This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Flow Energy Tariff Prices: Gas and Electricity

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Flow Energy is now OctopusFlow Energy ceased trading in 2019 and its customer base was acquired by Octopus Energy. To find out what will happen to your Flow Utility tariff, supply, account login, billing, and smart meter, or to find updated contact info, head to the relevant sections in this page.

Prices and Tariffs

Prior to it's closure, Flow Energy offered just four tariffs, making the customer's choice a simple one. We outline its tariff offering from January 2018 below. For up to date information following Octopus Energy's takeover, visit Octopus Energy tariffs.

The cheapest deal for you depends on how you consume electricity. Things to think about when choosing your plan include, time of day you consume most electricity, how long you plan to be with the energy provider and of course your monthly gas and electricity usage.

Flow Energy’s tariffs came with 50% renewable energy as standard, though it was possible to upgrade your tariff and receive 100% of your electricity from renewable energy.

Flow offered two fixed tariffs, which are for customers who don’t plan on switching soon and want to benefit from long term savings that fixed prices bring.

One of the fixed tariffs is Flow Daisy July 2019, which fixed the unit price per kWh until July 2019. If you wished to have a longer fixed rate tariff Flow Energy also offered their Flow Lily March 2020 Green tariff which guaranteed prices wouldn't increase until March 2020.

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

There was an exit fee of £30 per fuel if you changed your supplier or tariff on either of the tariffs.

They also offered two variable tariffs. The Flow Energy Variable Tariff did not have a fixed contract period and there were no exit fees either, giving you complete flexibility.

The variable tariffs were available as "Flow Variable Green" which had 100% renewable energy or the standard "Flow Variable Tariff" which had 50% renewable energy and was a little cheaper.

Renewable Energy50% of Flow Energy came from renewable sources as standard. However, it was possible to upgrade your Flow Energy tariff so 100% of your energy came from renewable sources.

Prices varied by region regardless of which tariff you were on. You can check your energy band and find out how prices differed from region to region in the table below.

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