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Npower - Tariffs, Reviews, Smart Meters, Account Login

Name  Npower (National Power)

Headquarters  Swindon, England

Founded  Founded as Innogy PLC in 2000. Acquired by RWE in 2002.
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Npower has already had a rather large list of activity linked with its operation, despite its relatively short history. Following the privatisation of the energy markets in 1990 led by Margaret Thatcher and her government, the then-governing electricity supply company, ‘Central Electricity Generating Board’ was split up, creating a chain reaction of foreign investment. The following timeline shows a little about how this created the Npower as we know it today:


  • National Power formed
  • Generation divided between three generating companies across the country (‘PowerGen’ (who would eventually become E·ON), ‘National Power’, and ‘Nuclear Energy’ (who would eventually become British Gas)).
  • National Power was the biggest of the new companies that were formed as a result of privatisation, holding around 52% market share in generating.


  • National Power begins in the supply market by buying ‘Midlands Electricity’.
  • The ‘Npower’ supply brand is formed.


  • Following pressure from German investors, National Power were forced into separating operations into two new companies: ‘Innogy’, who were responsible for UK based operations and ‘International Power’, who began control of international operations.


  • Is once again reacquired by German energy giants ‘RWE’ for £3 billion.
  • Innogy UK renamed ‘RWE Npower’, or ‘Npower’ as we know them today.

Current Day

Although Npower now operate two generation businesses under their name, a large amount of their energy is sourced from the wholesale market. With a rather large £8,868m revenue in 2015, Npower is a well established piece of the Big Six, supplying around 5.1 million residential and business accounts in the UK. Npower employ around 11,500 people; however, due to reported losses of around £48m in 2015, is set to cut around 2,500 of those jobs.

Npower has an extremely large presence in the charitable sector: since 2004, Npower has been in partnership with the Macmillan cancer support trust, aiding those who have felt the affects of cancer within their home to manage their energy concerns, and even spending one-on-one time with cancer patients in their ‘Buddying Initiative’.

Account login

Are you a new or existing Npower customer? You can login to your account via their online portal by clicking the button below. If you haven't yet set up your online account you can click here to sign up. All you need is your account number (found on your bill) and your personal information, such as surname and postcode. Once you have logged in to your account, you will be able to:

  • receive and pay bills online
  • receive free updates about your account
  • submit meter readings
  • manage direct debits
  • update personal information

If you have forgotten part of your login credentials, you can simply reset them through the 'forgotten' links on the login page.

Account Login

Npower smart meters

Great Britain is going digital, and by 2020, the UK Government is hoping to have every single household in the country installed with a new, state of the art smart meter. These will come at no extra cost to your family, and will be installed for free by your energy supplier. Npower, like the many other smart meter distributors, have their own unique design of smart meter and is free to all of their customers. If you would like to make the switch to today, you can book a smart meter fitting fir your most convenient time.

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Energy mix

Given Npower's market position as one of the 'Big Six', you would have perhaps expected them to have made a quite substantial effort to keep up with other market leaders in renewables. Renewable energy is a pressing matter worldwide and needs to be fully supported by the biggest energy suppliers in the country. However, it appears that Npower have not shown any interest in conforming.

The UK average percentage of renewables that make up a company's energy mix is 24.2%; however, Npower's residential supply is composed of just 7.3%. The largest part, by a long way, is natural gas, which makes up 90.1% of Npower's supply. They do, however, offer a 100% renewable energy tariff, which is what many of the smaller suppliers have started doing, but it hasn't made a huge impact to their energy mix so far.

Customer Service Reviews

Despite Npower’s intentions of cutting their workforce in 2016/17, they are constantly investing in the future using their extensive graduate programmes and educational resources. This is a very valuable asset in today’s current market, preventing age and inexperience from blinding employment decisions. This, however, has not prevented the extreme drop in custom at Npower; during 2015 a massive 200,000 customers changed their allegiance. According to the BBC, they received the most complaints out of any of the Big Six company during 2015, and unfortunately these complaints were not met with the standard of customer service necessary to prevent the amount of losses they suffered.

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Have you still not switched?

Patience running thin? Join the exodus of customers ditching Npower for a better service.

As of 5th December 2017, Npower currently hold a 0.5 out of 10 review rating from 1,053 ratings for customer service on Trustpilot. 93% of which voters gave the lowest possible rating. During a podcast interview with ‘This is Money’, chief executive Paul Massara stated that the company are looking to make a radical change and want to become the number one customer service experience in the energy industry. They do, however, accept that their past customer service efforts were not sufficient and do apologise for this fact.

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Npower Tariffs

Npower currently provide a variety of tariffs for dual fuel energy, including their variations of the 'Feel Good Fix', 'Intelligent Fix', and 'Standard Variable'. Each of their fixed tariffs try to play to the needs of the consumer by having different fixed term periods, thereby creating a time frame for each customer need, even those who have no desire to sign a fixed term contract: the 'Standard Variable' tariff adjusts its prices according to the wholesale energy market, meaning prices could fall or rise at any time, and also allows the customer to cancel their tariff whenever they desire.

There are a number of pricing zones across Great Britain, 13 to be exact, which means to keep up with all the many tariffs, in all the many locations, it's impossible to keep up editorially. As such, the easiest way to get an up to date price comparison for Npower tariffs, it's best to give us a call. Until then, you can see a premade quote below for the many areas across the nation.

Online Price Fix April 2018
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 13.629p £512.29 16.53p 2.7615p £457.56 3.66p £969.86
Southern Scotland 12.264p £464.58 14.99p 2.8539p £443.74 3.55p £908.31
North East EN 13.0725p £494.58 15.95p 2.9757p £462.79 3.70p £957.38
North West EN 12.60p £474.92 15.32p 2.98515p £446.23 3.57p £921.16
Yorkshire 12.768p £473.99 15.29p 2.8938p £449.53 3.60p £923.52
Merseyside & N Wales 14.301p £552.37 17.82p 3.00405p £476.42 3.81p £1,028.78
East Midlands 12.1275p £453.68 14.63p 2.73945p £418.24 3.35p £871.92
West Midlands 12.7995p £488.00 15.74p 2.8854p £449.05 3.59p £937.05
East EN 12.201p £465.73 15.02p 2.67015p £425.33 3.40p £891.06
South Wales 13.167p £491.50 15.85p 2.8245p £444.39 3.56p £935.88
London 12.2115p £457.16 14.75p 3.06285p £459.85p 3.68p £917.02
South East EN 12.8205p £481.52 15.53p 2.9694p £443.69 3.55p £925.21
South West EN 15.0255p £544.40 17.56p 3.25815p £477.33 3.82p £1,021.72

Last updated: March 2017

Business Energy

Npower do offer business energy tariffs but they do not allow their tariffs to be sold online or by any third parties. As such you would have to go directly through Npower themselves if you want to contract your business gas and electricity with them. Not just this, but at present, Selectra does not provide any business energy tariffs, so for your convenience we have provided all the contact information you should need below:

blue telephone

SSE Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
023 9227 5030
*Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm


Npower is a wholly owned subsidiary of 'Innogy', which is owned by German electricity company 'RWE'. It would appear that, according to their 2016 Consolidated Segmental Statement (CSS), Npower's UK supply business made a total revenue of £6,069 million. This amounted to a total profit of £95 million before interest and taxation (EBIT).

They do partake in their own generation business, like much of the Big Six; however, because it's under the larger RWE Generation name, not all of it goes towards the supply of Npower. In their 2016 CSS, they appeared to generate over twice that of market leaders British Gas, with £2,382 million made in aggregate generation revenue. This can be broken down as follows:

  • "Conventional" - £2,179 million
  • "Renewable" - £203 million

This heavy reliance on fossil fuel generation is reflected clearly in their energy mix. However, they will soon be forced into complying with the worldwide push in renewables. Following the announcement of their merge with SSE, however, this could change the course of action. You can read more about Npower's financial activity in 2016 by following the link below: