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People's Energy: 2020 Reviews, Login, Tariffs & Smart Meters

Want an energy supplier that puts people and the planet first? What about one that plans to return 75% of its profit back to its members? People’s Energy could be just what you are looking for! Read on to find out more about the people-powered supplier, including customer reviews, tariff information and more.

People’s Energy Summary

Electricity: Renewables 100% renewable energy
Fuel mix score: ★★★★★ Great customer reviews
Domestic Market: Scotland, England and Wales Economical tariffs
Customers: 79,312 No warm home discount
Selectra score: ★★★ Lack of extra service e.g. no mobile app

Background on People’s Energy

Founded in 2017, People’s Energy is a small supplier trying to change the way energy is done in the UK. So, what makes it stand out from the crowd? It aims to be, as its name suggests, a people-powered energy supplier, putting its customers and the planet first.

People’s Energy has no shareholders. The initial capital needed to create the company was crowdfunded by 2,200 members of the public. In 2018, these crowdfunders started to be paid back ahead of schedule (with reduced energy bills), showing the quick progression and early success of the company. It is not yet profitable, but hopes to be later on in 2020. When it does start making money, the promise is to return 75% of the profits to its members every year.

The supplier was formed in Musselburgh and today supplies energy to England, Scotland and Wales.

Quick facts

  • People’s Energy currently has 79,312 members and is growing rapidly.
  • 100% of its electrical energy comes from renewable sources.
  • It has a rating of ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot.
  • It claims every customer that switched has saved, on average, £150 a year.

People’s Energy reviews

People’s energy receives rave reviews from customers. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on review site Trustpilot, which is pretty high for an energy supplier (some of the Big Six have as little as 1 out of 5).

A particular area of praise expressed in People’s Energy reviews is the customer service, especially the helpfulness and friendliness of the call agents. A number of customers note that the call agents resolve issues and answer questions quickly, which is what you want from your energy supplier.

I have to say that People's Energy have the most helpful staff in the industry, a pleasant phone manner certainly goes a long way. In all, any queries I have had were resolved by the person I spoke to. You wouldn't get that with the "big six"! Andrew

A further area where the supplier deserves praise is its call wait time. According to Citizens Advice, People’s Energy takes just one minute ten seconds on average to answer the phone. While this is not the fastest time we have seen, only a very few suppliers have call wait times under the one minute mark. One minute ten seconds is really rather quick compared to the two and half to three minutes you could be waiting with some of the Big Six.

People’s Energy also performs well in the billing and account management area. Many customers report that they find it very easy to submit meter readings. Data collected by Citizens Advice also shows that 100% of customers have received at least one accurate bill in a year and all bills are delivered on time.

Overall, customers appear to really like the service they receive from People’s Energy and welcome the new approach the supplier is working hard to deliver.

People’s Energy is a special company - I love their ethos and values, the customer experience has been the best I have ever experienced with an energy supplier. Stuart

The company has plans to expand and aims to have one million customers by 2024. We hope that as this growth happens, it maintains the high level of customer service it is currently providing its customers.

People’s Energy tariffs and prices

Since its creation, People’s Energy claims to have saved its customers £6.5 million, further claiming that every customer that’s made the switch has saved, on average, £150 a year on their energy bills. These are pretty big claims, and strongly imply that People’s Energy is a very economical supplier.

It currently offers two types of tariff: fixed-rate tariffs and a variable-rate tariff. The payment method for all tariffs is monthly direct debit.

Fixed-rate tariffs

Currently (Jan. 2020), People’s Energy offers two fixed-rate tariffs: 2 Month Upfront Winter 20 and Fixed Tariff January 20.

Fixed-rate tariffs mean that the unit rates and standard charges stay the same price for the length of the contract. In the case of People’s Energy, the contract length is one year for both tariffs. As there is a set 12 month contract, the tariffs have £60 exit fees (£30 per fuel) that you need to pay if you choose to leave early.

Both tariffs are available as dual fuel (gas and electricity), electricity only and Economy 7.

While the names of People’s Energy fixed-rate tariffs will change over time, the features will remain more or less the same. The name change is simple to update with the time of year e.g. the Fixed Tariff November 2019 has updated to the Fixed Tariff January 20.

 2 Month Upfront Winter 20

The first fixed-rate tariff currently available from People’s Energy is the 2 Month Upfront Winter 20 tariff. It is slightly different to other fixed-rate tariffs as it requires you to pay for 2 months of energy upfront, after which you will pay monthly.

2 Month Upfront Winter 20 Standing charge (per day) Unit rate (per kWh) Price per month Price per year
Electricity 13.86p 13.32p £38.63 £463.55
Gas 13.86 2.54p £29.65 £355.77
Monthly price
Annual price

*figures based on a 3 bedroom house in London using the average energy consumption. Accurate as of January 2020.

 Fixed Tariff January 20

The Fixed Tariff January 20 is a regular fixed rate tariff with a 12 month duration and a £60 exit fee.

Fixed Tariff January 20 Standing charge (per day) Unit rate (per kWh) Price per month Price per year
Electricity 22.26p 14.44p £44.08 £528.93
Gas 22.26p 2.69p £33.70 £404.44
Monthly price
Annual price

*figures based on a 3 bedroom house in London using the average energy consumption. Accurate as of January 2020.

Variable-rate tariff

People’s Energy only has one variable-rate tariff, aptly named The People’s Tariff. A variable-rate tariffs means your unit rates and standing charges can increase or decrease in line with the wholesale price of energy. The good news is there is no contract length, so you can stay on the tariff for as long as you want, and therefore there are no exit fees if and when you choose to leave.

Like People’s Energy’s fixed-rate tariffs, The People’s Tariff is available as a dual fuel, electric only or Economy 7 tariff.

The People’s Tariff Standing charge (per day) Unit rate (per kWh) Price per month Price per year
Electricity 22.26p 13.72p £42.20 £506.45
Gas 22.26p 3.10p £37.75 £453
Monthly price
Annual price

*figures based on a 3 bedroom house in London using the average energy consumption. Accurate as of January 2020.

Variable-rate tariffs are typically a supplier’s most expensive tariff. From the figures listed in the tables above, we can see this is true for People’s Energy as well, but not by much!

Prepayment tariffs

Unfortunately, People’s Energy does not currently offer any prepayment tariffs and therefore cannot take on customers with prepayment meters.

Business tariffs

People’s Energy has recently entered the business energy market and now offers energy tariffs to small and medium sized companies. Like domestic tariffs, the supplier’s business tariffs use 100% electricity and can be taken out as dual fuel or electric only.

You can get a personalised People’s Energy quote for your business on the supplier’s website or by calling 131 370 1770.

How do People’s Energy prices compare to the energy price cap?

Ofgem’s energy price cap enforces a maximum amount your energy supplier can charge you for each unit of gas and electricity. For variable-rate tariffs, the current energy price cap is £1,179 a year.

Most energy suppliers charge right up to the cap, raising their prices as the price cap increases. A good way to test the rates of energy suppliers is to compare their variable-rate tariff against the cap and see how much under (or over!) the limit they charge.

For People’s Energy, this comparison brings good news. On average, its variable-rate tariff (The People’s Tariff) costs £959.30 a year for an average consumption medium household, a whopping £218.70 under the price cap.

This figure shows that People’s Energy is very reasonably priced. In fact (based on the same comparison conducted with other providers) we can say that People’s Energy is one of the cheapest providers on the UK energy market today, rivaling other medium to small economical suppliers such as Tonik Energy and Octopus Energy.

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People’s Energy fuel mix

Fuel mix refers to how a supplier’s electricity supply is sourced, such as natural gas, coal or renewable energy. Green energy is becoming more and more popular in the UK as customers are increasingly concerned with being more environmentally friendly. However, on average UK suppliers only get 33% of their energy from renewable sources.

Luckily, this is not true for People’s Energy. Sticking to its aim to help the planet, the company sources 100% of its electricity from renewables. People’s Energy does not produce its own energy but buys it from Smartest Energy, a company that uses renewable generators to produce 100% green energy.

Using renewable energy sources when it comes to gas is not so simple as there is less renewable gas available. People’s Energy offers as much green gas as it can (combined with fossil fuel) and aims to push the agenda to improve green gas renewables. For example, it is in favour of tax breaks on biogas.

Peoples’ Energy account and login

People’s Energy has a simple online account system where customers can manage their energy tariff. Customers just need to log in to the online portal where they can use the many services available - for example, check credit balance and monitor energy usage.

Extra services offered by People’s Energy

As a small energy supplier, People’s Energy does not offer an abundant amount of extra services like some larger providers, such has smart home technology that helps customers be more energy efficient. It does, however, support smart meters and run a community partnerships programme.

Smart meters

lightning bolts

In September 2019, People’s Energy launched its smart meter roll out with its ‘Pilot Stage’. This involves installing smart meters in the households of employees and family members in order to test its systems before launching the rollout to its wider customer base.

The second stage of the roll out, called the ‘Supported Installs Stage’ will see smart meters installed in the households of volunteers. Finally, the last stage will be a full scale roll out of People’s Energy smart meters, gradually getting all customers switched over to a smart meter inline with the government’s nationwide roll out plan.

The second stage of the roll out should begin very soon. If you are an existing People’s Energy customer and would like to be involved in this stage, you can contact customer support and register your interest. To be considered you must fit the following requirements:

  • Have a dual fuel tariff
  • Have a normal electric meter (e.g. not Economy 7 or another smart meter)
  • Meters (gas and electric) are within 10 meters of each other
  • Meters not located in a basement or above the 5th floor of a property

If you fit the criteria, People’s Energy will arrange an appointment to come and fit the smart meters. This can take up to twohours and you must be in the property for the duration of the installation process.

If you do not fit the criteria, you will have to wait until the final stage of People’s Energy smart meter roll out to get one fitted. The supplier hopes this stage will be completed within the next 18 months.

Will your existing smart meter work with People’s Energy?

For customers with second generation smart meters (SMETS2s), you can make the switch and People’s Energy will be in touch about connecting your smart meter up to its system soon (during the final stage of its roll out).

For customers with a first generation smart meter (SMETS1), it will take longer. Unlike SMETS2s, SMETS1s are not designed to work with different suppliers. The energy industry as a whole is currently working on transitioning SMETS1s to SMETS2s. You will have to wait for your meter to be transitioned before it will work with People’s Energy’s system. This doesn’t mean you can’t make the switch while you’re waiting. It just means that, until your meter becomes a SMETS2, it will function as a normal meter and not a smart meter with People’s Energy.

Community partnerships

People’s Energy’s community partnerships programme is designed to fund projects and community operations with causes that matter to the supplier’s employees and members. Its current community Partners are:

  • Teapot Trust - works to fight the inequality in psychological support for chronically ill children and young people.
  • Harrisons Fund - a charity that supports people suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The actual funding for the projects comes from new customers - the organisations receive a financial award for referring new members to People’s Energy. At the end of the People’s Energy sign up process, there is an option to enter the email address of the community partnership that referred you. When you do this, People’s Energy will donate £10 per fuel to the relevant organisation.

People’s Energy Warm Home Discount

Suppliers with 250,000 customers or more are required to provide the Warm Home Discount to eligible customers. As of yet, People’s Energy does not meet this threshold and so does not provide the scheme. If you qualify for the Warm Home Discount, you will need to be with a larger energy provider in order to receive it.

There’s lots of other help available beside the Warm Home Discount scheme for those living in fuel poverty. Check out our guide to government grants and schemes to see what help you can get with your energy bills.

How to contact People’s Energy

For complaints or general enquiries, there are a number of ways you can contact People’s Energy, including over the phone, by email or via social media.

 People’s Energy contact number:
  • Domestic customers - 0131 285 5110 (Monday to Friday 9:10am - 5pm)
  • Business customers - 0131 370 1770 (Monday to Friday 9:10am - 5pm)
 People’s Energy email address -  People’s Energy postal address - People’s Energy, 2 Wester Shawfair, Danderhall, Dalkeith, EH22 1FD  Social media: Facebook, Twitter

The supplier also has an online contact form you can fill out and submit, as well as a live chat option on its website that lets you talk directly with a customer service agent during its operating hours of 9:10am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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Selectra’s score for People’s Energy

To form the Selectra score for energy suppliers, we weigh up the given provider’s general strengths and weaknesses, alongside its fuel mix, comparison to Ofgem’s price cap, average customer reviews and the extra services it offers.

In its fuel mix, comparison to the price cap and customer reviews, People’s Energy excels. Sticking to its values, the supplier seems committed to the environment and putting its customers first. It provides highly praised customer service and its tariffs are very reasonably priced.

As a smaller supplier, People’s Energy cannot compete with some of the bigger and medium sized providers in terms of extra services. It has gained points for recently starting its smart meter roll out, but unfortunately it does not offer any energy grants, discounts or smart energy technology. We are sure that as the supplier continues to grow, it will start to offer more of these services.

Overall, in the vital areas, People’s Energy performs well, but it can improve and expand in certain areas too. As a result, we award People’s Energy 3/5 stars.

People's Energy Selectra score - ★★★