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green star energy login

You recently switched to Green Star Energy for their green credentials and their attractive Customer Perks scheme. Now you’ll want to log into your own online portal to review your expenditure and redeem your points for energy-saving gadgets. But if you can’t access the Green Star Energy My Account Login page, there’s no need to get frustrated! We’ve broken down the steps you need to take to get to your account and choose your perk. Just follow the simple steps below to get up and running.

Logging in made easy

Green Star Energy has made it even easier for customers to log in to their account. The green supplier has done some research on the devices its customers mostly use and the source page from where they begin to log in. For more information on how Green Star Energy implements its customers' feedback to deliver a better service, hit the button below.

New customers - register to set up your account

green star energy register

This may seem obvious, but before you can log into your account, you must first register for one. This is how you do it.

STEP 1: Head to Green Star Energy’s main page.

STEP 2: Click the login/register icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

STEP 3: Fill out the details on the screen:

  • Username (Type your email address).
  • Password (make one up, but ensure you have letters, numbers and at least one symbol).

STEP 4: Click Register.

STEP 5: Fill out the details on the screen:

  • Account Number (you’ll find this on your contract, or on an accompanying letter when you signed up with Green Star Energy).
  • Phone Number (your mobile number will suffice).
  • Postcode (of your billing address).
green star energy register

STEP 6: Click the green “submit” button.

You should now have full access to your Green Star Energy login account.

Flame and light bulb

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Switch to a cheaper supplier to reduce your gas and electricity bills this year.

Returning customers - access your Green Star Energy login

You’ve already registered once, so you don’t need to register again. But perhaps you’re still having trouble getting to your Green Star Energy Login page. Perhaps your computer hasn’t stored your username or password, or you're trying to log in from a different device? We’ve got you covered. Just follow these simple steps to log in to your online portal.

STEP 1: Head to Green Star Energy’s main page.

STEP 2: Click the login/register icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

STEP 3: Click the LOGIN tab on the page (instead of the default REGISTER tab that appears).

STEP 4: Fill out the details on the screen:

  • USERNAME: Enter your email address.
  • PASSWORD: It’s the one you created when you first registered.
green star energy login

Hit the “remember me” slider button so that your device remembers your login details, avoiding having to put them all in again.

STEP 5: Click Login

You should now have full access to your Green Star Energy login account.

Forgotten your password? 1. Hit the “FORGOT PASSWORD” button above the login button.
2. You’ll be asked to enter your email address again so that you can be emailed a link to allow you to change your password.
3. Log into your email account and open the last email from Green Star Energy.
4. Follow the link and create another password.
NB: Make your new password a memorable one so you won’t forget it and note it down on your mobile phone so that you can access it any time you may forget it again.

BONUS TIP: You have too many passwords to remember and keep getting them mixed up? Check out the list of best password managers 2019 here.

I still can’t access my Green Star Energy login

Tried the above steps but you still can’t access your account? Maybe you can’t remember your account number, username or password. Or perhaps their website is down, preventing you from accessing the Green Star Energy Login My Account section. Don’t worry. You still have some other tricks up your sleeve.

Social media

Green Star Energy’s major social media pages provide ways of getting in touch with them.

Green Star Energy on Facebook

Their Facebook page has an instant messenger service that allows you to send them a quick message and resolve the problem. You may have to be patient in receiving a response. You’ll know that you’ve received a response once you hear a distinct “ping” sound from your device.

green star energy facebook

Green Star Energy on Twitter

Green Star Energy’s Twitter page has a link to their website. You’ll find this on the left-hand side of Green Star Energy’s profile, as marked in the red box in the image below. Then simply follow the steps at the top of this page.

green star energy twitter

Green Star Energy takes user experience (UX) very seriously when creating ways for its customers to login. UX is perhaps the most significant factor that can make or break a supplier's reputation. You can find out more about how customers rate their UX before giving the supplier a ranking score.

What you can do once you’re logged in?

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Green Star Energy Account, you’ll be able to access several features available to you as a Green Star Energy customer. Let's take a look at them here.

Get your Green Star Energy perks

Just for being a Green Star Energy customer, you receive a number of points, as detailed here. You can redeem those points for Customer Perks. They include our own recommendations of the top 10 energy-saving gadgets. Using them will help you to save energy and reduce your gas and electricity bills. Just follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Go to the Perks Rewards page.

STEP 2: Enter your email address and password.

green star energy perks

STEP 3: You’ll see a list of rewards available.

Points to note

 At the top of the banner image, you’ll find the reward types, of which there are five: connected devices, lighting, energy-saving products, water conservation and gift cards.

 On the left-hand side, pick the category reward types. The screenshot below displays the range of energy-efficient products. Below the description in bold text is the number of points you’ll need to redeem it. To add it to your basket, just hit the blue Add to Basket button on the right-hand side of each product.

green star energy efficient products


 To view the number of Perks you’ve added to your basket, just click the My Basket icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen below the search bar.


 Follow the instructions to request the Perks in your basket.

 Your Perks will arrive at your doorstep within 5 working days.

Submit a meter reading

Need to submit a meter reading with Green Star Energy? Easily accomplished in five easy steps.

STEP 1: Click on their Submit Your Meter Readings page.

STEP 2: Enter your email address where indicated.

STEP 3: Log into your email account and open the last email received from Green Star Energy. Click on the link they’ve provided to see where you have to enter your readings.

STEP 4: Find your MPAN Number, MPRN and Meter Serial Number.

STEP 5: Enter your meter readings where indicated on the screen in step 3 above. If you get stuck, find out here how to read your meters. Do you have a smart meter? If so, there’s no need to do anything as your meter readings will be submitted automatically to Green Star Energy.

Monitor your energy spending

How much money did you spend this month on energy? What about last month, or the past few months? Green Star Energy customers who have a smart meter will be able to monitor their energy usage once they’re logged in to their online account.

Monitoring your spending will encourage you to adjust your habits at home to become more energy-efficient. To improve your home’s energy efficiency even further, follow these 5 tips.

Worried about your smart meter going dumb? You’ll need a special type of SMETS 1 meter or a SMETS 2 meter. Find out what the difference is and why it matters to you when choosing a smart meter.

Register for the Warm Home Discount

Although there are many other channels available to apply for the Warm Home Discount, Green Star Energy have made it easier for the customers to apply for it via their online account. Discover how this scheme can reduce your electricity bills and how Npower can start the ball rolling for you.

Login problems

You followed all the steps above and have sent them a message via Facebook Messenger, but still have no luck? Contact Green Star Energy’s customer service department via the number below.

blue telephone

Green Star Energy’s Customer Services Team
0800 012 4510
*Monday to Friday: 8am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm.

Remember that there are lots of ways to contact Green Star Energy depending on what’s easiest for you. So check out the Green Star Contact Page.

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