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GB Energy Supply: Reviews, Smart Meter & Login

GB Energy Supply is a small gas and electricity provider that was taken over by Co-operative Energy in 2016. Since then they’ve built their customer base up to 140,000 homes across Great Britain. They claim to keep their outgoings at a bare minimum in order to provide energy efficiency and the cheapest possible deals for their customers, but in actuality, they don’t ever seem to be anywhere near the list of cheapest energy tariffs in the country.

GB Energy Reviews

How do GB Energy Supply customers feel about their service? In a word, terrible. With a small number of exceptions, customer feedback has been notably negative. The majority of disparaging reviews cite recent price increases, confusing billing and lack of satisfactory customer service.

Useless customer service. Estimates for usage are extremely high. Too much wrong [...] to be bothered to write here. - Oli with GB Energy Supply

Across a range of review platforms, they consistently average the lowest possible score. They hold a one-star rating on both Google and Trustpilot, which also has an impressively negative 72% Bad rating.

Even though GB Energy is an independent supplier, their customers reviews are comparable to Big Six company reviews. Most smaller energy utility suppliers sport notably higher review averages. See which one is the best fit for you on our providers page.

Digging further into the negative reviews, what criteria do we find? The most frequent themes are poor customer service, unexplained energy bills, higher-than-quoted energy costs and ignored complaints.

And what about the minority of positive opinions? They often mention a quick customer response time and a simple switch process. Interestingly, several of the positive reviews still mention that the customer has recently or will soon switch to a new supplier because of increased prices. This obviously doesn’t bode well for the company.

It’s worth noting that GB Energy’s image may have been tainted by the poor reviews the company received before being absorbed by Co-operative Energy, but as recent reviews remain poor, it seems that any increase in quality of service has been minimal.

GB Energy Supply Login

If you are a new or existing GB Energy customer, you can access your online account by entering your login credentials on their online portal. Login details should have been provided via email or through the post, depending on your chosen preferences.

If you would like to login to your online account, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Login to your account

If you have forgotten your password or login email, you can click ‘Forgotten password?’ on the login screen to reset your credentials instantly.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to manage the following:

bar graph with electricity symbols
  • See usage history
  • See past and present bills
  • Submit meter readings
  • Edit personal information
  • Pay bills online

Unfortunately, as of now GB Energy Supply does not have a mobile app. Being a small provider doesn’t necessarily preclude you from developing an app; Ovo and Pure Planet are both independent energy companies with apps.

GB Energy Smart Meter

What is a smart meter? Smart meters automatically record information from your electricity and gas usage, eliminating the need for in person meter-monitors. They also allow households to easily see their energy use over time, which can lead to additional savings.

The UK energy sector is currently in the process of a nation-wide smart meter rollout. The government was hoping it would be completed by 2020 but this has become more of a soft target.

GB Energy Supply does offer to install smart meters for both electricity and gas monitoring and has tariffs compatible with their smart meter model.

Can you get a smart meter?GB Energy Supply is still in the process of introducing smart monitors, so not all regions of the UK are covered. If you haven’t received any materials on the possibility of a smart meter, it’s because they aren’t yet available in your area. When they become available, GB Energy Supply will contact you directly.

Will your GB Energy smart meter still work with another supplier? Yes, your meter will still work. But unfortunately, because not all suppliers serve smart meters in every region, your smart meter may be treated as a standard meter by your next energy supplier. Make sure to confirm with new potential providers before making the switch.


GB Energy claims to work at cutting unnecessary expenses to provide the cheapest energy prices possible for their customers. This could somewhat explain their lower than average reviews, except for the fact that their tariff prices aren’t particularly competitive.

Below you can see the Tariff Label Information (TLI) for GB Energy Supply’s GB Fixed May 20 tariff:

GB Energy Supply Prices
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Electricity standing charge Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas standing charge Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.81p £552.11 20.14p 20.18p 3.69p £461.25 20.14p 17.25p £1,013.36
Southern Scotland 17.01p £527.31 20.14p 19.38p 3.69p £461.25 20.14p 17.25p £988.56
North East EN 17.12p £530.72 20.14p 19.49p 3.64p £455.00 20.14p 17.05p £985.72
North West EN 16.95p £525.45 20.14p 19.32p 3.71p £463.75 20.14p 17.33 £989.20
Yorkshire 16.78p £520.18 20.14p 19.15p 3.64p £455.00 20.14p 17.05p £975.18
Merseyside & N Wales 18.13p £562.03 20.14p 20.50p 3.71p £463.75 20.14p 17.33p £1,025.78
East Midlands 16.80p £520.80 20.14p 19.17p 3.63p £453.75 20.14p 17.01p £974.55
West Midlands 17.13p £531.03 20.14p 19.50p 3.72p £465.00 20.14p 17.37p £996.03
East EN 17.25p £534.75 20.14p 19.62p 3.63p £453.75 20.14p 17.01p £988.50
South Wales 17.64p £546.84 20.14p 20.01p 3.80p £475.00 20.14p 17.69p £1,021.84
London 16.74p £518.94 20.14p 19.11p 3.84p £480.00 20.14p 17.86p £998.94
South East EN 17.66p £547.46 20.14p 20.03p 3.83p £478.75 20.14p 17.81p £1,026.21
South West EN 18.00p £558.00 20.14 20.37p 3.80p £475.00 20.14p 17.69p £1,033.00

Last updated: March 2019

While GB Energy tariffs aren’t particularly competitive, since being absorbed by Co-operative Energy they’ve shifted to 100% renewable energy tariffs! This is a welcome change from previous offerings, which consisted of only one green tariff that was more expensive than the standard alternatives. For more information, check out the Fuel Mix section.

Based on Selectra’s own research and supported by Citizen’s Advice information, switching from GB Energy’s standard tariff to a cheaper alternative could save the average 3 bedroom flat in London over £220!

Despite being a smaller energy supplier, GB Energy Supply offers a large number of tariffs that are all updated every month. As such, the best way to get an accurate and up-to-date reading is by using our comparison tool, or just giving us a call.

Fuel Mix

Like all UK energy suppliers, GB Energy Supply is required by law to disclose their fuel mix. As they’ve been absorbed by Co-operative Energy, they now receive their supply through the Co-operative supply network.

Looking at the GB Energy/Co-operative fuel mix, green advocates will be pleased to see that they now offer 100% renewable electricity on all electricity tariffs, as compared to the UK average of 29% renewable energy.

In addition to their guaranteed 100% renewable electricity, GB Energy’s gas tariffs are produced by 25% green energy sources, which is higher than the market average. The rest of their gas supply comes from natural gas.

We can see their electricity fuel mix in further detail as they’ve provided a breakdown of their renewable energy sources.

With a full 56% of electricity coming from wind and solar alone, GB Energy Supply’s fuel mix is a strong draw for customers concerned with the environment.

GB Energy Supply/Co-operative Energy also claim that their electricity produces 0 grams of CO2 per kilowatt hour, meaning their electricity effectively produces no carbon dioxide emissions. That is especially impressive compared to the UK national average of 359.45g/kWh.

Warm Home Discount

A heat icon next to a lightbulb

What is the Warm Home Discount? In simple terms, the Warm Home Discount is money off your electricity bill during the months of October-April. It’s designed to offset the higher rate of energy usage during the colder winter season and is usually given to pensioners. The 2018/2019 Warm Home Discount is £140.

You’re eligible for the Warm Home Discount if…

  • Your electricity provider offers the discount
  • You or your partner are the official bill payer
  • You received Guaranteed Pension Credit (still the case even if you also receive savings credit)

As part of Co-operative Energy, GB Energy Supply does offer the Warm Home Discount to qualifying customers.

Can you receive the Warm Home Discount?If you don’t fulfill all of the qualifications above you may still be eligible for the Warm Home Discount. You’ll need to apply directly with your energy supplier. For more detailed information, see our full guide to the Warm Home Discount.

Getting the Warm Home Discount doesn’t affect potential eligibility for the Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment, it’s possible to receive all three.

Business Tariffs

Before GB Energy was taken over by Co-operative Energy, they provided energy to small businesses. They currently allow new domestic customers to sign-up on the GB Energy website, but are not currently accepting new business customers. This is due to the fact that Co-operative Energy doesn't provide any business energy tariffs.

Customers who are interested in signing up for business energy tariffs might want to take a look at our Haven Power supplier page.

Meter Readings

A heat icon next to a lightbulb

If you don’t yet have a smart meter and you would like to submit your meter readings in order to prevent any kind of estimated bills, you can do so by logging into your account. If you’re not sure how to do this you can refer to the section above about your account login.

Submitting your meter readings is quick and simple, but if you’ve never done it before can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re not sure how to read your meters, you can click the link below to find about more.

Meter Guide

Moving Home with GB Energy

Getting ready to move? Managing your energy can be confusing, but we’ve broken it down with our full guide to moving home.

No matter what energy supplier currently services your home, we have the following resources to make the process easier:

The most important thing to do is contact your gas and electricity supplier. If your current or future home is supplied by GB Energy you can contact them on the phone at 0800 781 1605 or via their online contact form.

Flame and light bulb

Moving home?

Make sure you get the best energy prices and save £££ in just 10 minutes!

Simply provide a few details like your name, address, final meter reading and their customer service will take care of the rest.

All tariffs default to the Green Pioneer Standard tariff, but you can change this by speaking to a GB Energy customer service representative: 0800 093 7511.

The Verdict

The Pros The Cons
 100% renewable energy tariffs  Poorly rated customer service
 Smart meters available  Non-competitive tariff prices
 Warm Home Discount available  No new business tariffs available

GB has made some improvements since becoming part of Co-operative Energy in 2016. Their electricity tariffs are from 100% renewable energy sources with net 0g/kWh CO2 emissions. Additionally, they do provide smart meter installations and provide the Warm Home Discount, which are key details to some customers.

However, a few positive attributes simply can’t justify the combination of GB Energy Supply’s terrible reviews and middle-of-the-road prices.

Flame and light bulb

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If you're in the market for a new energy supplier and are looking specifically for a 100% renewable energy tariff, we recommend checking out our Tonik Energy or Octopus Energy supplier profiles.


If you would like to get in touch with GB Energy Supply about an enquiry or regarding your service, you can contact via telephone at 0800 6444 451, or via their contact page linked below, which also has additional contact numbers and information.


You can also write to GB Energy via email or post using the information provided in the box below.

Send a letter to...

Good Energy
GB Energy Supply
523 Garstang Road

Send an email to...
GB Energy Supply Twitter
GB Energy Supply LinkedIn

GB Energy Complaints

If you have a problem with your GB Energy Supply electricity or gas, you can raise an official complaint.

Their customer service states that they aim to respond within 2 working days, but that more complex issues may require more time.

You can contact the GB Energy complaint department via the following:

You can also view their procedure on processing complaints.