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Igloo Energy: 2020 Reviews, Contact, Tariffs & Smart Meters

Igloo Energy is an energy company from Southampton which has been designed for digital natives and which works in harmony with your phone to make managing your energy easier.

Background Information

Igloos may not seem very comfy but science has proven they are warm and toasty on the inside.

Igloo Energy is also using science to help you save money on your energy bills so you can be toastier than an Eskimo.

This small company started last year in Southampton with one fundamental idea. Traditionally, energy companies make money on the energy that you use. Therefore it is beneficial for them if you use more energy.

Igloo Energy wants to turn this model on its head and use technology to help you save money. Their objective is to have competitive tariffs, capture data on customers’ energy usage and then the eventual idea is to sell money saving energy technology and services alongside their tariffs.


Igloo Energy reviews are really fantastic at the moment and it is setting a real challenge to some of the bigger suppliers on the market.

In our experience, Igloo Energy has been delivering on their customer service promises and looking after their customers really well. The majority of Igloo customers, 88% to be exact, rate them as ‘excellent’ and praise their customer service agents as friendly and helpful. In fact, although several customers have mentioned that they had problems during the switchover process they claim that Igloo managed to resolve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Being a relatively new supplier, Igloo Energy is quick to answer the phone and there is no being put on hold or having to use automated switchboards. Customers were happy that every time they called the company they managed to get through in less than a minute.

While 95% of customers would recommend Igloo Energy there have of course been some complaints - primarily about Igloo’s policy of upfront billing. This means that customers are charged two times in the first month. This is not an uncommon practice in the energy industry. Companies such as Toto also do this. Igloo has responded by saying that “on all websites, you can sign up to Igloo from, we do mention that we take payment in advance and the majority of small suppliers do take advance payments.”

This isn’t something we’d say is particularly worrying and is quite commonplace but some customers may not prefer to pay in advance - especially if they still have to pay their final bill with their previous supplier. This could mean that you would be paying three bills in one month, which is a bit of an outlay, especially in the beginning.

Account login

Much like many other suppliers in the market Igloo Energy has an online account which you can use to manage your energy without having to make any phone calls.

When logged in to your account it is easy to carry out day to day tasks such as updating your account details, providing meter readings or checking your balance.


Unlike many energy companies apps, Igloo energy’s app has lots of impressive features and benefits.

Firstly, it works with Touch ID login, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling around on your phone screen with usernames and passwords if you don’t want to. It also makes the app quicker to sign into.

Once you have downloaded and registered on the app you will find a personalised homepage where you can check and edit your account details, including your address, account balance and previous meter readings.

The app makes doing meter readings easy as it will send you reminders when your next meter reading is due. You can do your meter reading directly from your phone or tablet’s camera. The meter readings will be confirmed and then your account will be updated automatically. That means that taking your meter readings should take a matter of a few seconds.

The app has great ratings on both the iTunes store and on Google Play store, with customers rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

“This is a well-produced app that compliments Igloo’s attitude and approach to energy customer service. Excellent work.”

Customers are generally happy with how easy the app is to use and the majority of them send their meter readings via the app every month.

Tariffs & Prices

Igloo Energy has gone down the route of companies like Bulb Energy by only having one variable tariff called “Pioneer” which has very low prices.

The company claims that by only having one variable tariff they keep things simple and that it means their customers don’t have to go searching for the best deal on the market all the time.

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 13.068p £405.11 22.14 15.67p 2.822p £352.75 21.19p 13.87p
Southern Scotland 13.65p £423.15 24.50 16.53p 2.77p £346.25 24.50p 14.05p
North East EN 13.52p £419.12 24.50 16.40p 2.69p £336.25 25.50p 13.85p
North West EN 13.38p £414.78 24.50 16.26p 2.73p £341.25 24.50p 13.89p
Yorkshire 13.31p £412.61 24.50p 16.19p 2.69p £336.25 24.50p 13.73p
Merseyside & N Wales 14.35p £444.85 24.50p 17.23p 2.80p £350.00 24.50p 14.18p
East Midlands 13.13p £407.03 24.50p 16.01p 2.67p £333.75 24.50p 13.65p
West Midlands 13.52p £419.12 24.50p 16.40p 2.66p £332.50 20.50p 13.61p
East EN 13.48p £417.88 24.50p 16.36p 2.67p £33.75 24.50p 13.65p
South Wales 14.2p £437.10 24.50p 16.98p 2.74p £342.50 24.50p 13.93p
London 13.02p £403.62 24.50p 15.90p 2.74p £342.50 24.50p 13.93p
South East EN 13.99p £433.69 24.50p 16.87p 2.78p £347.50 24.50p 14.09p
South West EN 14.71p £456.01 24.50p 17.59p 2.83p £353.75 24.50p 14.30p

Last Updated: April 2018

Being a variable tariff means that the prices will increase and decrease depending on the prices on the wholesale energy market. It also means that you won’t have exit fees so you can leave when you want if you feel that prices are increasing too much.

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Energy bills going up?

Make sure you're getting the lowest price for your gas and electricity in minutes!

Customers know that by being on the Pioneer tariff they are always on the best deal. All customers, both current customers and new ones are receiving the same great tariff and customer service.


Every month you will receive an email to let you know that your statement is ready. If the bill is estimated you can provide meter readings to make them more accurate.

The bills for Igloo Energy are paid by direct debit.

The bills at Igloo Energy have some important features which can help you save money on your gas and electricity bills. One of these is taking advance payments at the start of your contract. While some customers might worry about that in fact, it can be beneficial in the long run.

With Igloo Energy when your account is in credit you will get a 3% interest award on your balance. So, that means that you will earn money on any extra money that is taken from you. For those who are curious it doesn’t work in reverse - if your account is in debt there is no interest.

Another interesting aspect of the billing at Igloo Energy is that if you switch to them between the 1st of August and the 31st of March then you can pay an optional 20% winter uplift payment. What does this mean? Simply put, you will pay an extra 20% over October to April and this will give you a buffer so that you don’t go into debt and help you avoid a big bill at the end of winter.

The scheme has its advantages and disadvantages. Having it means that you won’t have to worry about being in debt and that any extra you pay you will get the 3% interest. However, not paying it means you only pay for exactly what you use.

If you request not to pay the winter uplift, Igloo Energy will periodically monitor your direct debits and let you know whether you need to make any further payments.

If you think that you may be paying too much for your Igloo Energy bill or if you feel you have too much credit then you can request a payment reduction or a refund - but don’t forget - while you are in credit you will be earning interest. 3% is higher than the interest in most banks!

Energy Mix

At the moment the Igloo Energy fuel mix hasn’t been published but as the company has now been over one year in business we imagine within a few months we should see them published.

Currently Igloo Energy doesn’t focus on using renewable energy so we imagine that the fuel mix won’t be too different from the national averages.

Feed-in Tariffs

Customers with Solar Panels are welcome at Igloo Energy when they switch their main supply to the company.

Igloo Energy is currently working on an in-depth information pack regarding their feed-in tariff which should be available for customers once they get everything up and running.

If you are interested in signing up for the Feed-in Tariff with Igloo Energy you can contact them directly and they will send you through all the relevant documentation.

Meter Reading

Igloo Energy will ask you for your meter readings every month.

The easiest way to submit your meter readings is through the app by taking a photo of your reading or by typing the numbers in manually.

You can also enter your meter readings through the online portal. If for any reason you can’t submit your meter readings the company will estimate them. However, Igloo wants to keep your readings as accurate as possible to avoid large unwanted bills coming through the post.

Smart Meters

Igloo Energy will be installing SMETS2 Smart Meters.

Igloo Energy claims that it is a company for the technology generation but it still isn’t providing smart meters for its customers.

This decision may appear a little strange but Igloo Energy is following in the footsteps of many other small suppliers and waiting to install smart meters next year when the new generation smart meters (SMETS2) will be released for public use.

Why are they doing this?

Well, the smart meters which are available at the moment, called SMETS1, only work as long as you stick with the supplier who installed them for you. If you move away to another supplier your meter will revert back into a normal meter (or dumb meter) which means that you will have to go back to giving manual meter readings all over again.

In the long run, it can be a false economy for customers as companies will switch you to SMETS1 meters but then at a later date you will have to switch again. This means time, hassle and wasted money!

By 2020 all customers will have to have a smart meter by law and Igloo Energy is confident that they will be able to install the new SMETS2 meters, which will be compatible with all suppliers.

When smart meters do become available they will be compatible with the Igloo Energy app and should be able to give you real-time feedback on their energy use on their phone and personalised recommendations on ways to reduce your energy usage.

If you are an Igloo Energy customer and you want to register your interest in a smart meter when they become available you can send them an email or give their customer service team a call.

Smart Home

Igloo Energy currently has a partnership with Tado who produce smart products to help you heat and cool your home.

Nearly a third of the energy we buy is used to heat and cool our homes. Using smart technology in your house means you can reduce your usage by up to 31%.

Tado devices connect to services such as Amazon Alexa, allowing you to set the temperature in your house by using voice control.

Tado products have loads of great features such as geofencing, open window detection and weather forecasting to save you money on your bills.

With Geofencing Tado can use your geolocation (taken from your phone) to automatically control your heating. When you leave home it switches off your heating and when you are on the way home it can switch it on so that it will be nice and toasty when you arrive.

It also recognises changes in temperature and humidity and so can tell when a window has been opened. When it detects an open window it will temporarily switch off your heating so you aren’t wasting energy.

Finally, depending on the weather forecast Tado will adjust the temperature in your house so that you aren’t overheating or under heating your house.

Currently, Igloo Energy is offering the Tado thermostat to their Igloo Pioneer customers so if you are interested in installing one you can ask Igloo when you sign up for the tariff.

Moving home

If you are moving home you can contact Igloo Energy either by email or phone and give them your final meter readings and at the same time, if you wish to stay with them as a supplier, they can set up the supply for your new home.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Igloo Energy doesn’t currently have enough customers to offer the Warm Home Discount.

However, we would recommend that Igloo Energy is currently one of the cheapest suppliers on the market and if you have a normal tariff with them then you will still probably be saving more money than if you went with one of the big six and got the discount.

Business Energy

Igloo Energy doesn’t currently offer business tariffs as it is focusing on the domestic market.


Igloo Energy seems to respond to complaints really quickly and efficiently. If you should have problems with them and want to complain then you can follow the following complaints procedure.

The first step is to obviously get in touch with their customer service team using one of the following methods:

  1. Phone Them: You can speak to one of their Customer Service Team on the phone 0333 405 5555 who will be there to help (9:00-17:30 Monday-Friday.)
  2. Send Them an EmailSend an email to their Customer Services Team at
  3. Use Their Web FormFill out their web form on their contact page
  4. Write to them: The White Building, 1-4 Cumberland Place, Southampton, SO15 2NP.

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem within 24 hours by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaints to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, most companies will aim to resolve your problem within 4-8 weeks. Igloo promises to get in touch in 24 hours so we would have high hopes that their complaints resolution may be a little quicker.

If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.


Igloo Energy can be contacted in the way that is most convenient for you. You can get in touch by phone at 0333 405 5555, email, post, social media or via their app.

To check out their current deals on tariffs, you can visit their website to sign up.

If you'd like to contact Igloo Energy for general enquiries or for complaints then you can contact them on the customer services telephone number above or login to your account. We have also had good experiences chatting with their customer service agents via Facebook.