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Prices and Tariffs

Previously Flow Energy had a confusing amount of tariffs which they have reduced to four making their pricing much easier to understand.

The cheapest deal for you will depend on how you consume electricity. Things to think about when choosing your plan include, time of day you consume most electricity, how long you plan to be with the energy provider and of course your monthly gas and electricity usage.

Flow Energy’s tariffs come with 50% renewable energy or if you would like a higher percentage of your electricity to come from renewables, it’s possible to upgrade your tariff and receive 100% of your electricity from renewable energy.

Flow offer two fixed tariffs, which are for customers who don’t plan on switching soon and want to benefit from long term savings that fixed prices bring.

One of the fixed tariffs is Flow Daisy July 2019, which fixes the unit price per kWh until July 2019. If you wish to have a longer fixed rate tariff Flow Energy also offer their Flow Lily March 2020 Green tariff that guarantees prices won't increase until March 2020.

Please note if you wish to have an Economy 7 tariff, they are only available to customers with an existing Economy 7 meter.

There is an exit fee of £30 per fuel if you change your supplier or tariff on either of the tariffs. However, if you move home and remain on the same tariff you will not be charged an exit fee.

Renewable Energy50% of Flow Energy comes from renewable sources as standard. It is possible to upgrade your Flow Energy tariff so 100% of your energy comes from renewable sources.

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They also offer two variable tariffs if you don’t wish to be locked in. The Flow Energy Variable Tariff doesn’t have a fixed contract period, which is great for those of you who want the flexibility to change at short notice, or don’t wish to be tied down with the same provider for a long period of time. There are no exit fees either, giving you complete flexibility.


The variable tariffs are available as "Flow Variable Green" which has 100% renewable energy or the standard "Flow Variable Tariff" which has 50% renewable energy and is a little cheaper.

Currently Flow doesn't have any tariffs for customers with prepayment meters so if you would like to switch you will have to change to payment by direct debit.

Prices will vary by region regardless of which tariff you are on, so those of you moving house may find yourselves in a different energy pricing area. You can check your energy band and find out how prices vary from region to region in the table below.

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 14.526p £450.31 30.59p 18.13p 2.968p £371.00 14.20p 13.64p
South Scotland 13.41p £415.71 24.26p 16.27p 2.968p £371.00 14.20p 13.64p
North East EN 13.649p £423.12 25.52p 16.65p 2.961p £370.13 13.91p 13.58p
North West EN 13.575p £420.83 22.15p 16.18p 3.01p £376.25 14.96p 13.90p
Yorkshire 13.096p £405.98 24.94p 16.03p 2.911p £363.88 13.96p 13.38p
Merseyside & N Wales 14.805p £458.96 21.35p 17.32p 2.98p £372.50 14.27p 13.70p
East Midlands 13.854p £429.47 20.32p 16.25p 2.878p £359.75 13.84p 13.23p
West Midlands 13.936p £432.02 21.27p 16.44p 2.99p £373.75 14.32p 13.74p
East EN 13.375p £414.63 25.98p 16.43p 2.898p £362.25 15.16p 13.47p
South Wales 14.555p £451.21 21.70p 17.11p 2.964p £370.50 14.82p 13.70p
London 12.8726p £399.031 23.06p 15.59p 3.122p £390.25 14.17p 14.26p
South East EN 14.288p £442.93 22.52p 16.94p 3.074p £384.25 15.300p 14.20p
South West EN 14.912p £462.27 24.56p 17.80p 3.124p £390.50 13.93p 14.24p

Last Updated: January 2018

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