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First Utility Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Tariffs & Prices

Despite being a ‘small’ supplier, First Utility have a huge variety of tariffs that get updated every month. As such, the best way to get an updated estimate of any First Utility tariff would be to give us a call directly. First Utility’s main four tariff categories are as follows:

  • Smart First
  • First Short
  • First Long

First Utility will make a suggestion as to which tariff suits your needs best based on three simple options. Below you can see the Tariff Label Information (TLI) for First Utility’s First Variable tariff:

First Variable v2 TLI (Apr 17)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.003p £545.34 17.59p 3.078p £485.13 3.88p £1,030.47
Southern Scotland 18.752p £599.56 19.34p 3.166p £496.13 3.97p £1,095.69
North East EN 19.943p £636.48 20.53p 3.428p £528.88 4.23p £1,165.36
North West EN 21.716p £691.45 22.30p 3.436p £529.88 4.24p £1,221.33
Yorkshire 20.185p £643.99 20.77p 3.273p £509.50 4.08p £1,153.49
Merseyside & N Wales 20.720p £660.57 21.31p 3.106p £488.63 3.91p £1,149.20
East Midlands 19.148p £611.84 19.74p 3.414p £527.13 4.22p £1,138.97
West Midlands 19.505p £622.91 20.09p 3.529p £541.50 4.33p £1,164.41
East EN 19.079p £609.70 19.67p 3.439p £530.25 4.24p £1,139.95
South Wales 19.589p £625.51 20.18p 3.191p £499.25 3.99p £1,124.76
London 19.372p £618.78 19.96p 3.693p £562.00 4.50p £1,180.78
South East EN 19.805p £632.21 20.39p 3.451p £531.75 4.25p £1,163.96
South West EN 20.051p £639.83 20.64p 3.448p £531.38 4.25p £1,171.21

At time of writing (Jan 2018) First Utility are close to the top of the cheapest energy tariffs. First Utility’s ‘Smart First March 2019 online’ has an average yearly cost of around £914.74 (in Yorkshire region), just slightly beaten by Big Six competitor Eon, with their ‘E.ON Go Online 1 Year v6’, which costs around £914.74, a £22.29 difference annually. Even so, we can see that First Utility are extremely competitive with their prices.

At present, First Utility do not offer any 100% renewable energy tariffs, which is unusual for a smaller supplier. That said, they have been focusing on improving their overall energy mix, pushing passes the national average for renewable energy by 5%, as you can see below.

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