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Get your question answered or problem resolved by Green Star Energy. Getting in contact with them is easy if you know where to look. Find out here how to reach out to the right person for a quick response.

Green Star Energy contact number, email and complaints

In the labyrinth of avenues to contact Green Star Energy, you’ll find clear signposted pathways. But if your issue is very specific, you’ll need to walk down the narrower alleys to get in touch with the right department for a quick and accurate response. Let's take a look at both types of communication channels with Green Star.

Contact Green Star Energy customer service

Green Star Energy’s contact us page offers a host of ways to reach out to them. We’ll go through each one in the order in which they claim to offer the fastest response time.

Contact by social media

You take your smartphone everywhere with you... while walking, in the car, at home or on public transport. Green Star’s social media channels offer its customers the quickest response times compared to its other communication channels. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are the three available, so take your pick.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform, so Green Star Energy makes it easy to contact them via this platform.

STEP 1: Head to Green Star’s Contact Us page.

STEP 2: Hit the dark blue Facebook button under the first section “Post or message us”.

STEP 3: You’ll see a box pop up in the bottom right-hand corner asking you to sign into Facebook. Do this by clicking the blue button “Log in to Messenger” as per the image below.

facebook instant messenger with Green Star Energy

STEP 4: Type in your message in the box that appears.

Facebook Mystery shopper

TEST: At Selectra we contacted Green Star via Facebook to find out if they were indeed fast at replying to customers. We asked a short and simple fictitious query regarding trouble logging into an account

facebook messenger with green star energy

RESULT: They responded in approximately half an hour.

CONCLUSION: We found their response time to be more than adequate. We did not expect it to be much faster given that they do not have a Very Responsive To Messages* badge.

What is a “Very Responsive To Messages” Badge?

Many companies strive for this badge because it tells its customers that they respond quickly and consistently to private messages. In turn, this inspires confidence in customers and non-customers, attracting more visitors and therefore generating more traffic to their website.

Green Star Energy doesn't have this badge, but if it did, you’d find it on their Facebook profile under the page’s cover photo.


Twitter is another platform on which Green Star boasts a fast response time.

STEP 1: Head to Green Star’s Contact Us page.

STEP 2: Hit the light blue Twitter button under the first section “Post or message us”.

STEP 3: Another page will open up asking you to log into Twitter. Enter your details to log in. If you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up for one here.

STEP 4: On your home Twitter page, type “Green Star Energy UK” in the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

green star twitter message

STEP 5: You’ll be taken to Green Star’s Twitter page. Hit the pink Message button on the left-hand side of the page below their company profile, as shown below.

twitter message to green star

STEP 6: Write your message in the box and click the pink Send button.

Twitter Mystery shopper

TEST: At Selectra we contacted Green Star via Twitter just like we did via Facebook above, to find out how fast they are at getting back to you. We asked a short and simple fictitious query regarding trouble logging into an account.

facebook messenger with green star energy

RESULT: We received a response to our query after 1 hour and 23 minutes.

CONCLUSION:We found this delay to be rather long, bordering on unacceptable. We at Selectra suggest that if you have a general query, you can expect a quicker response via Facebook.

Green Star Energy contact by email

You may prefer not to have to speak directly with someone on the phone. No problem. Send Green Star Energy an email and one of their team will aim to respond within 5 working days.

STEP 1: Head to Green Star’s contact us page.

STEP 2: Fill out your details in the blue box as shown below.

STEP 3: Hit the green Send button.

green star energy email form

TOP TIP: You’ll want to receive notifications from your email application to let you know once you receive an email. That way you won’t be twiddling your thumbs waiting for a response when they may have already replied. You can set up email notifications on your Gmail account here or on your Microsoft Outlook account here.

Contact Green Star Energy by Phone

You may want a quick verbal answer to your query. Perhaps you’ve chosen not to trawl through the previously asked questions to find the response you want. In that case, just give them a call to be put through to a Green Star Energy customer service agent. Contacting them by phone is also the best channel to use if you're having trouble logging in to your online account.

blue telephone

Green Star Energy Customer Service
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 012 4510
*Monday to Friday: 8am - 10pm; Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Having looked at comments regarding waiting times from Trustpilot users who phoned Green Star over the last 4 days from the date of publication, you may need lots of patience! This certainly reflects our own experience when we went undercover as a mystery shopper to test their customer service.

One customer stated on Trustpilot “Just spent 1 hour and 30 min waiting to speak to an agent!” while another said that he “waited 42 minutes to speak to a supervisor then got disconnected.” If you’re lucky, you won’t be put on hold for long before you’re attended on the phone. Read all about Green Star's reviews and rankings by hitting the button below.

Green Star Energy contact by post or in person

The traditional pen and paper may be your preferred way of contacting Green Star. You may want to go to their offices in person to discuss it with them. Whatever your preference, note down the address of the Green Star Energy head office: 3rd Floor, Elder House, 586-592 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1LR, United Kingdom

Specific queries to resolve

Green Star Energy has their own specific channels of contact for specific queries. Let’s take a look at their suggested contact method for your type of query.

Bills and payments

The two most common queries relating to bills and payments typically relate to submitting meter readings, difficulty to make payment and the inaccuracy of the bills themselves. Let's look at each of them now to find out who you should contact.

Submit Your Meter Reading


Phone: 0800 012 4510

Website: Log into your account online here

There you have it! Either leave your meter reading electronically via email or read them out to one of Green Star’s advisors on the phone.

How to Take a Meter Reading To submit meter readings, you’ll need your MPAN, MPRN or MSN. Ensure you know where to find them so that you can note down the readings.

Having difficulty in paying your bills?


Phone: 0800 012 4510

You’ll be in contact with a member of Green Star’s dedicated team who will help you to find a suitable payment plan. Also, if the supplier runs any schemes (such as the Warm Home Discount) to help reduce your bills, they will give you all the information on how to apply for them.

I don’t think my bill is correct

Green Star Energy advocates that you first go through a few preliminary steps before contacting them with your issue regarding bill accuracy:

STEP 1: Check if your energy bills are based on actual or estimated readings.

  • If estimated, review the last meter reading you had submitted via your online account here.
  • If based on actual readings, then you should check the following:
    • Has there has been a price change since your last bill?
    • Did you change any of your appliances in the month before submitting your last meter reading?
    • Are you being billed for the wrong type of meter? Perhaps you have a SMETS 1 meter that has turned dumb?

STEP 2: Contact Green Star Energy if you have exhausted the above steps and you still believe that your last gas or electricity bill is not accurate.

blue telephone

Green Star Energy customer service

Phone: 0800 012 4510 *Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm


Remember the two-step process. First make a complaint, then if you're not satisfied, escalate it. Let's find out how to do both.

Make a Complaint

If you’ve suffered the same experience as some of those Green Star Energy customers who left negative reviews, then you should contact their dedicated complaints team.

blue telephone

Green Star Energy customer complaints team

Phone: 0800 012 4510*Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm

Post: Complaints Lead, Green Star Energy, Elder House 3rd Floor, 586-592 Elder Gate, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR.

*While the second email address above does not appear on their website, it is the one being provided by Green Star in their responses to complaints left in Trustpilot. Selectra would recommend sending an email both email addresses simultaneously. Green Star states that they will acknowledge your complaint before the end of the next working day.

TOP TIP: You’ll note that the phone number and postal address is the same provided further above for other contact means. How would you ensure that it reaches the Complaints Lead who is a member of their dedicated complaints team? You should address your letter or email specifically by way of “Dear Complaints Lead”. If writing a letter ensure you start the address with this, as expressed above. If writing an email, include the words “Complaints Lead” in the subject line.

How to escalate your complaint

The golden rule here is: first escalate your complaint internally, then if necessary, externally. Let’s see how you would do both.

Escalate internally: You’ve received a response but you don’t like it

You’ve received a response from Green Star but you’re not happy with it? You can escalate it to their Complaints Manager who will independently review the decision taken by the Complaints Lead. Do this via any of the three channels above under “Make a Complaint”, but this time address your letter or email to the Complaints Manager. You should expect a response back within five working days.

Escalate Externally: You've Not Received a Response in Eight Weeks

You’ve tried both the traditional and specific channels to contact Green Star Energy about your complaint. Eight weeks have gone by and you’ve still received no response? No problem. You can escalate your complaint externally to the Energy Ombudsman.

Find out who the Energy Ombudsman is and how the department can help you. You’ll note that the Energy Ombudsman is different from Ofgem, so you won’t get them confused.

blue telephone

Energy Ombudsman Tel: 0330 440 1624
*Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm
Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF

Moving home

Either you're moving into a new home or moving out of your old one. Let's see who you would contact in each case.

You want to be a Green Star Energy customer

If you are moving home and you want Green Star Energy to be your supplier, then you can sign up online or call them on 0800 012 4510.

Note that it can take up to 21 days to complete the registration of your new home with Green Star Energy.

Returning Green Star Energy customers

If you are already a Green Star Energy customer and you will be moving home, let them know:

Tel: 0800 012 4510 (Mon-Fri 0800-1800)



Ensure you have the following details to hand:

  • The date you are moving house.
  • Your new address so that they can send you your final bill.
  • The meter reading(s) for the date you moved out.
  • Your new telephone number if applicable.

Have an emergency?

The last thing you need with an emergency on your hands is to be placed on hold or waiting to hear back from your last Whatsapp, Facebook or email message to Green Star. They have their own dedicated Emergencies Page to help you sort it out ASAP.

Potential Gas Leak - what to do?

If you suspect or detect a gas leak in your home, you will need to follow these instructions as soon as possible to avoid potentially dangerous consequences.

STEP 1: Call the National Gas Service Emergency Line at 0800 111 999. Follow their instructions. They will send an engineer to your home to repair the leak.

STEP 2: Turn off your gas supply. Find the gas emergency control valve and turn the handle by a quarter so the lever is at 90 degrees to the Emergency Control Valve's body.


STEP 3: Open all windows and doors.

STEP 4: Get out. Leave your home and stand somewhere in a safe place until the gas engineer arrives at your home.

IMPORTANT! Don't turn electrical switches on or off. Never smoke, light any incendiary device, strike matches or do anything that could cause ignition. Don’t use any electrical devices (including your mobile) in your home until the gas engineer has arrived. If you need to open electric doors or gates, then do so manually.

There’s No Gas Supply - What to do?

If you’ve realised that your gas supply won’t turn on, contact Green Star Energy by phone if this occurs during business hours:

Tel: 0800 012 4510 (9am - 6pm Monday to Friday)

If this emergency occurs outside of business hours, contact your local energy distributor.

There’s no electricity supply - what to do?

If there’s a power outage either in your building or your neighbourhood, call 105 to report it.

If neighbouring homes have electricity but yours doesn't, then the problem may lie with your home’s electrical wiring. Call a certified electrician to fix the wiring issues in your home.

Your gas and electricity distributorsAbove we have referred to Gas and Electricity Distributors. Find out and what they do. You can find the contact details of Green Star Energy’s list of local electricity network operators here.

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