This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

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GB Energy Supply closes: what now for customers?

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GB Energy Supply was a small, independent UK energy provider that ceased trading in 2016. On its closure, its 160,000 customers were passed on to Co-op Energy. In 2019, a deal between Co-op and Octopus Energy saw former GB Energy Supply customers change hands again and become Octopus Energy customers.

GB Energy Supply has ceased trading. After first becoming part of Co-op Energy, former GB Energy supply customers are now Octopus Energy customers. The information below refers to GB Energy when it was still in operation.

What is GB Energy Supply?

GB Energy Supply Limited was a small UK gas and electricity provider. Founded in 2015, it supplied energy to both domestic and business customers.

Faced with increased energy prices, GB Energy stopped trading at the end of 2016.

When the provider stopped trading, Ofgem appointed Co-op Energy as the supplier of last resort, meaning all GB Energy Supply customers became Cooperative Energy customers and were switched to a Co-op tariff.

Is GB Energy now Octopus Energy?

Former GB Energy Supply customers are now Octopus Energy customers.

When GB Energy stopped trading in 2016, its customers were switched to Co-op Energy. However, in 2019, Co-op entered a new partnership with Octopus Energy. Under this deal, GB Energy customers became Octopus Energy customers, meaning the latter provider now supplies their energy, customer service and account management services.

Energy prices and tariffs were not affected by this new deal. When former GB Energy Supply customers come to the end of their current tariff with Co-op, they will be moved to an Octopus Energy tariff.

New login

As GB Energy customers are now Octopus Energy customers, the GB Energy Supply login process has changed. With the new account system, customers can:

  • Track energy usage
  • View past and current bills
  • Pay bills
  • Submit meter readings
  • Manage personal details

If your login details were changed when transferred to the new system or you need to set up a new online account, you will have been sent instructions on how to do so via email.

Find out how to perform the new GB Energy login process in our step by step Octopus Energy login guide.


When it was trading, GB Energy Supply did not have a mobile app. The good news for former customers is that their new supplier does have a mobile app. This has good reviews online and allows customers to manage their energy accounts anytime and anywhere from their phone.

The Octopus Energy app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store.

Meter Readings

Former GB Energy customers can submit meter readings with their new supplier through their new online account. Simply log in and submit your accurate readings for the month. You can also submit meter readings through the mobile app.

Submitting your meter readings is quick and simple, but taking readings can be confusing if you have never done it before. Check out our handy meter reading guide for some top meter reading tips.

New contact details

Since the supplier has become part of Octopus Energy, former GB Energy Supply customers have new contact details to use if they have any questions about their energy supply or tariff. In the table below we have listed the new contact number, email address and postal address.

GB Energy Supply contact number (new) 0808 164 1088
GB Energy Supply email address (new) [email protected]
GB Energy Supply address (new) Octopus Energy 1 Upper James St, Soho,
London W1F 9DE, United Kingdom

For more contact details, such as social media, and operating hours, head to our Octopus Energy contact page.

For reference, we have listed all of the original GB Energy Supply contact details in the table below. These are no longer in operation and you will not receive a response if you try to contact the supplier via one of these methods.

GB Energy Supply contact number (old) 0800 6444 451
GB Energy Supply email address (old) [email protected]
GB Energy Supply address (old) GB Energy Supply, 523 Garstang Road,
Broughton, Preston, PR3 5DL


New suppliers are not obliged to handle any existing complaints with old suppliers. This means that Octopus is not required to resolve any ongoing GB Energy Supply complaints. However, it is worth contacting the supplier and explaining the existing complaint to see if it can do anything to help you.

Most ongoing GB Energy Supply complaints will be dealt with by the Energy Ombudsman. Contact the free service to discuss your options.

If you have a new complaint about your energy supply, it should be placed with Octopus Energy.

Moving home

As GB Energy Supply customers are now Octopus Energy customers, any plans to move home need to be communicated with Octopus. This can be done through your online account, over the phone or email. Final meter readings need to be submitted at least three days before you move.

If you were in the process of moving home and switching suppliers when GB Energy Supply was taken over, this process should be unaffected. However, your new supplier might have some difficulties gathering your details so you may need to ask them to start the switching process again.

If you were in the process of moving home and wanted to continue your GB Energy Supply tariff at your new address, this should be unaffected. Just be aware that the supplier at your new home will now be Octopus Energy, not GB Energy.

Reviews: What did customers say about GB Energy Supply?

Customer reviews of GB Energy were quite mixed. On Trustpilot, the company has a rating of 3.9 out of 5, with 43% of reviews ranking it as ‘excellent’ and 31% ranking it as ‘bad’.

Although the company stopped trading in 2016, customers have been leaving reviews as late as 2021.

The majority of bad GB Energy Supply reviews cite price increases, confusing billing and lack of satisfactory customer service.

Useless customer service. Estimates for usage are extremely high.

Digging further into the negative reviews, the most frequent themes are unexplained energy bills, higher-than-quoted energy costs and ignored complaints.

Positive reviews focus on customer service, with happy customers stating that GB Energy Supply customer service is fast, friendly and efficient.

Customer service is always professional and helpful. My query was sorted straight away.

GB Energy Supply is now part of Octopus Energy, a company that has great customer service and was crowned the ‘Recommended Provider’ by Which? two years in a row. Find out more in our Octopus Energy reviews page.

Tariffs and prices

Despite being a smaller energy supplier, GB Energy Supply offered a large number of tariffs.

When absorbed by Co-op, GB Energy became 100% renewable. Now former GB Energy Supply customers have their choice of Octopus Energy tariffs, all of which use 100% renewable electricity, have the option to carbon offset gas, and are cheap and affordable.

Business Tariffs

Before GB Energy was taken over, it provided energy to small businesses. Unfortunately, Co-op Energy did not provide any business energy tariffs, meaning GB Energy business customers lost out. Octopus Energy does sell business tariffs.

Fuel Mix

No information is available for the GB Energy Supply fuel mix before it ceased trading. However, we do know that it was not a 100% renewable provider.

When GB Energy ceased trading and customers were moved to Co-op, their tariffs became 100% renewable for electricity, while 25% of gas was sourced from green sources too.

flame, lightbulb

GB Energy Supply/Co-operative Energy also claimed that its electricity produces 0 grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour, meaning their electricity effectively produces no carbon dioxide emissions. That is especially impressive compared to the UK national average of 359.45g/kWh.

Now with Octopus, former GB Energy customers will see their tariffs remain 100% renewable, with their electricity coming from wind, solar and hydropower.

Smart meters

The UK energy sector is currently in the process of a nation-wide smart meter rollout. GB Energy Supply did install and support smart meters.

If you had a first-generation SMETS1 smart meter installed by GB Energy, it is not likely to be compatible with your new supplier. In this case, your meter will now be a regular meter and you will need to submit manual meter readings.

If you had a GB Energy Supply second-generation SMETS2 smart meter, it should be compatible with your new supplier and continue to function correctly after you are swapped over.

What is a smart meter?Smart meters automatically record information from your electricity and gas usage, eliminating the need for in-person meter-monitors. They also allow households to easily see their energy use over time, which can lead to additional savings.

Warm Home Discount

As a small supplier, GB Energy Supply did not offer the Warm Home Discount. However, when customers were switched to Co-op Energy, they could apply for the discount.

Former GB Energy Supply customers who received the Warm Home Discount with Co-op Energy would still have received the discount despite the move to Octopus Energy. For the next season, eligible customers will have to apply with Octopus.

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