This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Powershop UK: tariff information, reviews & login

Powershop is now part of EON Next. This means that the brand is not taking on any new customers and existing customers will be taken care of by EON Next moving forward.

Powershop UK is now part of EON NextPowershop UK customers will now be handled by EON and the Powershop brand will no longer sign up new customers.

What is Powershop UK?

Powershop was an electricity supplier originally founded in New Zealand in 2010. Powershop Energy had great success in New Zealand with many customers rating them good or very good in 2017 and winning best supplier in the Consumer Institute of New Zealand in 2011.

The company’s original plan was to change the way customers bought their electricity. Instead of the usual estimated bills they wanted to sell tokens in supermarkets. This idea was quickly discarded but they decided to sell “powerpacks via an online app.” The idea was a hit and the company quickly spread to Australia and to the UK in 2017, with the help of Npower.

Who is Powershop UK owned by?

Powershop UK was a subsidiary of Meridian Energy, which is a government owned electricity generator and supplier in New Zealand (the government owns 51% of the company).

Login and account management

The Powershop online account was a very important part of their service. This is where you could manage your energy account.

When logged in with your username and password, you could carry out a number of day to day tasks such as:

  • updating your account details
  • submit meter readings
  • check credit balance

To access the Powershop UK login page, you would head to the company's website and click the blue 'My Account' button located in the top right-hand corner. Enter the email address and password linked to your account and you were logged in.

Meter readings

Customers were expected to provide meter readings. This made sure than your billing was as accurate as possible.

Luckily, customers with smart meters did not need to take manually readings and could select a frequency of monthly, daily or half-hourly in their smart meter settings. This meant your meter readings would automatically be sent to Powershop.

Tariffs and prices

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

Powershop is no longer offering its own energy tariffs, whatever type you are looking for, from fixed to Economy 7, Powershop's own tariffs are no more. As Powershop transitions to the EON Next brand, it is their tariffs that will become active.

 Powershop Lite (Discontinued - No longer available)
  • Fixed-rate tariff (unit rates fixed for length of contract)
  • Fixed-term contract - unlike most suppliers, customers could choose how long they want to fix the contract for e.g. 1 year or 2 years.
  • No exit fees

 Powershop Pro (Discontinued - No longer available)

This was a variable-rate tariff (meaning your unit rates can change), that had three different tariff options:

  • First Year Promise
  • Baseline Tariff
  • Top Shopper Tariff

What were powerpacks?

This feature is now discontinued and no longer available. Powerpacks allowed you to pay for big chunks of energy at one time. When you purchased a Powerpack, you bought an amount of energy at a discounted price. This could then be applied to your bills to make them cheaper. You could apply a Powerpack to one bill, or spread the amount out over time to reduce multiple bills.

Different PowerPacks were released and offered different saving opportunities.

Was Powershop expensive?

Powershop is no longer taking on new customers, as a result, this information is no longer current. Focusing on the Powershop Pro tariff, price depended on which level of the tariff you opted for (First Year Promise, Baseline or Top Shopper).

Customers on the Powershop Lite tariff were protected from price rises for the duration of their contract, whether that was 1,2,3 etc years. However, customers on the Powershop Pro tariff were not given the same protection. After the First Year Promise ended (after the first 12 months), prices can rise and fall in line with the wholesale price of energy. Again, this is now irrelevant because Powershop no longer offers its own tariffs.

For example, the Baseline tariff could increase by £10 a month if Powershop UK increased its prices. In this case, already purchased PowerPacks wouldn't equal as many savings as orginally thought, but future PowerPacks would have been created with the price increase in mind. However, Powershop UK has been taken over by EON.

How did Powershop billing work?

Powershop preferred that you pay by direct debit and all of their billing was done by email and on the online portal.

If you were on the Powershop Pro tariff and you used more energy than you had bought with the Powerpacks, Powershop would send you an email telling you by how much you had overspent and gave you the opportunity to buy more before they charged you at the standard price.

If you were on Powershop Lite tariff then you would be billed monthly and didn't have to buy any of the Powerpacks.

Fuel mix - Was Powershop energy green?

Fuel mix refers to the energy sources providers get their electricity from, e.g. natural gas, renewables and coal. As Powershop UK customers were supplied by energy from Npower back when the company was operational, their fuel mix was the same as Npower’s. However, since the company no longer operates its own tariffs, it now has no fuel mix.

Smart Meters

Powershop was installing smart meters in the households of its customers.

If you had a smart meter installed by another provider, it could have continued to work with Powershop UK if it was a second generation smart meter (SMETS2). If you had a first generation meter, it would likely have lost its smart meter abilities, at the time.

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a programme backed by the UK government to assist in paying for your energy bills. Customers can get up to £140 discounted from their energy bills during the period of October to April.

Powershop Energy didn't participate in this scheme as it was only madatory for suppliers with over a certain number of customers.


At the time of writing, Powershop still offers a way to contact them. However, this may change in the future. For the time being, here is the current contact information they have made available. However, please note that this contact information may no longer be valid by the time you read this.

Powershop UK contact number 0808 256 8363 (Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm)
Powershop UK address Powershop UK, 5th Floor, 125 Colmore Row,
Birmingham, B3 3SD
Social media

You can also currently request a call back or response through email via the Powershop UK website, at the time of writing.

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