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Our Power - Reviews, Login, Contact & Tariffs

NEWS (28/01/2019): Our Power has shut downThis means 38,000 customers are now without a supplier. This is the second Scottish supplier to bite the dust in the past few months. A decision has yet to be made on which company will take over the supply. You can call our energy helpline to find out what is next: 02039 360059 or request a callback

Our Power is a socially responsible energy provider and operates as a not-for-profit organisation and are one of a growing number of such energy companies appearing in the UK energy market. Their pledge is to provide great customer service and to keep your electricity bill low. Our Power energy is based in Edinburgh and in the first half of 2017 they got 80,000 people to switch their energy provider to them.


our power payment portal on the website

Our Power is a relative newcomer in the market and is a small energy provider to homes in Scotland. Our Power reviews have been positive. Their policy to charge the same amount for Direct Debit customers as for their pay as you go customers has given users the flexibility to choose between the two without being biased by savings.

Customer reviews of Our Power rate them highly for their customer service. You hope that you never have to contact customer services, but when you do it should be as painless as possible. So it’s good news that the waiting time to get through to a customer service representative was above average and less than many of the larger competitors.

Once you’re through to a representative, you’ll find that all their customer service team is based in Edinburgh, which is another positive for Our Power. All of these things should mean that your enquiries to Our Power should be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Complex bills can be something that puts people off electricity companies, as they can be difficult to understand with hidden charges that you didn’t sign up for. Our power tries to reduce this by making their bills as easy to understand as possible. Reviewers said how easy they were to understand and especially liked the fact they had no jargon and no hidden costs.

Prices and Tariffs

Our Power prices were rated among the top 10 cheapest in Scotland in 2017. They provide low cost tariffs to homes and businesses all across Scotland. When considering which tariff to choose when switching energy provider you must take into account your particular needs and how you use electricity. Our Power only offer variable rate tariffs so for those of you that want a fixed rate tariff should perhaps consider a different provider.

However, those of you that that want a variable rate tariff you can take advantage of Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs, which give you 7 and 10 hours respectively of off peak electricity every day. See our guide about economy 7 to find out more. This is in addition to the standard gas and electricity plans that are charged at the same rate at all hours.

Our Power Variable Rate Tariff
Electricity Unit Rate
Yearly cost of Electricity
Standing Charge per day
Gas Unit Price
Yearly cost of Gas
Standing Charge per day
Northern Scotland 14.526 450.31 21.84 17.10 2.968 371.00 14.20 13.64
Southern Scotland 12.11 375.41 23.19 14.84 2.22 277.50 27.50 12.19

Our Power only provides energy to Scotland. It currently does not service the rest of the UK.

Business Energy Tariff

Our Power has energy plans that serve the needs of businesses in Scotland, but it doesn’t have tariffs that are available exclusively to businesses. Business users in Scotland who are thinking about switching to Our Power can find a list of the the tariffs available in the table above. If you have a business and are searching for a cheap energy provider, you can compare different providers here to get the best deal.

Socially responsible energy provider

Our Power was set up by social housing providers who work with people affected by energy poverty in Scotland, especially in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It was founded with the following key social values.

  • Offer affordable gas and electricity.
  • Offer excellent customer service.
  • Don’t penalise those with lower incomes.

Our Power is able to offer affordable electricity by operating as a not-for-profit organisation. This way, the company doesn’t have any shareholders to please and they don’t have to pay dividends to them every year. So those savings can be passed onto the consumer, meaning you get cheaper electricity.

Aside from their prices, Our Power set out to offer the customer a different experience by focusing on customer service, which is all too often a complaint when dealing with electricity companies. They offer great customer service by being a small energy provider which means that they are flexible to meet the demands of their customers. They also have all of their customer service team based in Scotland.

Our Power aims to help those on low incomes by providing low cost energy. This is particularly good news for those affected by energy poverty. One such example of that in action is their standard rate tariff. It is available to new and existing customers that gives users the option to pay by direct debit or pay as you go with no extra costs for payment by pay as you go. Most energy providers will offer a discount when you pay by direct debit.

Energy poverty It is the term given to those whose health or standard of living is nagatively affected due to a lack of gas or electricity. In the UK this is usually because they can't afford it. An example of this would not being able to afford to heat your house, so your quality of life suffers.

Account Login

Our power customers can login to their account to; submit a meter reading, view their electricity usage history and pay their bills. If you have problems logging in to your Our Power account, you can reset your information simply by clicking on the appropriate links on the login page e.g. forgot my password or forgot my username.


Market Share

Our Power was founded by social housing providers and is 100% owned by them. It is run as a not-for-profit so no dividends are paid to its shareholders. It is a small player in the small energy market segment. The current best estimate available for their customer base puts them at 80,000 users which gives Our Power a market share of 4% of the small energy market for 2017.

Energy Mix

A wind farm

UK energy providers are required by law to publish their fuel mix. This gives you as a consumer the ability to see where your energy comes from.

However, due to being a young company, Our Power have not yet needed to publish any official information, and as such, no fuel mix data exists as of yet.

Every provider will have a different mix of fuels that make up the gas and electricity that you use in your home. If you want to be green, you should look for tariffs with a high percentage of renewable energy in the fuel mix. An example of one such company is Ecotricity. Our Power does not claim to be a greener alternative to other providers, but instead differentiates itself by being a not-for-profit organisation that is socially responsible.

Customer service contact

If you prefer to sort out your utility bills over the phone rather than online, you can give Our Power a call using the number provided below. However, bear in mind, the only way to receive a full, non-biased market comparison is by giving Selectra a call. You can do so on 01704 325056.

Flame and light bulb

Looking to contact Our Power?

No can do, I'm afraid - they went bust! Call us or compare online to switch today.

If you have a complaint for Our Power and you would like to initiate the complaints service, you can give them a call using the following now. If your complaint has still not being resolved and you feel like you need to take this further, you can give the head of customer service, Scott Innes, a letter via the following address. To start, however, you should first contact customer services to initially enquire about your complaint.

blue telephone

Our Power Contact
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0808 168 4534
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm

Send a letter to...

Customer Service
Our Power Energy Supply Ltd.
The Hays Business Centre
4 Hay Avenue
EH16 4AQ


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