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Powergen UK - Accounts, Shares, Contact & Tariffs

About Powergen

Powergen was one of the original energy companies to enter the deregulated energy markets following privatisation in 1989. It was originally wholly owned by the UK government until it was sold off to private investors in 1991 and then again in 1995. Like all of the Big Six companies that exist today, Powergen was formed through the acquisition of the previous regional monopolies, the electricity boards.

The perhaps most significant date in its history was in January 2002, when the acquisition of Powergen was completed by German energy conglomerate Eon. This was a process that was to change and adapt in the British Markets continually throughout the following years. It originally kept its name; however, changed to ‘Eon UK’ in July 2004, solidifying the company that we know today.

Eon is now the world’s largest investor-owned energy company. Their UK operations have been an unqualified success, firmly establishing themselves within the prestigious ‘Big Six’.

My old Powergen tariff

If you were once on a Powergen tariff and you’re trying to find out how to access your information or tariff details, this isn’t going to be possible unfortunately. All Powergen customers that were on fixed and variable tariffs were switched over to the Eon equivalent following the takeover. Since this takeover was carried out quite some time ago, it’s almost certain that you will be on Eon’s Standard Variable tariff right now, the ‘E.ON EnergyPlan’.

You will most likely receive either paper or email bills through every month, so you can solicit your various details by logging into your online account or searching through your old bills. If you are wanting to switch away from Eon, however, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have any of your current tariff information. Selectra can switch you over with as little as your name, address and bank details for the direct debit.

Current Eon Tariffs

Eon have two main types of tariff, their ‘E.ON EnergyPlan’, which is a variable tariff, and their ‘E.ON Energy Fixed’, which, obviously, is a fixed tariff. Each month, variations of these tariffs are released through their website and passed down comparison engines like us. You can find out more about Eon’s tariffs by clicking the button below, but the best way to get up to date information is to give us a call.

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Powergen shares

For those people who had invested in Powergen shares, two outcomes could be possible. To clarify straight away, you will no longer be holding shares in the name of Powergen; however, you may still have some kind of active investment.

The first outcome would be that your share was cashed back to you when the takeover was completed based on the takeover price. The second outcome would be that your share was transferred to the name of Eon, scaled down to the cash worth of your Powergen shares. You can find more detailed information about your specific situation by visiting the Investor Relations section on the corporate site for E.ON SE.

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Powergen contact information

Given that Powergen’s supply business no longer exists, strictly speaking, you will need to speak directly to Eon for any related questions. There are a number of ways through which you can contact Eon, include via telephone, email, live chat and post. You can see the methods available via the information placed below:

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Eon Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0345 052 0000 for Customer Service,
0345 301 5933 for Account Queries
*Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm; Sunday: closed

Send a letter to...

Customer Service Center E·ON
PO Box 7750

Send an email to...