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Octopus Energy Tariffs

Octopus Energy tariffs come in all shapes and sizes. As well as the more ‘traditional’ fixed and variable energy tariffs, the supplier also offers some really unique tariffs that you can’t get anywhere else on the market. Read on to learn more about all types of Octopus Energy Tariffs.

What are Octopus Energy tariffs for households?

Octopus Energy offers a range of different tariffs: from standard fixed and variable tariffs to really innovative plans that help customers maximise their green energy usage while also being more energy-efficient. Plus, all Octopus Energy tariffs use 100% renewable energy!

The list of current Octopus Energy tariffs changes from month to month and is pretty extensive. Below we list some of the supplier’s most popular and interesting tariffs. For a full list of tariffs and a personal quote, head to the provider’s website or give us a call on 020 3936 0059.

All Octopus Energy household tariffs can be taken out as dual fuel or electricity only plans, but gas only tariffs are not available.

 Octopus 12m fixed:

This is one of Octopus Energy’s most popular dual fuel tariffs. On this tariff, your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for 12 months, which makes it easier to calculate your monthly energy bill and keep on top of your spending. It is also the supplier’s cheapest available tariff.

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 Flexible Octopus:

You can get a Flexible Octopus tariff as either a dual fuel (electricity and gas) or electricity only tariff, depending on what works best for you. This is a variable tariff which means your unit rates and standing charges can rise or fall depending on wholesale energy prices, allowing you to take advantage of any drops in energy prices. Octopus will always give you at least 30 days’ notice before changing your prices.

 Supergreen Octopus:

This is the provider’s greenest tariff, so if you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible this is the one for you. As with all other Octopus tariffs, the electricity is 100% renewable and as an added bonus, Octopus carbon offsets all of your gas too. It’s not too pricey either. This is a fixed tariff meaning your unit rates and standing charges stay the same for a full year.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Call us to get a great deal on green energy with carbon offsetting. Call 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback now.

Innovative tariffs

The following innovative tariffs are designed to help customers be more energy efficient. You must have a smart meter that is compatible with Octopus Energy to benefit from these tariffs.

 Octopus Tracker:

The Octopus Tracker tariff launched in 2017 and was the first tracker tariff in the UK. A tracker tariff simply means that the price you pay for energy changes on a day-by-day basis according to the wholesale market price. In other words, if one day the market price of energy is more than the day before, your unit rates will increase in line with this overall price rise. If it is less than the day before, your unit rates will decrease accordingly.

While the price you pay will rise when the market price increases, Octopus claims that this tariff usually works out cheaper than standard tariffs in the long run.

 Agile Octopus:

This is known as a time of use tariff. Its aim is to let customers make the most of cheap energy prices.

With this Octopus Energy tariff, customers have access to half-hourly energy prices based on the wholesale price of energy. These prices are updated every day at 4 pm and customers are given a different unit rate for every half an hour of the next 24 hours. This allows them to maximise their energy usage when the prices are at the day’s cheapest, and minimise it when they are at their highest.

The tariff is designed to work with smart technology through IFTTT applets, which lets customers really optimise their energy usage and save money.


Agile Octopus has also introduced Plunge Pricing. Occasionally, energy prices drop below zero because more is generated than consumed. With the Agile Octopus Plunge Pricing system, the provider will alert you when energy prices have dropped below zero and pay you to use energy at this time!

With a time of use tariff, you are vulnerable to drastic increases in energy prices. Don’t worry, Agile Octopus includes a Price Cap Protect that prevents your prices from going over a certain amount.

Octopus Energy EV tariff: Octopus GO

The Octopus Energy EV tariff, known as Octopus GO, is tailored to electric vehicle owners so they can charge their cars for less. Like an Economy 7 tariff, it gives you a different peak and off-peak unit rate for electricity.

The peak rate varies depending on where you live, but the off-peak rate (between (00:30 - 04:30) is the same amazingly cheap 5p per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for everyone, which is on average 50% cheaper than typical Economy 7 night rates.

A smart meter that is compatible with Octopus is essential for this tariff.

Prepayment tariffs

Octopus Energy also offers traditional prepayment tariffs for both gas and electricity. Unfortunately, you cannot find out much about these tariffs or get a quote online. If you have a prepayment tariff, you will need to contact Octopus to get a personal quote.

Want to get a PAYG Tariff for your gas and electricity? Call us to find out how to switch without any hassle or expensive equipment changes. Call 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback now.

Does Octopus Energy have exit fees?

No! Not one of the Octopus Energy tariffs has exit fees. This means that if you sign up for a tariff but find it is not working for you, you can leave whenever you want without paying cancellation fees. This is the case if you have been on the tariff for a whole year or just a few months, but you do need to give 28 days’ notice.

Business tariffs

There are also a number of Octopus Energy business tariffs available. These are very similar to the popular tariffs offered to households, just designed for companies instead of typical household usage. Like domestic tariffs, these also use 100% green electricity.

  1. Octopus fixed business - this locks in unit rates for 12 months and is available as a dual fuel or electricity only tariff.
  2. Octopus flexible business - this is a variable tariff with no fixed contract.
  3. Octopus greenest business - this is the most sustainable business tariff offered. Like the fixed business tariffs, unit rates are fixed for a one year contract, but on top of renewable electricity, all gas usage is carbon offset.

Octopus Energy business tariffs can be adapted for small, medium and big corporations so there is something for all businesses.

Tariffs for tenants

There are currently two Octopus Energy tariffs specifically designed for tenants. The GoodLord Tenant Tariff and the One Utility Bill Tenant Tariff can be taken out as a dual fuel plan, electricity only or an Economy 7 tariff.

Does Octopus Energy do Economy 7?

Yes, Octopus Energy offers lots of Economy 7 tariffs. In fact, nearly all of the provider’s tariffs, except its innovative tariffs (Agile, Tracker and Octopus Go), can be taken out as Economy 7 plans.

An Economy 7 plan means you get a different electricity rate during peak and off-peak times. During these off-peak times (typically 7 hours between 10 pm and 8:30 pm), you get cheaper electricity than during the day.

Economy 7 rates

Like rates for traditional tariffs, Octopus Energy Economy 7 rates vary depending on the tariff you choose and area you live in. In the table below we have listed the day and night-time rates for a household in London on the Economy 7 version of the supplier’s popular 12m fixed tariff.

12m Fixed Economy 7 Peak rate per kWh Off-peak rate per kWh
Electricity 16.8315p 9.4395p

To get an accurate quote for an Economy 7 tariff, you will need to know your electricity usage split, meaning the percentage of your overall electricity consumption you use on the day rate and how much you use during the night rate. If you don’t know your split, head to our guide on average energy consumption to see the average electricity split in the UK for Economy 7 households.

Prices and rates

The prices for all Octopus Energy tariffs vary depending on where you live in the UK and how much energy you use. For example, bills for a household of four in London will be more expensive than a young couple living in a small flat in Yorkshire. The best way to compare providers and get an accurate quote based on your actual energy usage is to give Selectra a call for free on 020 3936 0059.

In general, Octopus Energy tariffs are very reasonably priced, especially for green energy tariffs. Below we have broken down an example of Octopus Energy's rates for its popular dual fuel flexible tariff. The figures are based on a medium-sized household in London using a typical level of annual consumption (electricity: 2900 kWh; Gas: 12000 kWh).

Charge Electricity Gas
Unit rate (per kWh) 14.8995p 3.465p
Standing charge (per day) 19.6155p 16.8p
Overall monthly cost £81.55
Overall annual cost £978.61

*prices correct as of May 2020 and include VAT at 5%

Do Octopus Energy customers think the supplier is good value for money? Check out our complete review of the supplier to see what they say about its prices.

Is Octopus Energy cheap?

To get an idea of where Octopus Energy’s prices sit on the UK market, let’s compare them to one of the UK’s Big Six suppliers, British Gas. Using the same example as above (medium household in London), the table below shows how Octopus Energy’s variable tariff rates compare to British Gas’ standard tariff.

Annual cost British Gas Octopus Energy
Electricity £597.09 £501.50
Gas £532.99 £477.12
Overall £1130.08 £978.61

*prices correct as of May 2020 and include VAT at 5%

As the table above shows, Octopus comes in much cheaper than British Gas. In fact, by making the switch from a British Gas standard tariff to an Octopus Energy flexible tariff, you could save over £100 a year!

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