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Manx Utilities: Pay Bills & Find the Best Tariff

Manx Utilities, also known as MEA IOM has been serving Manx people (those living on the Isle of Man) since 1983. The provider is the main electric and utility service provider on the Isle of Man thus far. What can you expect as a Manx Utilities customer?

MEA IOM Tariffs: Electricity & Water

Manx Utilities have a range of different energy tariffs available to their customers including pre-payment meters with keys that can be topped up in many different locations. The supplier also offers fixed tariffs, prepayment and green tariff. Please note that both unit rates and standing charges apply to MEA IOM tariffs.

It’s worth noting here that in comparison with UK utility prices - Isle of Man prices are around double that of those in the UK. This may be in part due to the lack of competition in the market, with Manx Utilites being the only supplier on the market. 

Standing charges are a bit like connection charges for energy supply. A standing charge is put in place to recover a contribution to a companies’ fixed costs where connection to electricity supply is retained. 

Water rates

Manx Utilities doesn’t only supply electricity to their customers - the provider is a one-stop-shop supplying water, gas and sewerage services as well.

Manx Utilities: Gas

Manx Utilities operate 19 kilometres of steel high pressure pipelines, 12 pressure reduction sites across 10 different locations and 47 kilometres of PE (polyethylene) intermediate pressure pipelines.

Natural gas is supplied at up to 150bar and is delivered at pressures around 70mbar. Gas is provided to Pulrose Power Station but Manx Utilities is not the only player in supplying gas to Manx people, with suppliers like Manx Gas also contributing to Max gas distribution

Gas Pricing 

Gas prices on the Isle of Man are considerably higher than those of the UK, with estimations of the discrepancy concluding that gas costs almost double on the Island of Man. This is because it is difficult to supply gas to the island.

Manx Utilities: Pay Bill

For most of us, paying the electricity bill is something we prefer to do quickly and easily. So how does Manx Utilities measure up when it comes to simple payment processes? Well, the good news is that the provider does offer some flexibility around payments.

The provider recognises that sometimes people have difficulties in clearing their accounts. If you’re experiencing any issues with this then it’s worth contacting their customer service team on 01624 687675 to discuss a flexible repayment plan. 

Payment Options 

With Manx Utilities there are several different ways to pay your bill. Bill payment is accepted via the following methods:

  • Via direct debit
  • Using a pre-payment meter
  • Via a weekly deduction from your benefits. Please contact the team at Social Security for more details.

Moving House

Moving house can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the admin of establishing payments, understanding billing and finding the cheapest gas and energy suppliers.

If you're a Manx Utilities customer moving house, you'll need to know that the provider accepts customers own readings for domestic and small commercial business during the process. 

If you’re doing your own meter reading, it’s important to take note of the meter numbers and readings from both properties you have occupied in the process of moving house. It’s also important to complete this on the agreed handover dare and complete an online application form on the provider’s website. 

When vacating a property don’t forget that the electricity supply will not be disconnected automatically - you will need to contact Manx Utilities as part of the process outlined above. 

Those signing up for prepayment metersprepayment meters (also known as key meters) will need to complete the online form and then call the customer service team on 687675 to obtain a key for the m eter. Customer service opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30am-5pm, Friday 8:30am-5pm. 

Contact the Provider

If you’re looking to get in touch with Manx Utilities then you have several options to choose from. It’s worth noting however, that the best contact options will depend on the type of enquiry you have for the provider. 

Manx Utilities opening hours (excluding public and bank holidays) are Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5:00pm and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Take a look at our handy contact cheat sheet below before you get in touch with the provider:

Query Type Contact Method
Emergencies or supply interruptions (01624) 687687, available 24/7
Smart metering (01624) 687687 (available during office hours only) or email
General enquiries (01624) 687687, or via a free number 0808 1624 115. You can also email;

If you're not a fan of getting in touch with your electricity provider over the phone then you can always write to them at the following address:

  • Manx Utilities, PO Box 177, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1PS

Priority Customer Service: Manx People

Manx Utilities offers premium customer service options to Manx people most in need. Vulnerable customers like those with reduced mobility, medical equipment like home dialysis or oxygen concentrators and those with registered disabilities are given priority via advanced communications about supply interruptions. 


Manx Utilities focuses on the Isle of Man as their customer base, which means that they can cater to the unique needs of Manx people. Selectra's research found that in many ways Manx Utilities is comparable with many providers in the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to customer service performance.

As is often the case with customer reviews, the customer experiences shared online are pretty polarising. Most customers who have left a review are those who have had either an exceptional or terrible experience with a provider. 

Some customers couldn’t be happier with Manx Utilities, stating how helpful the provider has been in solving their problems. Helen, a happy customer, left this review on Facebook reviews:

"Today I phone Manx Utilities for a water burst outside my home. Have to say how professional and efficient they were...Excellent service, so good to see these days, thank you."

Helen source

Other Manx Utilities customers were not satisfied with the provider at all however. Take a look at Connor’s Facebook below:

“Trying to get electricity sorted before we move into a new apartment on Wednesday...after hours of trying to get an update finally make it to the second in the phone queue only to be hung up on bang on five...have my doubts as to whether any other key service provider would do this”


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