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Npower Warm Home Discount: Eligibility & Application in 2019/20

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The coldest months of winter put you in a terrible dilemma. You want to keep your home and family warm but you know that your energy bills will skyrocket. The Npower Warm Home Discount scheme is devised to alleviate this dilemma. Find out what it is, whether you’re eligible, and how to apply for it.

Does Npower offer the Warm Home Discount?

Yes, they do. The Warm Home Discount is a government-run scheme to help eligible homeowners pay their energy bills and avoid fuel poverty. If you qualify, £140 will be deducted from your electricity bills (or your gas bills if you’re on a dual-fuel tariff) during the months between September and March.

Npower is a participant in the scheme, so if you're an Npower customer, you're entitled to apply for it. Find out more about what the Warm Home Discount is and the full list of participants. If you prefer a visual recap, take a look at the short clip below.


How do I get the Warm Home Discount with Npower?

You may qualify for the Warm Home Discount scheme in one of two ways: either you fall into the core or broader group. Let’s find out what each of these means and how it affects the way you can apply for it as an Npower customer.

Get £140 off your energy billFind out if you are eligible for the warm home discount or one of the other government schemes. Call 020 3966 4692 or get a free callback now.

Core group

You fall into the “core group” if you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, (regardless of whether you also get Savings Credit).

If you fall into the core group, then you will qualify for the discount if, on 7th July 2019, both of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. Your gas and electricity supplier was part of the scheme; AND
  2. Your name (or your partner’s) was on the bill.

Broader group

You fall into the “broader group” if you do not get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, but:

  • your gas and electricity supplier is part of the scheme; AND
  • you’re on a low income; AND
  • you get certain means-tested benefits.

How do I apply for the Warm Home Discount?

If you fall into the core group, you won’t need to contact Npower. You will automatically have been identified by the Department of Work and Pensions. You will receive a letter from them in the post between October and December 2019 confirming that you automatically qualify for the rebate, along with steps you need to take to receive it. This involves calling a helpline by 28 February 2020 to confirm your personal details.

If you fall into the broader group, it is not the government that determines whether or not you get the discount, but Npower. You will need to apply for it on Npower’s website.

Npower will decide if you are eligible under the broader group and whether you qualify to get the discount. They have made it easy to apply online. Once you have applied and Npower has confirmed that you qualify, they will apply the discount of £140 to your bill by 31st March 2020.

Apply Through Npower

Who do I contact?

To speak to someone from Npower's team dedicated to the Warm Home Discount, you'll find their number in our Npower Contact page.

NOTE: When you contact Npower, ensure that you can provide them with a declaration that you meet the Warm Home Discount eligibility criteria mentioned above. You may also need to give Npower written evidence before you can receive your £140 rebate. If you need to post documents to Npower, you'll find their address below.

If you think you're eligible under the "core group" but did not receive a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions, then you should call them.

Talk to a real person - FastYou won't have to talk to a machine or wait on hold for hours. Our free service will put you through to a real person without the wait. Call 020 3966 4692 or get a free callback now.

If you would prefer to write to them, find their office address here: Warm Home Discount Team, Blue Zone, Ground Floor Phase 1, Peel Park, Brunel Way, Blackpool, FY4 5ES

What's Npower's criteria for those in the broader group?

Npower will ask you to answer yes or no to a list of questions set out in its online form once you have entered your personal details. These questions have been divided into primary and secondary criteria. Let’s have a look at them so you know in advance what will be asked of you.

Primary criteria

Note that in the first four questions, any reference to “you” refers to yourself or any member of your household.

  1. Do you receive JSA (Income Based Jobseekers Allowance)?
  2. Do you receive ESA (Income Related Employment and Support Allowance)?
  3. Do you receive IS (Income Support)?
  4. Do you receive UC (Universal Credit)?
  5. Is your Gross Annual Household Income* (before tax and deductions) less than £16,190?

*Gross Household Income (before tax and deductions) for all household members INCLUDES:

  • Working Tax Credit
  • DWP benefits (save for the exclusions below)
  • Rental Income
  • State Pension / Private Pension
  • War Disablement Pension
  • Disablement Pension Allowance
  • Dividends / Annuities
  • Students: Maintenance loans
  • Any other income not listed in the exclusions below

EXCLUSIONS: The following benefits are excluded from Gross Household Income (before tax and deductions):

  • Child Maintenance
  • Child Benefit
  • Students: Tuition fee loans
  • Council Tax Support / Council Tax Benefit
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Housing Benefit / Housing Element for Universal Credit

Secondary criteria

Note that in all of the following questions, any reference to “you” refers to either yourself or any member of your household.

  1. Do you have parental responsibility for a child aged five or under?
  2. Do you receive Child Tax Credits or Universal Credit equivalent?
  3. Do you receive a Disabled Child Premium or Universal Credit equivalent as part of your benefit?
  4. Do you receive a Disability, Enhanced Disability or Severe Disability Premium as part of your benefit or Universal Credit equivalent?
  5. Do you receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowance (AA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP)?
  6. Do you receive Long Term Incapacity Benefit?
  7. Do you receive a Pension Premium, Higher Pensioner Premium or Enhanced Pensioner Premium?
  8. Do you receive a limited capability for work element with or without a work-related activity element as part of your Universal Credit?

GOOD TO KNOWYou will be asked to confirm that the information you have provided is factually correct. You’ll also be asked to consent for Npower to ask the DWP to confirm whether you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit. If the DWP cannot confirm this, they will pass your details onto Charis Grants Ltd who will contact you to ask for copies of the documentation to support your application.
Once you click the Submit button, your application for the Warm Home Discount Scheme 2019/20 will be processed by Npower. If they do not contact you, they will process your rebate of £140 (including VAT) to your account by 31st March 2020.

FAQs on Npower Warm Home Discount

We’ll answer some of the most common questions asked by applicants of the Npower Warm Home Discount.

Does it matter if I have a credit meter or prepayment meter?

Yes. If you have a credit meter, the payment will show up on your statement as a £140 rebate on your electricity bill payable on 31st March 2020. That means that for the sum of your electricity bills between 1st September 2019 and 31st March 2020, you will see on your last statement for the above period a deduction of £140 (including VAT).

If you have a prepayment meter, Npower will send you a letter that you can take to the Post Office and exchange for a top-up voucher with a credit of £140. You can use this voucher to top up your prepayment meter. To find out how you can do this, see our Prepayment Meter guide.

If I apply for the Warm Home Discount through Npower, can I switch supplier before the discount is applied?

If you fall under the "core group", you will still receive the Warm Home Discount if you switch supplier before it is due to be credited to your account, but only if your new supplier is a participant in the scheme.

If you fall under the "broader group", switching supplier before it's due to be applied to your account may lead to your application may be cancelled and you may not receive your rebate. Remember that applications for the 2019/2020 scheme will open from 14 October 2019. If you apply for the rebate on that date, you will have to wait six and a half months before you’re able to switch supplier, or you risk having your application cancelled.

It's OK if you decide to switch from Npower to another supplier after the rebate has been applied to your account. You'll still get £140 deducted from your bills, even if your new supplier isn't a participant in the scheme.

If you have any questions for Npower about their Warm Home Discount scheme, call one of their general enquiry lines on: 0808 172 6999 or 0330 100 8669. Lines are open from Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm and Saturday: 8am-6pm.

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