This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

LoCO2 Energy: Closure, Reviews & Crucial Information

LOC02 energy

LoCO2 Energy was established in 2009 as a retail arm of a group of energy companies known as TradeLink Solutions as part of the Solarplicity group. Solarplicity has also since closed down. Former LoCO2 customers can find more information below.

LoCO2 Energy tariffs are no longer available as the provider is no longer operating in the UK. Since the closure of this supplier, information in this guide is no longer frequently updated. All information presented here was correct at time of original publication and is for reference purposes only. For more up to date information please contact the new supplier directly

Loco2energy FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to LoCO2 Energy?

Loco2energy was acquired by Solarplicity in 2017. Solarplicity has since been bought out by electricity giant Toto Energy. The closure of Solarplicity and LoCO2 Energy mirrors the fate of many other electricity suppliers in the UK over the last decade.

Former Solarplicity and LoCO2 Energy customers are no longer with Toto Energy however, as they were reassigned to EDF by Ofgem in 2019. Ofgem have shared that EDF reached out to these customers in August 2019.

What happens to existing customers?

Well-known energy regulator, Ofgem have reassured consumers that when their electricity supplier closes down that they will still receive an electricity supply. Ofgem have advised customers of closed energy providers to take a meter reading and wait for the new provider they are automatically assigned to reach out.

Not satisfied with the provider you’ve been assigned?

If the provider you were assigned after Loco2energy and Solarplicity shut down is not to your liking then don’t fret! There are plenty of great energy providers out there to choose from.

My account was in credit. Will I get my money back?

Ofgem have assured consumers that if their supplier closes down, any credit on their account will be protected. All former LoCO2 customers who had outstanding credit balances had their funds transferred over to their new supplier.

LoCO2 Company History

Solarplicity was a renewable energy company based in Hertfordshire. The company ceased operations in August 2019 and was bought out by electricity giant Toto Energy - handing over a domestic customer base of around 7,500 in July of that same year.

Solarplicity’s story didn’t end there, with customers who were transferred from Solarplicity to Toto Energy then being transferred again - this time they were transferred to EDF Energy.

LoCO2 reviews: What did customers have to say?

LoCO2 reviews gave us a valuable insight into how well the electricity supplier performed in the eyes of their customers. As is often the case with providers, there were positive and negative reviews available - but it’s worth noting that both LoCO2 Energy reviews were far more negative than positive.

LoCO2 reviews ranged from completely negative (zero stars in some cases) to a peppering of more redeeming positive reviews. LoCO2 reviews on Trustpilot tallied up to an overall star rating of 1.8 stars out of 5, which is substantially lower than other major providers like EDF who scored 4.3 stars and British Gas who scored 3.7 stars.

Complaints cited in online reviews of the provider painted a picture of poor customer service, lack of response from the provider via phone or email and the unwanted raising of direct debit agreements without consulting the customers first.

Some former LoCO2 customers like Sue were so dissatisfied with the provider that they labelled them a scam:

“Scammers...Absolutely fleeced me over an outstanding bill that was accumulated after my account had been closed. Do not trust them!”

A lot of unsatisfied customers cited poor customer service standards when sharing their experience with the provider. Neil, a former LoCO2 customer had this to say about the provider’s customer service standards:

“Low customer service standards. Been with [the provider] for several years...No one answers the phones at customer service and emails [they] take about a week to respond....Avoid like the plague. Worst energy company I have ever used.

- Neil

While reviews of the former energy provider were not always flattering, there were a few positive ones out there. Markus’ LoCO2 review gave the provider ⅘ stars on Trustpilot:

“Always been happy with their model and customer service was also ok. Good prices too. Only once or twice their phone kept ringing without answer. Would be good if they had an online customer area.”

- Markus

LoCO2 Tariffs

LoCO2 Energy had two main tariffs available. The first was "Planet" which was a 100% renewable tariff. This tariff was LoCO2's premium offering and was available as a variable and a fixed tariff. The fixed tariff had an exit fee of £25.

The second, "Pocket" was LoCO2's budget offering which had a minimum of 20% renewable energy. Instead of using "pure" renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, this tariff used these in combination with other sources such as biofuels, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion. This kept costs and environmental damage down to a minimum and making it a good compromise for customers who were budget-conscious.

The company won Ethical Consumer Magazine’s, most Ethical tariff award in 2013 proving its environmental credentials by beating all of the other energy companies to the top spot. It no longer has a website, however, customers who are interested in checking out current renewable tariffs can check the EDF tariffs page as former customers we eventually transferred to the provider.


Unless you have switched your energy supplier, former LoCO2 customers are now with EDF Energy. For details about how to contact your new supplier, head to our dedicated EDF Energy contact guide.


Fuel Mix

LoCO2 had a commendable approach to energy with a focus on sourcing 100% renewable energy. Their renewable energy mix was made up of hydroelectric, solar, wind and anaerobic digestion based energy. Different tariffs offered different combinations of these types of energy.

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