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Flow Energy UK was a gas and electricity company based in Ipswich that supplied energy to households across the UK. In 2018 it was bought by Co-op Energy, buttariffs continued to be sold under the Flow Energy name. However, in 2019 Octopus Energy acquired all Flow Energy customers and the supplier stopped trading. Read on for more details on the former provider and information on what happens now for customers.

Flow Energy has ceased trading. Customers are now with Octopus Energy.

Electricity: Renewables  Good customer reviews
Fuel mix score: ★★★★★  Large range of tariffs
Domestic market: Scotland, England and Wales  Smart meters and other 'smart' products
Customers: 250,000 customers  Renewable electricty
Selectra score: ★★★  Slow at dealing with complaints

Who is Flow Energy?

Flow Energy UK was a gas and electricity supplier based in Ipswich, UK. It started supplying energy to UK households in April 2013 and quickly grew to have 250,000 customers. It stopped trading in 2019.

As well as promoting itself as an ‘energy technology company’, Flow Energy tried to be as green as possible and also manufactured micro-combined heat and power (CHP) boilers. The company also offered smart products, such as smart thermostats.

Is Flow Energy still trading?

Flow Energy UK is no longer trading.

In 2018, the company was bought by fellow UK supplier Co-op Energy. Under Cooperative ownership, the Flow brand was maintained and continued to sell energy tariffs under the name.

However, in August 2019, Co-op Energy formed a partnership with Octopus Energy. As part of the partnership, Flow Energy customers became Octopus customers and the Flow brand was shut down.

Is Flow Energy now Octopus Energy?

As part of a 2019 partnership between former Flow Energy owner Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy, the latter provider acquired all Flow Energy customers. As a result, Flow Energy no longer exists, and all customers are now Octopus Energy customers, meaning they have access to all of its account management services, e.g. online account and app.

Customers with a Flow Energy tariff will remain on this until it comes to an end, then they will be moved onto an Octopus Energy tariff.

New login and account management

Flow Energy customers will find their online account has changed since the company was taken over. You can now manage your account, including submit meter readings, pay bills and track energy usage, via Octopus Energy’s online system.


For handy log in tips and more information on whether you need to set up a new account, read our complete guide to the new Flow Energy login process (coming soon).


Flow Energy did not have an app, but luckily for former customers, their new supplier does! The Octopus app lets you manage your account from your mobile or tablet, meaning you can submit meter readings and pay bills when you’re on the go.

The mobile app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for Apple devices. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Android devices.

Meter readings

Flow Energy customers are now using the Octopus Energy account system. This means you can submit meter readings through your new online account or via the supplier’s mobile app.

You should continue submitting meter readings as regularly as you did with Flow Energy, i.e. once a month, to ensure you receive accurate bills.

New contact details

If you are a former Flow Energy customer, you should continue to contact Flow Energy until Octopus Energy has reached out to you if you have any problems regarding your current tariff or account.

In the table below we have listed the following original Flow Energy contact information: contact number, email address and postal address.

Flow Energy contact number 0800 092 0202
Flow Energy email address
Flow Energy address Flow Energy, Felaw Maltings, 48 Felaw St,
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8PN

After your energy account has been switched over, you will need to contact Octopus Energy with any questions and problems. The provider will get in touch with you to let you know when your account has been moved.


Your new provider is under no obligation to deal with any ongoing complaints you might have with Flow Energy. However, if you do have a Flow Energy complaint pending, you can discuss it with the new customer service to see if they can resolve it for you.

Officially, any pending Flow Energy complaints will be resolved by the Energy Ombudsman.

If you encounter any new issues or problems with your tariff or account, you now need to place a complaint with your new supplier.

Flow Energy reviews

Flow Energy was highly rated on Trustpilot and Citizens Advice for outstanding customer service. It was one of only two companies to be reviewed as a Which? recommended provider for quality service in 2018.

In the 2018 Which? survey, Flow received an average score of 77% from almost 9,000 people participating, beating all the Big Six companies. It received top marks for customer service and billing, and 4/5 for value for money.

Area of performance Star rating
Customer service and complaints handling ★★★★★
Value for money ★★★★
Bills (accuracy and clarity) ★★★★★
Customer score 77%

Flow Energy reviews also show it had fantastic call waiting times, responding to customer service calls in an average of 1.2 minutes and sales calls in 55 seconds. This indicates that the company valued current customers just as much as acquiring new ones.

Its email response rate was also good, answering emails in an average of 4 days.

Customer reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive, with 77% of reviews rating the supplier as good or excellent. These Flow Energy reviews focus on the good level of customer service, stating it is efficient and friendly.

We noted some recent negative reviews on Trustpilot, however, these seem to be related to the changes in the company. A number of customers note frustration at being moved to a new supplier without being informed beforehand.

It’s important to note that as Flow Energy has closed, all customers will be moved to Octopus Energy. The latter supplier will contact you after you have been moved, not before.

The good news is that your new supplier receives great reviews and, like Flow, has been a Which? recommended supplier. Find out more in our Octopus Energy reviews guide.

Flow Energy tariffs

Flow Energy offered a wide range of tariffs, including fixed and variable plans, for households. As the company has closed, you can no longer sign up for one of the Flow Energy tariffs.

Flow Energy offered two variable tariffs. One of these tariffs, the ‘Flow Variable Green’ tariff, offered 100% renewable electricity. The standard variable tariff, also called the ‘Flow Variable’ tariff, provided 50% of its electricity from renewable sources.

For a medium-sized household in London that consumes the average usage levels of gas and electricity, this tariff would have cost around £882 per year. These customers were automatically switched to the Octopus standard tariff, on which they can expect to spend about £80 more per year.

Flow Energy standard tariff £882 year
Octopus Energy standard tariff £962 year
Difference in cost £80 per year

Flow Energy tariffs also included two fixed-rate options. Even after customers were moved to the new supplier, the rates for these fixed tariffs were honored until the contract ended. The Flow Daisy tariff expired in July 2019, and the Flow Lily tariff expired in March 2020. Customers who did not choose a new tariff were then switched to the Octopus standard tariff.

Flow Energy tariffs were not available for prepayment customers.

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Fuel Mix

gas, electricity, box

Flow Energy worked hard to supply green energy and most of its tariffs could be upgraded to be 100% renewable in electricity. Without this upgrade, 50% of electricity automatically came from sustainable sources.

The good news for former Flow Energy UK customers is that their new supplier is also 100% renewable. All of its electricity comes from UK sourced green energy and customers have the option to off-set all of their gas if they wish.

Smart meters

Flow Energy began its smart meter rollout in 2018. Customers who had a Flow Energy second-generation smart meter installed will find it still works with their new supplier.

Unfortunately for customers with a first-generation Flow Energy smart meter, this will likely not work with your new supplier and will revert to being a normal meter, meaning you will need to submit meter readings manually.

Warm home discount

If you received the Warm Home Discount with Flow Energy, it should have been unaffected for this year (2019/2020), meaning you should have received it regardless of switching suppliers.

For the upcoming years, you will need to apply with your new supplier if you are in Broader Group. If you fall into the Core Group, you will not need to apply as the government will assign you the discount automatically through your new supplier.

Find out who is eligible and what group you fall into in our definitive Warm Home Discount guide.

Extra services: boilers and smart products

As well as gas and electricity tariffs, Flow Energy also offered micro-combined heat and power (CHP) boilers and products that helped its customers be more energy efficient.

Flow Energy boiler

Flow Energy developed a boiler that provides heating, hot water and electricity. It generates electricity through a process called MicroCHP (combined Heat and Power). This produces electricity at a low cost and with low carbon emissions.

Flow Energy boilers were originally manufactured by Jabil, one of the world's leading technology companies, but soon turned to manufacture them itself.

Flow boilers are the same size as traditional combi boilers. However, it was possible to get them with a higher output to generate all the energy needed for a home or business.

Like any boiler, Flow Energy boilers need to be serviced. If you have a Flow Energy boiler, you are advised to get it serviced every year in order to ensure it is running safely and to prevent the build-up of problems that could lead to long term damage.

Smart products

In 2016 Flow Energy launched smart products for the home. These products included smart plugs, smart thermostats and an energy consumption monitor, and were designed to give customers better control of their energy usage.

By connecting to WIFI, they could be linked to a phone or computer and allow customers to continuously monitor their energy consumption and optimise usage during off-peak times to save money.

  1. Smart thermostat - this meant customers could control their heating via an app on a smartphone, e.g. if they were not home but noticed their heating was on, they could switch it off via the app, saving costly pounds.
  2. Smart plugs - this allowed customers to control anything that was plugged into the smart plug with an app on their phone, e.g. switching off hair appliances or the kettle if they left it on when they left in a rush. The smart plugs also had timers so appliances could be programmed to turn on at set times during the day. They also automatically turned off appliances left on standby mode at night.

Flow Energy has closed