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iSupply Energy is a small British energy supplier that was bought out by Swedish energy giants, Vattenfall, in June 2017. They are based on the south coast of England in Bournemouth, initially offering a simple electricity tariff, but have since expanded to be the dual fuel provider for over 120,000 customers.



iSupply Energy is a smaller energy supplier that has invested a lot of time into customer service and their cheaper prices. As such, they have received very positive feedback from their first couple of years in operation. In Which?’s 2017 customer service review they ranked above all Big Six energy suppliers, with an overall satisfaction rate of 56%. That said, they still did rank 21st out of the 31 providers that were reviewed, which isn’t so great for an independent.

iSupply seem to have done just above average in the ratings on Trustpilot, which has a reputation for being quite focused on the negatives. The general consensus within negative reviews on this platform seems to refer to their inability to handle the volume of customers they are acquiring. This is common within small companies that grow faster than expected. However, this should improve when they hire more staff.

From the above you can see that iSupply are above average for their customer service abilities but certainly have room for improvement as they rise through the ranks. It appears that, like most young companies, they’ve taken on more than they can handle, which can easily be resolved with a bit of extra staff

Account login

If you are a new or existing iSupplyEnergy customer and you would like to login to your online account, you can do so by clicking the link below. If you have lost or forgotten any of your login credentials, you can simply reset them by clicking the appropriate links on the main login screen. Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Pay your bills online
  • See historic energy usage
  • Submit meter readings
  • Request a smart meter
  • Edit your personal information

If you would like to access the login screen for your iSupply Energy account, you can do so by clicking the below link:

Account login

Tariffs & Prices

Although iSupply Energy are a smaller energy supplier, they still have a rather large arsenal of tariffs at their disposal. Not just that, but they also get updated each month, which means it’s quite hard to keep a track. As such, the best way to get an up to date reading on your switch would be to give us a call.

Below you can see the Tariff Label Information (TLI) for iSupply Energy’s ‘iFix 12-Month Saver Mar19’:

Flexi Online (Feb 18)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 13.61p 24.35p £510.79 2.96p 15.20p £425.48 £936.27
Southern Scotland 12.62p 23.89 £478.42 2.92p 17.11p £427.45 £905.87
North East EN 12.62p 23.18p 475.83p 2.92p 16.45p £425.04 £900.87
North West EN 12.83p 20.37p £472.08 2.99p 15.94p £431.93 £904.01
Yorkshire 12.45p 21.45p £464.24 2.96p 15.29p £425.81 £890.05
Merseyside & N Wales 13.50p 22.05p £498.98 2.97p 16.79p £432.53 £931.52
East Midlands 12.46p 21.70p £465.47 2.91p 16.91p £425.47 £890.94
West Midlands 12.82p 21.06p £474.29 2.98p 15.73p £429.91 £904.20
Eastern EN 12.77p 22.77p £478.98 2.94p 16.78p £428.75 £907.73
South Wales 13.28p 21.18p £488.99 3.00p 15.56p £431.79 £920.78
Greater London 12.20p 21.40p £456.31 3.07p 15.99p £442.11 £898.42
South East EN 13.35p 19.71p £485.79 3.13p 14.58p £444.47 £930.26
South West EN 13.52p 24.73p £509.38 3.09p 17.68p £450.78 £960.17

As you can see from the above, iSupply’s tariffs are extremely cheap. The cheapest tariff currently (Feb 18) from the Big Six is Eon’s ‘E.ON Go Online 1 Year v7’, which costs an average of £861.87 per year. iSupply Energy’s cheapest, on the other hand, costs around £901.25, which is roughly £40 more expensive.

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At present iSupply Energy do not offer any 100% renewable energy tariffs. It is unknown as to why this is currently; however, given their takeover by Vattenfall, who focus very much on renewables, it is likely that they are aiming to improve their overall energy mix.

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Fuel mix

Due to government regulations, all energy suppliers in the United Kingdom are now required to release publicly available information with regards to their fuel mix. This is where their electricity is generated from. As you can see from the chart below, iSupply Energy’s largest generation percentage comes from natural gas, which is common amongst many of the bigger suppliers, due to it being slightly less environmentally unfriendly than coal, but for a smaller supplier, the lack of renewables is a shock.

The average percentage of renewables in a UK fuel mix is currently 24%, so technically iSupply Energy are average; however, if they wish to gain a serious piece of the market share in Britain, they would benefit massively from providing a higher percentage of renewables, like so many suppliers are doing already. This will probably change in the coming months, as Great Britain is making a huge push towards a greener future and renewable energy is an integral part of that.

Smart meters

Smart meters are set to be installed in all British homes and businesses by 2020, as per the Government’s rollout campaign. They are a new kind of meter that gives you and your supplier live information about your gas and electricity usage, getting rid of estimated bills and letting you see exactly how much you are using in pounds and pence on your in-home display.

iSupply Energy do not currently offer smart meters in any region of Great Britain; however, their rollout should begin shortly as the Government’s plan is to have each home installed by 2020.

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Meter readings

Given that iSupplyEnergy do not currently offer smart meters, you are going to need to submit meter readings if you want to avoid overpaying for estimated bills on your gas and electricity. Submitting your meters readings is simple, especially with iSupply Energy’s easy to use online account portal. You can login to your account using the information above.

If you have never read your meters before and you would like to learn a bit more how to do so, you can click the below link to see our simple guide.

How to read your meters


If you would like to get in touch with iSupply Energy, whether it be for an account query or a complaint, you can use any of the details that are listed below. For a quick response, the best method would be to give them a call at 0330 202 0298 from 9:00am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. However, as mentioned in the reviews section above, due to high customer numbers and low staff, waiting times can sometimes be high. Alternatively, if you would like to write to them, both email and physical addresses are listed below.

Send a letter to...

Richmond House
Richmond Hill


About iSupply

With their only office based on the south coast of England, iSupplyEnergy are one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the country. They began operations in 2012; however, at first, they only sold electricity tariffs, which was accompanied by gas supply in 2015. iSupply now employ around 170 people throughout their UK operations to handle their 120,000 strong customer base.

iSupplyEnergy were once a British-owned company; however, in June 2017 they were taken over by Swedish energy giants ‘Vattenfall’, which means ‘waterfall’ in Swedish. Vattenfall is a swedish conglomerate that has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Finland and now, the UK.

Having invested in energy generation heavily throughout Europe, Vattenfall have provided iSupply with huge backing for their supply obligations. They have invested extensively in on and offshore wind farms, which will certainly benefit iSupply in the renewable generation sphere in the future.


Directors from iSupply and Vattenfall
Vattenfall join the team at iSupply. Source: Vattenfall twitter

iSupplyEnergy’s sales exceeded £30 million in the year ending 31st March 2015, making profits of £234,000. Now that the global energy corporation Vattenfall have take over, in the summer of 2017, earning a stake of 75% in the company, they are hoping to see profits soar.

In 2016, they made more than £37 million in electricity sales alone, with a booster of nearly £800,000 on their first year selling gas.

It is unclear as to exactly how much they are paying for their wholesale electricity, but now that Vattenfall are on the scene, they will most likely receive a sizeable part from them.

iSupply Energy currently have a customer base of around 120,000, which gives them an approximate market share of around 0.23%, which although small, is a huge step in the right direction. With their current growth and the added advantage of the Vattenfall acquisition, they could be on their way to become real contenders in the energy market.