energy’s fuel mix has been reviewed by the industry regulator Ofgem and is now publicly available.

Extra Energy's fuel mix is pretty standard when compared with national averages. They get the majority of their energy from gas at 41%. Their use of coal is 2% higher than the average but its nuclear energy use is considerably less at 11%. In fact, the company produces 0.000791g of Radioactive waste per kWh. Other types of energy make up just 4% of their mix.

Extra Energy's CO2 emissions are also quite low at 298.2g per kWh.

Extra Energy have a very standard fuel mix. We would recommend that environmentally concious consumers might like to look at some of the green suppliers available such as Ecotricity, So Energy or Bulb Energy. These companies, unlike Extra Energy, only use 100% renewable sources of energy.

Smart Meters

A room with smart meter appliances mounted on the wall and an open door
Extra Energy are now installing smart meters for their customers.

Since April 2018 Extra Energy have been fitting fist generation smart meters, otherwise known as "Smets1" meters for their customers.

The company is working in paterneship with "National Grid" who following the smart metering code of practice. This means that you are guaranteed a certain level of service.

The installation of these smart meters is free and should only take the engineer about 45 minutes to fit in your home.

Customers can choose how often Extra Energy reads your meter. This can be every half hour, daily or monthly. By default they will read your meter daily.

This change to smart meters will hopefully help Extra Energy avoid some of the problems it has had in the past with inaccurate meter readings, back billing and failing to send accurate bills to customers.

DNO information

Looking for more information about your Distribution Network Operator (DNO)? This is the company that phsyically delivers your electricity to your home using their network of cables. Each region has their own DNO, so if you're not sure which is yours, click the bottom button to find out. If you do, click the relevant below link to see more information.
SP Distribution
Scottish & Southern Energy Networks
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Gas Distributor Information

Are you looking for more information about your gas distributor? This is the company that delivers gas safely to your home through its network of pipes. These companies are privately owned but each have a local monopoly in certain regions of the company. If you know which company supplies your area, click the relevant link below. If not, click the bottom link to find out.
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