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Jersey Electricity: Compare Energy Tariffs

Jersey Electricity Company, also known as JEC, are a staple in Jersey's households - but what can you expect from the provider? We discuss everything there is to know about the JEC - from Powerhouse to moving house, and even pay as you go smart meters - we’ve got your Jersey Energy needs covered.

Jersey Electricity Company: JEC

Jersey Electricity is the Isle of Jersey’s sole supplier of electricity. Jersey Electricity, or JEC, offer low carbon energy and are passionate about fostering a zero carbon future.

The company offers smart meter accounts, direct debit billing and extensive video guides on how to manage your electricity.

Interesting Facts

Jersey Electricity or JEC had a carbon emission rate of 35g CO2/e in 2017 - which accounted for one 10th of the UK’s electricity supply. The provider believes this is about 10% cleaner than the UK energy sector in general. The UK is aiming for around 100g CO2/e per kWh around the year 2030.

Jersey Electricity Share Price

Jersey Electricity share prices have fluctuated over the years, as do most share prices.

Those who are interested in Jersey Electricity share prices will be best to consult the daily stock exchange results - as those will be the most up to date reflection of the providers’ performance on the stock exchange.

Here is some key information that will come in handy if you’re interested in Jersey Electricity shares:

  • Jersey Electricity PLC (company name)
  • LON: JEL (name)
  • Share price 25/5/2020: 474.00 GBX +15.00


Jersey Electricity is the main provider of electricity in Jersey, so it’s pretty fortunate that they offer a range of different tariffs . JEC tariffs vary based on the needs of the household in question. We’ve included all the essential information about its tariffs in the table below:

Tariff Unit Cost Key Information
General Domestic General rate 15.30p Best for those who don’t use electricity to heat their home or water very often.
Economy 7 (E7) Night rate 8.10p, Day rate 16.00p Best for those who can heat weather or store heat at night.
Economy 20 (E20) Economy 20 10.70p, General rate 15.30p Best for those with traditional wet radiator/underfloor heating systems. This would allow for heat and hot water when you need it.
Economy 20 Plus (E20+) Economy 20 10.70p, Economy 20 Plus 15.30p, General rate 15.30p Best for those with traditional wet radiator systems, underfloor heating, an electric flow boiler or heat pump.
Comfort Heat Comfort Heat 8.40p, Low Period 11.40p, Normal Period 15.30p This is best for those with storage heating and those who can use other appliances during the Low Period.
Buy Back Domestic Buy Back Rate 6.60p Best for those who have an approved embedded generator, connected in parallel to our network and which has the capacity to sell excess units back to us.
Standard Domestic Maximum Demand kVA Tariff Standard Low Voltage unit cost 11.40p, Standard High Voltage unit cost 11.00p Best for large domestic properties that require electricity supplies greater than 100A (3 phase). Customers whose Power factor is less than 0.95 lagging will incur higher energy costs than necessary.
Economy 7 Domestic Maximum Demand kVA Tariff Low Voltage unit cost Day 12.10p, Night 8.10p, High Voltage unit cost Day 11.70p, Night 8.10p Best for large domestic properties that require electricity supplies greater than 100A (3 phase). Customers whose Power factor is less than 0.95 lagging will incur higher energy costs than necessary.

Direct Debit Payments

Jersey Electricity offers simple direct debit payments for their customers. So what are the benefits of opting for direct debit payments over more traditional payment methods? Well, firstly you commit to an agreed upon monthly payment amount that divides up your electricity payments equally across a 12 month period.

Direct debit customers do still receive quarterly statements, so that they can double check the charges that have been made. Those who are willing to switch to paperless e-bills with JEC get a £3 discount on their quarterly bills, which is a great option for both your bank balance and the environment.

Direct debit payments also prevent nasty late payment fines from providers, and there's no need to worry about your power being shut off if you forget to pay a bill that comes in the post.

Jersey Electricity: Contact

If you are a Jersey Electricity customer looking to get in touch with the provider there are plenty of different ways to reach out listed below. If you’re in need of a fast response you can also call us at Selectra on - we’ll have you sorted in no time!

Jersey Electricity Customer Service Number: Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost. Dial 01534 505460 *Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm
Send a letter to: Jersey Electricity, The Powerhouse, PO Box 45, Queen's Road, St. Helier, JE4 8NY.
Send and email to:

Emergency Phone Number

If you need urgent assistance from the provider you can call their emergency line for 24 hour assistance. Please keep in mind that this number is for genuine emergencies only - like your power has cut out completely. Call 505050 24 hours per day.

Smarter Living

Smarter Living is a retail location brought to you by Jersey Electricity, bringing you smarter energy solutions for your home.

Jersey Electricity Smarter Living boasts a wide array of energy saving gadgets, like smart heaters, heat pumps and appliances. You can also speak with an energy specialist in store for advice on smart energy solutions for your home.

The Smarter Living retail location can be found inside Jersey’s Powerhouse electrical goods store. If you have any questions about their energy solutions, you can contact them on 01534 5050600 or visit them in store Monday through Saturday 9:00-20:00.


Jersey Electricity Powerhouse is the Isle of Jersey’s premium supplier of electronic goods. The shop has a retail location, but you can also shop with Powerhouse online.

Powerhouse have a wide range of products, like smart heaters, that are highly energy efficient and can help you save money on your energy bills.

Smart Meters

Jersey Electricity not only offers smart meters but they also make sure all electricity meters are certified before installation to insure accuracy.

If you don’t have a smart meter installed in your property, a Meter Technician will come to your house every quarter to read your meter. If the Technician comes when you are not home they will leave a card.

You can also submit your meter readings online by emailing jec @, calling 5050295 , or by returning the meter card in the post.

If Jersey Electricity receives no communication from you and the technician cannot get access to the meter you will receive an estimate on your account for a maximum of three consecutive quarters.

Jersey Electricity 2020: Major Electric Vehicle TrialJersey Electricity is conducting the biggest trail of electric vehicle- to-grid chargers outside of the UK to date. The test is based on the latest vehicle-to-grid chargers being used (also known as V2G chargers. Selectra is excited to see what JEC does next!

Jersey Electricity: Moving House

Moving to a new house can be complicated and utilities like energy are one of the household essentials you will need to consider first. With Jersey Electricity moving house doesn’t need to be too complicated. The supplier can offer you assistance in the process, and as a customer you can perform the following:

  • Change your address
  • Set up an account as a new customer
  • Close your account if you are moving out
  • Receive assistance if your new property has been disconnected
  • Get assistance with change of tenancy

Jersey Electricity Reviews

As Jersey Electricity only provides energy to a small subset of the UK population, there aren’t a huge number of customer reviews about their services online. Selectra has scoured the internet for customer experiences, as well as comparing Jersey Electricity with the UK’s Energy Suppliers, and we’ve put together some major pros and cons below:

  • They offer a good range of tariffs
  • Direct debits
  • Smart meters
  • Flexible about meter readings
  • Low carbon emissions
  • They are the only major supplier of electricity on Jersey, so they don’t have much competition
  • They have a small customer base as they are exclusive to the Isle of Jersey
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