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Good Energy has a history of pioneering green-first approaches to energy sourcing and supply. Find out more about the supplier, its latest prices and tariffs, account management services, and reviews, all here in this guide.

About Good Energy

Good Energy is a small, independent supplier committed to tackling climate change by making homes and business across the nation part of a sustainable nexus with its clean energy supply.

The supplier paved the way for a green, clean energy alternative when, at the turn of the millennium, it became the first retail energy company - in an industry dominated by fossil fuels - to supply 100% renewable electricity to households in the UK.

To date, Good Energy has amassed over 200,000 customers, to which it supplies clean electricity largely from its own wind and solar farms in England and Wales, and with support from over 1,600 independent generators across the UK.

Share price

Good Energy shares are listed on the London AIM Market and the NEX Exchange. The following are its year high and year low performance in 2020:

Good Energy share prices
NEX Exchange Year high: 249.00p
Year low: 99.00p
London AIM Year high: 245.00p
Year low: 96.00p

Who owns Good Energy?

Good Energy was founded by current CEO Juliet Davenport in 1999 as part of the Good Energy Group PLC, previously Monkton Group PLC.

Reviews: Is Good Energy a good company?

Good Energy customer reviews are generally more positive than negative. On the popular customer review website Trustpilot, 78% of the review base rated the supplier Great or Excellent, compared with just 17% that rated it Poor or Bad, and68% that rated it Average.

The last Which? survey to include Good Energy (2018) ranked the supplier 19th out of 31 energy companies, not great but higher than most of the largest suppliers; while in the most recent Citizens Advice survey, the supplier ranked 25th of 35 suppliers on the market.

To read our full review, check out our dedicated Good Energy reviews page.

My account and login

Good Energy provides its customers with an online account that can be accessed through its website and through the Good Energy mobile app - available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Your online account lets you:

  • Manage personal information
  • Check your balance
  • Monitor energy usage
  • Set up a direct debit

To find out how to login to your account, how to troubleshoot if you are unable to access your account, or to find the link to the online portal, take a look at our Good Energy Login page.

Tariffs and prices

Good Energy has a simple tariff system, with three basic supply tariff types on offer. All are available as electricity-only, gas-only, duel-fuel, and Economy 7, except the Electric Vehicle tariff, which is - unsurprisingly - unavailable as a gas-only tariff.

For information on prepay tariffs, contact Good Energy for a quote.

  1. Good to Fix (Fixed)
  2. SVT Standard (Flexible)
  3. EV4 Electric Vehicle (Fixed)

1. Good to Fix tariff

Good Energy’s Good to Fix tariff is a fixed-rate, fixed-term supply available on a 24 month contract. With this tariff, the price you pay per unit of electricity and/or gas will remain the same throughout the duration of your contract term.

You pay by direct debit and there are no exit fees for early termination of your contract.

2. SVT Standard tariff

‘Flexible duration’ is the supplier’s standard variable rate tariff. You can expect to see the price you pay per unit rate of gas and electricity fluctuate at any time in response to wholesale energy market prices.

Customers on this tariff will receive a month’s notice in advance of any change in tariff prices.

3. EV4 Electric Vehicle tariff

Good Energy brings good news for electric car owners. The EV4 Electric Vehicle tariff offers a special unit rate for EV charging, is available on a fixed-rate, fixed-term contract, and has an Economy 7 variant for customers with Economy 7 meters.

Business Energy

Good Energy provides a range of renewable energy options for small, medium and large businesses. The supplier offers:

  1. Fixed and standard tariffs
  2. Options for buying energy on the wholesale market
  3. Business electric-vehicle charging solutions
  4. Feed-in tariffs to help businesses make money from the renewable energy that they generate.

100% renewable fuel mix

Good Energy's biggest selling point is that it uses 100% renewable energy, which is sourced from over 1,600 independent generators, peer-to-peer energy sharing through feed-in tariffs, and its own generation sites.

In total, 53.9% of Good Energy’s electricity supply comes from wind, 28.4% from biogeneration, 13.4% from solar power, and 4.3% from hydro power.

Good Energy’s gas supply is advertised as 'carbon neutral', with 10% made up of renewable biogas and the rest coming from fossil fuels. To offset carbon emissions from its supply, the company invests in certified carbon reduction schemes.

Contact details

It is easy to contact Good Energy by telephone, email, or via social media. In the table below you can find the most common channels through which to get in touch with Good Energy’s customer service department.

For information about contacting Customer Care, including who to contact if you are moving home, see our Good Energy contact page.

Existing customers: 0800 254 0000 (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm)
New customers: 0800 254 0004 (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm)
Good Energy email: [email protected]
Good Energy address: Good Energy Ltd, Monkton Park Offices, Monkton Park, Chippenham SN15 1GH
Social media:

Contact for business customers

Business customers can get in touch with Good Energy’s business energy team through the following channels.

Business contact channel Contact details
By phone: 0800 254 0021
By email: To [email protected]

Meter readings and paying your bill

The most common way to pay your Good Energy bills is by Direct Debit. Once set up, the supplier will send you confirmation of the amount and date that the first Direct Debit payment will be collected. You will be notified 10 working days in advance of your account being debited.

Meter readings

Gas and electricity meters help you keep tabs on your energy usage and the amount you pay for your supply. We recommend that you submit a meter reading about one week before your bill is due in order to get the most accurate bills possible.

Keep in mind that Good Energy provides a meter reading service only twice a year, where meter readers visit your home. This means that at all other times, your usage is estimated.

The good thing is, Good Energy has made submitting your meter reading easy. You can do so:

  1. Over the phone by calling 0800 254 0000.
  2. Through your online account.
  3. Via the Good Energy app or website.

Find out how to read your gas and electricity meters with our Meter Reading guide.

Warm Home Discount

Good Energy customers do not qualify for the Warm Home Discount scheme, as it supplies energy to less than 250,000 customers.

If you want to benefit from the £140 rebate off your winter energy bills, you will need switch to a supplier that offers the scheme.

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