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LoCO2 Energy - History, Reviews, Tariffs, Fuel Mix & Contact

LoCO2 Energy ltd, which has now joined Solarplicity, was an Electricity supplier which focused on supplying energy from low carbon resources in the UK. It formed part of a group of energy production and distribution companies owned by Bob Middleton.

Company History

LoCO2 was founded in 2009 by Bob Middleton. Bob Middleton began his career by founding Tradelink Solutions, a consultancy company which aimed to provide commercial solutions for renewable energy to farmers and landowners.


Two years later he started TLS Hydropower, which develops a portfolio of micro-hydro projects around the UK and which ultimately fed into the LoCO2 Energy portfolio.

Tradelinks solutions and TLS Hydro now work together to support and advise British Independent renewables generators and actively fund and create renewables projects.

LoCO2 Energy Reviews

Screenshot of the loco2 home page
Source: LoCO2 Energy.

LoCO2 Energy had mostly negative customer reviews online. While it was in operation the company maintained a reputation for being an environmentally concious company.

However, customers on Trustpilot had a number of complaints about the company, accusing them of a complete lack of communication and raising direct debit agreements without consulting customers first. Nearly all of the customers who gave reviews complained that the company was uncontactable by telephone and email.

Additionally, most of these customer queries concerned accounts which were in too much credit due to unwanted direct debit increases. The company only has 20 reviews on the site but the majority of these reviews only had one star.

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LoCO2 Energy Prices and Tariffs

light bulb with the Loco2 logo hovering above hand.

LoCO2 Energy had two main tariffs suitable for people of varying budgets. LoCO2 Energy had "Planet" which was a 100% renewable tariff. This tariff was LoCO2's premium offering and was available as a variable and a fixed tariff. The fixed tariff had an exit fee of £25.

Pocket was LoCO2's budget offering which had a minimum fo 20% renewable energy. Instead of using "pure" renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, this tariff used these in combination with other sources such as biofuels, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion. This kept costs and environmental damage down to a minimum and making it a good compromise for customers who were budget concious.

The company won Ethical Consumer Magazine’s, most Ethical tariff award in 2013 proving its environmental credentials by beating all of the other energy companies to the top spot. It no longer has a website, however, customers who are interested in checking out current renewable tariffs can check the Solarplicity page as they merged in 2009.

Fuel Mix

LoCO2 was focused on 100% renewable energy and used a variety of different green energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro electric and anaerobic digestion.

The actual mix of fuels depended on which tariff you contracted. Their CO2 emissions were 240g per kwh and their radioactive waste was 0g per kwh.

LoCO2 Energy Contact

In 2017 LoCO2 joined Solarplicity and now operates under this name. For more information on Solarplicity’s new green energy tariffs or to contact Solarplicity's customer services, please visit our dedicated Solarplicity provider page.

If you are looking for a green energy provider with good customer service and prices you can check out some of the current tariffs on offer from other green energy companies such as Ecotricity, Tonik, Good Energy and Bulb Energy.

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