This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

First Utility is now Shell Energy: Account & tariff FAQs

First Utility is now Shell EnergyFirst Utility was acquired by Shell in 2018 and has been rebranded as Shell Energy. To find out what will happen to your First Utility tariff, supply, account login, billing, and smart meter, or to find updated contact info, head to the relevant sections in this page.

Shell takeover FAQs: What you need to know

  • What will happen to my First Utility online account?

    Following the supplier’s rebrand, First Utility customers will have to access their online accounts through the new Shell Energy login portal or app. Head to our Shell Energy Login page to find the correct link to the new login portal.

  • Will I pay more now that First Utility is Shell Energy?

    If you are on a fixed-term tariff from First Utility, you will remain on the same tariff rates until the term of the contract has ended. After your contract ends you will be switched to Shell’s energy standard variable tariff, or you can sign up to one of its fixed-rate tariffs. See our Shell Energy Tariffs page for terms and rates.

  • What will happen to my bills?

    Your bills will now have to be paid to Shell Energy Retail Limited. If you have set up a direct debit, no action is needed; your payments will be updated automatically. If you are paying via any other payment method, get in touch with the supplier to get the correct payment details.

  • Do I need a new Shell Energy smart meter?

    Customers that received smart meters from First Utility do not have to switch to Shell Energy smart meters and will not experience any change in functionality. Meter readings must be submitted through their Shell Energy online accounts or by contacting the supplier.

  • How do I contact Shell Energy?

    If you have any queries about your First Utility account, please direct them to the Shell Energy customer service team. Our Shell Energy contact page has all of the supplier’s published contact information.

About First Utility

First Utility is the UK’s largest independent energy supplier outside of the Big Six, with a market share of 3% - that’s over one million household and business contracts. The supplier was launched in 2008 by co-founders Mark Daeche, Darren Braham and Marcus Citron,

In late 2014, First Utility set a hugely significant precedent for the energy industry by lowering the commonplace switch time from 4-5 weeks to 2.5 weeks, making the switching process easier for the general public. The supplier has also been at the forefront of developing a range of smart thermostats named ‘Cozy’ for its customers, which are available on most First Utility tariffs upon request.

Good to know: Finances & ownership

Who owns First Utility?First Utility is now owned by Shell. In 2019, the supplier was rebranded to Shell Energy.

First Utility Ltd is an independent energy supplier, meaning that it is not owned by any external shareholder. The company currently operates from Coventry and is headed by CEO Ian McCaig.

In its latest public accounts report (2016), the supplier declared a total revenue of £908.4 million, a 7.2% increase from the previous year. This amounted to a total profit (after taxation) of £9.6 million.

First Utility acquired Usio Energy customers in October 2018 when the supplier ceased trading.

Customer reviews

As is generally expected from smaller energy suppliers, First Utility performs well on the customer satisfaction scale. Out of the 31 British energy suppliers that were reviewed in the 2017 Which? customer service survey, First Utility came joint 12th, scoring well above all the Big Six energy suppliers.

According to the Which? survey, First Utility scored equally in all areas of the test, receiving 4 out of 5 stars on all sub-categories, with 68% overall satisfaction.

Trustpilot, which is known for its extremely critical reviews, has seen 28,529 people contribute towards First Utility’s 7/10 ‘TrustScore’. The supplier also has a great reputation for replying and resolving all customer complaints made through the customer review site, showing the great efforts made towards customer experience.

From the above, we can see that First Utility has an extremely competent customer service operation. Many independent suppliers show the same commitment to customer service, only to drop off later down the line. However, First Utility, set up in 2008, has become the most successful small energy supplier, and did not go through the same drop in service quality.

Account login & app

If you are a new or existing First Utility customer, you can log in to your online account on your desktop or through the First Utility app to carry out a whole host of tasks that you would otherwise have to do over the phone.

You can access your account by using the username associated with it, your account number, or email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login screen for troubleshooting help.

Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • See usage history
  • Pay bills
  • View historic bills
  • Submit meter readings
  • Update personal details

Contact First Utility

To get in touch with the First Utility customer service team, you can do so over the phone, by email, by post or through the supplier’s online live chat service.

Below you can find a summary table of the supplier’s contact details. You can find out more about its contact channels and processes, including its complaints procedure, in our dedicated First Utility contact page.

Contact channels Details
By phone: 01926 320 700 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-4pm)
By email:
By post: First Utility Customer Services, PO Box 4360, Warwick, CV34 9DB
Online live chat: Live chat portal

First Utility tariffs

First Utility offers four core tariffs, three of which are fixed-rate, fixed-term contracts of varying lengths, and the other a standard variable tariff. All but the standard variable have an exit fee of £30, meaning that you will have to pay to switch suppliers before the end of your contract term.

The supplier’s fixed-rate tariffs range from 12 months, 19 months, and 36 months. Throughout the term of your contract, the rate you pay for gas and electricity will remain the same. On the standard vairable, the rates you pay can fluctuate up or down in response to wholesale energy prices.

Tariffs Dual-fuel yearly cost Electricity only yearly cost Gas only yearly cost
Smart First £1,176.00 £664.61 £511.07
First Fixed 13 months £1,241.00 £696.95 £543.65
First Fixed 36 months £1,424.00 £686.49 £737.97
First Variable £1,551.00 £878.56 £672.42

All First Utility tariffs are available for dual fuel, electricity-only and gas-only supplies. To find out more about the supplier's unit prices, including Economy 7 rates, and standing charges, see our First Utility tariff guide.

Fuel mix

Shell supplies 100% renewable electricityAll First Utility customers will be automatically switched to 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost, and with no discernible difference in service or supply performance.

The national average for renewable fuel mix percentage currently sits at around 24%. This has been surpassed finely by First Utility with a percentage of 29.4%.

The largest part of First Utility’s energy supply comes from natural gas, which would not be surprising for one of the Big Six suppliers, but it is rather surprising for an independent like First Utility. The rest of the supplier’s fuel mix is made up of coal (13.4%), Peat (11.3%), and various 'other' fuel sources (4.4%).


First Utility customers can receive a yearly discount of £12 per fuel for paying their bills via Direct Debit. You can set up a Direct Debit through your online account, and choose whether to pay a fixed monthly price based on your yearly usage, or a variable monthly price based on your actual usage.

If you would prefer to pay your First Utility bills manually, you can do so by going to the payments section of your online account. Customers can also pay by cheque and at their local bank branches.

See our Energy Bills Explained for more information about what to expect when you recieve your gas and electricity bills.

First Utility smart meters

Electricity meter

Just like many of the larger suppliers, First Utility is currently in the process of rolling out their new state of the art SMETS2 smart meters. This is in accordance with the Government's plans to have every single home and business installed with a smart meter by 2020.

Each company’s smart meters are designed differently, with varying displays and features; however, they all work on the same network. This means that if you want to switch your supplier, you can do so without worrying about meter installations.

All smart meters available through First Utility are completely free, including the installation and set up. If you would like to find out more about smart meters you can read our Smart Meters guide; if you are already sure about installing one, go right ahead and book your installation by getting in touch with your supplier.

Meter readings

If you don’t have a smart meter and you want to know how to submit a meter reading, we have all the information for you right here. In order to avoid any kind of estimated billing, submitting a meter reading is essential. You can do so via the following methods for First Utility:

  1. Via the First Utility app
  2. Through your online account
  3. Over the phone
  4. Via email

The quickest way, according to First Utility, is to submit readings via the app; however, all of the other options work just as well. If you aren’t sure how to read your meters, see our ‘How to read your meters’ guide.

First Utility warm home discount

First Utility is one of the 41 suppliers that provide the Warm Home Discount, a government-backed scheme set up in 2011 to support consumers that are at risk of fuel poverty. The scheme provides a rebate of £140 on fuel payments made during the winter.

To find out if you’re eligible for an automatic rebate, or if you’re eligible to apply, read our Warm Home Discount guide. For information about other schemes that provide financial support to consumers, head to our Schemes guide.

First Utility business

First Utility is no longer taking on commercial business customers. Existing customers can still access their online accounts through the supplier’s online business account login portal.

For any queries regarding your business account, please call First Utility’s customer service team on 01926 320 700 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-4pm) or by email to

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