This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

What next for OneSelect Energy customers?

OneSelect Energy, which entered the UK market having begun life in the Netherlands as Energieflex in 2014, is a now-defunct provider whose customers were transferred over to Together Energy in 2018.

In this page, we’re going to take you through all the information about the switch and what customers affected by it need to do and to know moving forward. Let’s get right into it.

How were OneSelect Energy customers affected?

Following the 10th of December, 2018, when OneSelect ceased trading, Ofgem appointed the provider Together Energy to support OneSelect customers. If you were a OneSelect customer, this put the following into effect from your perspective:

  • Together Energy took over your account automatically on the 14th of December 2018, with no action needing to be taken on your part.
  • Your energy supply will have continued without interruption.
  • Your credit balance was protected, and any money you were owed was passed on to Together Energy and ought to have been credited to your account.
  • You should have received confirmation of the switch to Together Energy. If you would prefer, you’re entitled to switch to a new provider at no charge.

Why was Together Energy appointed to take over my account?

Together Energy was chosen after demonstrating to Ofgem its ability and commitment to offering OneSelect customers a competitive deal and making the switching process as quick and as seamless as possible.

What will happen to my bill?

In this section, we’ll take you through what the switch will mean for customers’ billing and payments process.

Will Together Energy honour the fixed tariff I was on?

In short, no, not necessarily. OneSelect customers were transferred onto a special tariff for the first six months after the switch, after which their tariff reverted to Together Energy’s standard variable rate. This was part of the deal that was negotiated with Ofgem.

While this may not have suited everyone, once the registration process in switching customers to Together Energy was completed, customers were and are able to switch to another provider with no exit fees applied.

Those interested in switching can contact Together Energy to see if they’re still able to do so at no charge or call one of our advisers on 02039 664 692 and they’ll help you through the process.

How much will I pay with Together Energy?

Each customer should have been emailed following the switching process with the details of their tariff. Together Energy says it did this on the 18th of December 2018, so if you haven’t received it yet you should probably get onto them about it.

Check that the email didn’t go into your junk or spam folder instead of your inbox and, if it hasn’t then, contact its customer service team to let them know!

When and how will I receive my final bill from OneSelect?

Former OneSelect customers should all now have received their final bill from OneSelect, for which a unique portal was set up so that affected customers could view it electronically.

Any customer with queries about their last bill should contact Together Energy’s support team. If you haven’t received a link to view it you can request one at

What if my account was in debt or had credit?

In this section, we’ll look at what happens to outstanding debts or credit balances associated with OneSelect accounts.

I left OneSelect before they went bust with credit balance on my account - will I get it back?

Yes, Together Energy promised to honour OneSelect’s debts, and if you haven’t yet been contacted or received the amount you’re due, you should contact its support team with your query.

I had credit in my OneSelect account when they went bust - will I get it back?

Yes, Together Energy also promised to honour debts to customers who were still with OneSelect when it went bust. If this describes you, your OneSelect credit balance ought to have been transferred directly to your Together Energy balance.

If you don’t think this happened, it’s best you contact its support team directly to enquire about it.

I owed money to OneSelect - will I need to pay it back?

Magnifying glass bill

Unfortunately, yes. All debts owed to OneSelect when they ceased to trade are still owed, and OneSelect Limited and the Joint Administrators have appointed Together Energy to collect these outstanding debts.

To this end, if you owed money to OneSelect you will have received a bill for it from Together Energy or Opos Ltd (which has been contracted by Together Energy). If you have not yet received a link to this bill via email, you can contact the Together Energy support team to find out whether or not there are any outstanding debts attached to your account.

Billed for debts you don’t think you owe?If you’ve been contacted by Opos Ltd about money owed by your account to OneSelect when they ceased trading but you don’t agree with the debt or the amount of money owed, you can dispute it via email at or by phone on 0333 150 1699.

Contact OneSelect

Former OneSelect customers will now need to contact Together Energy, their newly appointed supplier. In the following table, we have listed the main contact numbers for the new energy supplier.

Together Energy contact number (customer service) 333 150 1699 (Mon-Thur:9am-6pm; Fri:9am-5pm)
Together Energy contact number (sales and renewals) 0141 370 4617 (Mon-Fri:9am-5pm)
Email address
Together Energy address Together Energy, Erskine House, North Avenue,
Clydebank, Scotland, G81 2DR

OneSelect FAQs

Here we’ll address any other issues you might need help with.

Will my OneSelect account login still be valid?

Your OneSelect account login will no longer be valid, but as a Together Energy customer you will now have access to Together Energy’s online portal. A unique portal has also been created by Together Energy specifically so that you can view your final OneSelect bill.

You will have received an email with details of this. Check your spam or junk folder and if you can’t find it contact Together Energy to find out what happened.

What do I do if I’ve just moved home?

This shouldn’t be an issue as Together Energy will have attempted to contact you by email and not by post. They will only have tried to write to you if no email address of yours was provided to them by OneSelect or the email address they received was invalid.

If you haven’t heard from Together Energy yet, contact them by phone or email to inquire.

I’m on the Priority Service Register, will my registration be affected by the switch?

No, if you’re registered on the Priority Service Register your details will have been transferred to Together Energy to ensure you remained on the register with them.

I was in the process of switching to OneSelect when it went bust - how will I be affected?

If you had already signed up to switch to OneSelect the process will have gone ahead and you’ll have been put onto a special tariff with Together Energy for six months. If you’re not sure whether it went ahead, it’s best to check with your old provider first to check if they’re still supplying you with energy.

If you’d prefer to stay with your old supplier, you can let them know and (if you’re still within the objection window) they will be able to object to the switch and halt it. You’re also free to switch with no exit fee even if you’re no longer within the objection window.

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