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Jersey Gas Tariffs & Contact Details

A descendant of one of the Channel Islands’ original gas companies, the Jersey Gas Light Company Limited, Jersey Gas has been distributing gas to the island’s homes and businesses for almost 200 years.

Almost as old as the company is its website, which looks a little dated, to say the least. Don’t be put off by the vintage look of its main site, however - click on its tariffs section and you’re redirected to a modern page which will guide you through its plans.

You’ll find most of the details about Jersey Gas tariffs on this more modern part of the website. The old part is where you’ll find things like contact information and job posts, which don’t suffer too much from its shabby-chic look.

We’re going to start by taking you through Jersey Gas’s complete tariffs offer:

Jersey Gas Tariffs

Jersey Gas introduces its tariffs as “so simple, so clean and convenient”. If clean energy is what you’re looking for, however, you may be more interested in the many 100% renewable tariffs now available on the UK market.

Jersey Gas has three main tariffs for heating your home. Let’s look at each of them and see how much they would set you back:

Super Economy 24 Central Heating

The Super Economy 24 tariff is suitable for people who use gas for whole-house central heating and water heating or if they’re just cooking with gas.

Super Economy 24 was introduced to spread the cost of gas over the course of the whole year. It’s charged at the same rate, day or night, and while customers’ meters are read quarterly, payment is made every month by direct debit.

Tariff Name Payment method Standing charge (pence per day) Unit rate (pence per kWh)
Super Economy 24 Central Heating Fixed direct debit 39.1532 15.5150

Last Updated May 2021

Super Economy 24 Central Heating LPG

Customers not on the mains gas network can get Super Economy 24 central heating with a metered LPG Cylinder Supply, which Jersey Gas also offers. Like the standard Super Economy 24 tariff, it’s suitable for whole-house central heating, water heating, or just cooking with gas.

Jersey Gas offers a cylinder top-up service so that customers don’t have to order gas or worry about running out at any stage. As with the standard tariff, the same rate is charged during the day and night, meters are read quarterly and customers pay monthly via direct debit.

Here’s a summary of the cost of gas on Super Economy 24 LPG:

  • Up to 54.79 units per day: 15.51p per unit
  • Over 54.79 units per day: 14.36p per unit
  • Standing charge: 39.15p per day

Last Updated May 2021

Standard 24 domestic tariff

The Standard 24 Domestic tariff is designed for people who only use gas for cooking and/or gas fires. As with Jersey Gas’s other tariffs, they read your meter quarterly but the payment process for this tariff is different.

Payment of the Standard 24 domestic tariff can be made online on the Jersey Gas website or at any Post Office branch, including all Co-op branches.

Here’s a summary of the cost of gas on the Standard 24 domestic tariff:

  • Up to 6.02 units per day: 22.02p per unit
  • 6.03 - 164.38 units per day: 19.79p per unit
  • Over 164.38 units per day: 18.51p per unit
  • No standing charge
  • £6.30 minimum charge applies if no gas is used

Last Updated May 2021

Pre-payment meters

Jersey Gas also offers pre-payment meters, though little information is available on getting them via its website. Only the cost per unit is given:

  • Up to 6.02 units/day: 22.02p per unit

For more information about Jersey Gas tariffs, go to its website, but to get advice on switching to the best tariff available to you you should call one of our advisers.


Those interested in a career with Jersey Gas are promised a “very competitive salary and benefits package” which includes the following:

  • Monthly profit share
  • Minimum of four weeks paid holiday
  • Staff discount
  • Contributory pension scheme
  • Permanent health insurance

Jersey Gas also says it offers a variety of on-the-job training courses to keep employees up to date with the changing technologies they will work with. Its website doesn’t go into specifics on any of the above, however, so you’ll have to enquire about this during the application process.

Only one vacancy appears on the website at the time of writing - for an Operations Assistant Network Distribution Fitter - and it appears to be more than a year out of date. Either the company has not been hiring for a while or they don’t keep their Careers page updated.

Jersey Gas says, however, that it hires for the following types of positions: Gas Appliance Installation and Maintenance, Distribution Engineering, Plumbing, Welding and Plant Maintenance, Call Centre Operators, Administration, Secretarial, Marketing, Purchasing, Accountancy, and Sales.

For more details on Jersey Gas careers, we suggest either checking its Careers page or, if you find nothing there, contacting them directly via email to find out about openings.

Contact Jersey Gas

If you live on Jersey and you’re looking to get in touch with Jersey Gas about installing gas central heating, you can do so by calling the number below and quoting “tariff”:

Blue telephone

Jersey Gas sales contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
01534 755 577

If you don’t want to wait to speak to someone over the phone, you are also free to apply online via Jersey Gas’s website. You can also email its sales team at or fill out a form to request a callback from an agent.

Think you’ve detected a gas leak?If you smell gas or suspect you may have a leak, don’t hesitate to call Jersey Gas’s emergency line on 01534 755 555 - it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re already a Jersey Gas customer and your inquiry relates to a problem with your service or your account, give their customer service team a call on 01534 755 500 or email them at for maintenance issues or for billing inquiries.

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