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Pure Planet Energy - Reviews, App, Login & Contact

Pure Planet Energy is a new energy company in the UK market by the team who founded Virgin Mobile. They claim to be an ethical energy company which uses 100% renewable energy and 100% carbon offset gas. They are an app only supplier and have a 0% markup on wholesale energy prices.

Pure Planet Energy Reviews

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Source: The Sun

Apart from receiving national press coverage for their innovation, Pure Planet energy reviews have been generally very positive with customers happy with this revolutionary way of providing energy to their homes.

Pure Planet has been created by the same team that founded Virgin Mobile: Andrew Ralston, Steven Day and Tom Alexander. Their goal is to bring their background in consumer marketing to the energy industry.

In an interview with Utility magazine, Steven day explained that the technological revolution that is sweeping other sectors hasn’t yet reached utilities and this is something that Pure Planet Energy want to change.

Consumers seem to be happy so far by the service provided by the company and their smart bot. Currently, Pure Planet has 1022 reviews on Trustpilot with 76% of customers voting them excellent, while they have a score of 87% overall. Most customers commented on how quick and easy it is to switch and also were very happy with the prices which are currently some of the lowest on the market.

Complaints were mostly focused on what seem to be teething problems with the app. Customers struggled to download the app or didn’t receive responses from the online assistance and without a customer support number to call, were left frustrated by the lack of response. Many of these teething problems are going to be addressed with subsequent releases of the app.

Currently, the company is too new to have reviews on Which? or Citizens Advice although these should shortly become available.

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Prices and Tariffs

Pure Planet Energy claims that they undercut the big six energy providers by 20%. They charge you for your energy based on wholesale prices and don’t earn any profit on the price of the energy per kilowatt hour.

The owners of the company claim that this has been done to prevent them being duplicitous in their relationship with their customers. They can’t claim to want people to save energy when they are earning their profits from the amount of the energy used.

bar chart comparing utility companies' energy prices

Much like Outfox the Market, Pure Planet have chosen to go for a membership fee system whereby users pay a membership fee per month (which is equivalent to the standing charge in other companies.) The membership fee pays for the same things as the standing charge.

  • What does my membership fee pay for?
  • Dual fuel
  • Meter Maintenance
  • Staff
  • Operations and IT system
  • Profit Margin
  • VAT

The 1st of May brought good news for both current and new Pure Planet customers with a drop in the membership fee from £10 to £8.50. This price decrease was due to a reduction in operating costs and increase in the efficiency of existing systems. Following the price hikes in 2018 by British Gas (5.5%), EDF (1.4%) and Scottish Power (5.5%) this will come as a breath of fresh air for consumers who are already feeling the pinch.

The company only has one variable rate tariff with no contract or exit fees. You can come and go when you please. It has a 30% dual fuel discount for customers who want to use Pure Planet energy for both their gas and electricity.

Customers must be aware that this is a variable rate tariff. That means that if the price of electricity goes up or down then your energy bills will too. Pure Planet Energy doesn't have a fixed tariff and doesn't work with prepayment meters.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for Pure Planet Energy's standard variable tariff:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Membership fee (per month) TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Membership fee (per month) TCR
Northern Scotland 13.650p £423.15 27.95p 16.94p 2.867p £358.38 27.95p 14.85p
Southern Scotland 12.327p £382.14 27.95p 15.62p 2.867p £358.38 27.95p 14.85p
North East EN 12.222p £378.88 27.95 15.51p 2.909p £363.63 27.95p 15.02p
North West EN 12.506p £387.69 27.95p 15.80p 2.930p £366.25 27.95p 15.10p
Yorkshire 12.075p £374.33 27.95p 15.37p 2.867p £358.38 27.95p 14.85p
Merseyside & N Wales 13.356p £414.04 27.95p 16.65p 2.919p £364.88 27.95p 15.06p
East Midlands 12.180p £377.58 27.95 15.47p 2.888p £361.00 27.95p 14.94p
West Midlands 12.443p £385.73 27.95p 15.73p 2.993p £374.13 27.95p 15.36p
East EN 12.579p £389.95 15.87p 27.95p 2.930p £366.25 27.95p 15.10p
South Wales 12.884p £399.40 27.95p 16.17p 2.930p £366.25 27.95p 15.10p
London 11.855p £367.51 27.95p 15.15p 3.077p £384.63 27.95p 15.70p
South East EN 12.957p £401.67 27.95p 16.25p 3.077p £384.63 27.95p 15.70p
South West EN 13.115p £406.57 27.95p 16.41p 3.098p £387.25 27.95p 15.78p

Last Updated: September 2018

In order to get an accurate quote you will have to download the Pure Planet app. However, to get a current personalised quote to see if you could save by switching supplier give us a call.

Pure Planet App and Account Login

Laptop and iphone on a desk
Source: Rocketmakers

Innovation is evident in their app-based approach which keeps costs to a minimum while still providing excellent customer service by utilising a 24/7 digital assistant.

There are two ways to manage your account with Pure planet Energy. The first is by logging into their online community where you can get help from other members and Pure Planet customer service.

You can search the forum to see if someone has already had the same problem as you or ask a new question. If you can't get your question answered in the forum the next stop is to communicate with Pure Planet through their app. All of the main interaction with Pure Planet are done through the app which is available to download on Android and in the Apple Store.

Customers will find that they can do all of the usual transactions, such as pay their bills, check their balance and monitor their usage. However, as the company does all of its customer service through the app, it also has greater functionality than a normal online portal as it substitutes a telephone service.

Customers can contact Pure Planet Energy by talking to Watt Bott - a customer-facing chatbot. It is powered by AI algorithms. There is no person replying to messages. WattBot was built to answer typical customer queries meaning that customer service agents can be freed up to help customers with more complex issues.

This means that simple tasks such as giving meter readings or paying bills will be done with Wattbott. If you have a more important or complex problem that needs human interaction then you can type "talk to the team" into Wattbott and he will put you in touch with a customer service agent.

Another of the goals of the app is to make switching easier. At the moment, Pure Planet claims that it takes less than 60 seconds to switch to one of their tariffs. If you want to switch to Pure Planet, this will also be done through the app. While many customers are not fans of technology like this, there are numerous reviews on the website stating that even people who were initially hesitant about using the app have found it easy to use.

Energy Mix

Pure Planet Energy uses 100% renewable energy, so you know that you are helping the planet while you save money. The founders of Pure Planet Energy claim that although 25% of the electricity produced in the UK is green only 1% of consumers are on green tariffs.

Green tariffs are being charged at 15-20% more than the average market price, and this, combined with customers lack of trust in smaller independent companies, is keeping customers from signing up. Pure Planet Energy wanted to look for a way to change this and had the goal of selling green energy at 20% less than the brown energy currently on the market.

Pure Planet is a member of a number of initiatives to help the environment. They are the only energy company to be a member of UN global compact and are working on goal 7 of the UN’s “17 goals to transform our world.”


They are also a member of Low Carbon South West, which promotes the development of environmental technology and services in Bristol, Bath and South and West England. They are partnered with BP and use its energy procurement procedures. This should ease the worries of some more worried potential clients.

Pure Planet is a fan of significant environmental programmes such as “Scotrenewables FloTEC project” at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney where they are testing the design and build of a mark 2 SR2000 tidal turbine, which was designed and built in Scotland.

Smart Meters

The founders of Pure Planet Energy sitting at a table
Source: Pure Planet Energy

Pure Planet Energy aren't currently installing smart meters for their customers. Although this may at first seem counterintuitive Pure Planet Energy founders claim that they are waiting for the latest technology before they start installing meters for their customers.

Smart meters collect readings remotely, meaning that you don't have to submit a reading each month. They also help customers keep track of how much energy they are using thereby helping them save money on their gas and electricity bills.

The company want to wait until 2019 when they will be able to install 2nd generation smart meters (generally referred to as 'SMETS2') Pure planet Energy will install 2nd generation smart meters for all of their customers, even if they have an older SMETS1 smart meter already installed.

SMETS2 meters will enable energy customers to switch suppliers without losing any of their smart functionality. The new meters will be available from October 2018 but Pure Planet want to wait a little longer as in recent trials customers have been experiencing issues with the new hardware connecting with the new network - the one which carries the data between households and suppliers. That means that meter readings are not being recorded correctly and customers are receiving bills which are way off the mark.


Contact with Pure Planet Energy is all done online. There is no customer service phone number. When customers sign up they should be aware of this. If you want to get a better idea about what they have to offer you, you can visit Pure Planet's website to get more infomation about how you can sign up.

If you'd like to contact Pure Planet Energy for general enquiries then you will need to ask your question in the community or to the help bot on the app. If you get stuck and don't know what to do you can type in "talk to the team" in the Watt Bott, write to the customer service email address below or contact them directly on the forums and ask them to contact you. Remember, in order to get a real comparison of how much you could save, give us a call or click here.

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