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Extra Energy ceased trading in November 2018Scottish Power has been appointed by Ofgem to take on supplying Extra Energy's existing customers. Those who have been affected are not obliged to stay with Scottish Power and are free to switch energy supplier should they wish to do so. Our review below has been kept as a reference.

Extra Energy certainly has a lot to shout about. It launched in April 2014 and was the fastest-growing energy supplier in the UK by 2016, attracting 29.4% of all customers that switched gas and electricity suppliers. Read on to learn all about this energy upstart.

Fuel mix: Coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, other Low price tariffs
Fuel mix score: ★★★ Warm home discount available
Domestic market: Great Britain Poorly reviewed customer service
Customers: 220,000 No Economy 7 tariff
Selectra score: ★★ Gas only available as part of dual fuel package

About Extra Energy

Birmingham-based Extra Energy is a relative newcomer to these shores. By offering some of the cheapest tariffs on the market, the supplier has found itself turning heads in recent times. Having seemingly sprung up from nowhere, it now boasts 220,000 UK customers.

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1. History

Following five years of rapid growth and profitability in the German gas and electricity market, Extra Energy was launched in the UK in 2014. Part of Extra Holding, which operates companies in the fields of insurance, energy and travel, it has a chequered history so far.

Despite its refusal to invest in advertising since its creation, Extra Energy has frequently appeared in best buy tables, with its one-year dual fuel tariff proving to be the most popular.

However, it has also drawn the most complaints since league tables began, receiving 1,916 complaints per 100,000 customers in the first 3 months of 2017, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau. One of the reasons for this may be its low overheads - the provider only employs a total of 330 staff to handle operations and customer service.

2. Extra Energy in the news

Despite not investing in traditional media advertising, Extra Energy has certainly made a name for itself. Unfortunately, though, it’s not always been for the right reasons. Let’s take a look behind some of the headlines.

Extra Energy ranks bottom of customer complaint league - June 2017

The results are in - and they don’t look good for Extra Energy. According to Citizen’s Advice, the supplier received 1,916 complaints for every 100,000 customers, the highest figure since records began six years ago.

Customers were also not happy with its billing or ease of contact, scoring two out of a possible five stars for both.

Extra Energy did, however, at least score highly when it comes to switching customers, with 99% of switches successfully completed within 21 days.

New kid on the block Extra Energy shakes things up with cheapest energy deal yet - December 2014

aving only launched in April of 2014, Extra Energy is looking to have a very happy Christmas while piling more pressure on the big six suppliers. The gas and electricity provider claims its latest dual fuel energy tariffs will cost the average household only £937 over a year.

Before rushing to switch over to Extra Energy, take note that there are a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, there’s the standard exit fee of £25 per fuel for customers wanting to quit their contract early. Secondly, these new tariffs will be exclusively online, with everything from energy bills to meter readings done over the internet.

3. Fuel mix

Extra Energy's fuel mix is very similar to the national average. It gets the majority of its energy from natural gas, while its use of coal is 2% higher than the average. Extra Energy’s use of renewable sources, such as solar, wind and thermal energy, is about the same as the typical UK energy supplier.

As Extra Energy’s fuel mix is quite similar to the UK average, we would recommend that eco-conscious consumers take a look at some of the so-called green energy suppliers out there, such as Ecotricity, Ovo Energy or Bulb. These providers, unlike Extra Energy, offer tariffs that source 100% of their energy from renewables.

Extra Energy extra services and schemes

Simply supplying energy at a low price isn’t enough to stand out from the competition these days. Let’s take a look at some of the extra services and discounts Extra Energy offers its customers.

1. Extra Energy Warm Home Discount

Extra Energy is one of the suppliers currently signed up to the Warm Home Discount scheme, a one-off rebate of £140 towards electricity bills for the most vulnerable in society.

This discount is applied directly to the customer’s bill, rather than paid into a bank account or building society. For more information and to see if you may qualify, take a look at our dedicated Warm Home Discount guide.

2. Extra Energy Smart Meter Rollout

Since April 2018, Extra Energy has been installing smart meters for its customers as part of the government’s pledge to bring the technology to up to 53m homes and small businesses across the UK.

The installation of these smart meters is free and should only take the engineer about 45 minutes to fit. Customers can choose for Extra Energy to take readings every half hour, daily or monthly.

Extra Energy tariffs and prices

What types of tariffs are available?

It can often be a bit of a minefield trying to work out which energy tariff to sign up to. Extra Energy has made this decision a lot simpler, by offering just three fixed rate tariffs with monthly or quarterly payment options.

We've outlined these tariffs below. To see a full price breakdown and comparison, visit Extra Energy tariffs.


Tariff Price fixed for Payment method Features
Jewel Fixed Price 1 year Direct debit or bill • Prices fixed until October 2019
• Exit fee of £50 (per fuel)
Bright Fixed Price 2 years Direct debit or bill • Prices fixed until July 2020
• Exit fee of £50 (per fuel)
Clear Fixed Price 3 years Direct debit or bill • Prices fixed until September 2021
• Exit fee of £50 (per fuel)

One thing to keep in mind is that Extra Energy only offers gas as part of a dual fuel package, though you can still sign up for electricity-only plans. Also, at present, Extra Energy doesn't offer a tariff for Economy 7 meters, so those seeking off-peak rates may be better off looking elsewhere.

How can I contact Extra Energy?

Contact Extra Energy by phone

If you’re an Extra Energy customer and would like to speak about your account, or if you’re just interested in hearing more about the tariffs it offers, you can talk to a customer service advisor on the Extra Energy contact number:

blue telephone

Extra Energy Contact Number
Telephone: 0800 953 4774
Monday to Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm

Extra Energy complaints

If you’re having issues with your billing or any other problem with Extra Energy, then your first port of call should be the Extra Energy complaints line:

blue telephone

Extra Energy Complaints Number
Telephone: 0800 953 4774
Monday to Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm

Should you not have any luck speaking directly with Extra Energy, you can contact the energy industry regulator, Ofgem, or the Energy Ombudsman.

Contact Extra Energy online

If you prefer not to call, you can also get in touch with Extra Energy via the contact form on its webpage. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this may not be the most efficient form of communication and some customer reviews have even mentioned that they failed to receive a response using this method.

Extra Energy on social media

If you’re not having much luck through the online contact form, you can also try to your luck on the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Extra Energy login

As an Extra Energy customer, you will automatically be given access to the My Extra Energy web portal. Among other things, you can use your Extra Energy login to:

  • Make a payment
  • View your billing history
  • Keep track of your energy use
  • Manage your direct debits
  • Send meter readings

Extra Energy reviews and verdict

As much as Extra Energy ranks highly for its cheap tariffs, judging from reviews online, its customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s dig a little bit deeper before giving the Selectra verdict on Extra Energy.

Extra Energy reviews

Customers who left reviews on consumer platforms such as Trustpilot, Facebook and Google complained mostly about its billing system. Some users reported never once receiving a paper bill from Extra Energy, so they had no idea how much energy they had been using or the price per kWh. Some customers stated that this continued for up to a year, even after contacting Extra Energy directly.

Another reason for customers leaving negative reviews was the difficulty in getting out of a fixed-term tariff. It may seem obvious to think that once your yearly contract is up, you can leave the supplier or switch to another contract.

Extra Energy works a little differently and requires customers to alert the supplier three months before the tariff plan is due to end. Some complained that once their initial contract was up, they were automatically rolled over to a different year-long contract at a higher fixed rate.

The standard procedure when a fixed-rate tariff comes to an end is that the customer will typically be put on to a non-binding 30-day rolling contract. Usually, this is a standard variable tariff, where you will pay more than previously.

In the case of Extra energy, reviewers reported that once their initial fixed-term contract was up, it was almost impossible to get out of the new contract they had been placed on.

Extra Energy: the Selectra verdict

So, is it worth making the switch to Extra Energy? Well, if you’re looking for a low-price, fixed-rate tariff, Extra Energy could be the supplier for you. It’s undoubtedly one of the cheapest suppliers out there today. However, with its low energy prices seemingly come quite a few negatives.

Pros and cons

Your decision should, therefore, be based on what you value most from a supplier. Extra Energy’s customer service has so-far got itself a reputation for all the wrong reasons. Customers complained that they had to spend far too much time chasing the provider up and keeping an eye on the small print. If you’re somebody who wants your gas and electricity provider to take care of things for you, Extra Energy may not be the right fit for you.

You may also be better off looking elsewhere if your main focus is on the environment and you want a supplier that provides green and renewable energy. Although Extra Energy’s fuel mix is very similar to the UK average, there are other suppliers out there that utilise only renewable sources.

Based on its overall value for money, fuel mix, customer reviews and extra services, we’ve given Extra Energy a score of 2/5. Although its prices are attractive enough, the reality seems to be that the customer experience is a frustrating one. There are plenty of other affordable suppliers out there which may suit your needs better, so we recommend shopping around and seeing which one is best for you.

Extra Energy Selectra score - ★★

Extra Energy