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M&S Energy Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Tariffs & prices

Despite SSE being their supply partner, M&S Energy still have slightly different tariffs and unit prices. As such it is worth keeping up with them both; however, due to their frequency in which they update their prices, the best way to get an up to date switching comparison would be to give us a call.

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Below you can see Tariff Label Information (TLI) for M&S Energy’s ‘Standard Variable’:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.59p £599.34 19.33p 3.94p £546.55 4.37p £1,145.89
Southern Scotland 16.40p £562.45 18.14p 3.94p £546.55 4.37p £1,109.00
North East EN 16.42p £563.07 18.16p 4.03p £557.80 4.46p £1,120.87
North West EN 15.98p £549.43 17.72p 4.07p £562.80 4.50p £1,112.23
Yorkshire 15.90p £546.95 17.64p 3.94p £546.55 4.37p £1,093.50
Merseyside & N Wales 17.12p £584.77 18.86p 4.03p £557.80 4.46p £1,142.57
East Midlands 17.12p £549.43 17.72p 3.94p £546.55 4.37p £1,095.98
West Midlands 16.34p £560.59 18.08p 4.07p £562.80 4.50p £1,123.39
East EN 16.51p £565.86 18.25p 4.03p £557.80 4.46p £1,123.66
South Wales 17.04p £582.29 18.78p 4.07p £562.80 4.50p £1,145.09
London 15.58p £537.03 17.32p 4.18p £576.55 4.61p £1,113.58
South East EN 17.00p £581.05 18.74p 4.18p £576.55 4.61p £1,157.60
South West EN 17.64p £600.89 19.38p 4.18p £576.55 4.61p £1,177.44

As you can see from the table above, M&S Energy are nowhere near on the cheapest tariffs on the market. At time of writing (Feb 18), the cheapest tariff on the market is OneSelect’s ‘Secure 1 Year Fixed January 2018’, which costs an average of £830 per year, which is £234 more expensive than M&S Energy’s cheapest tariff.

According to their website, M&S Energy match all of their supply with 100% renewable electricity. This would suggest that each of their tariffs comes with 100% renewable electricity. That said, their electricity is still generated and provide by SSE, which is nowhere near 100%. They state that ‘The annual consumption of electricity used by M&S Energy customers is matched with the equivalent amount of electricity generated from large scale hydro sources input to the National Grid.’

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