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Sainsbury's Energy - Smart meters, Login, Reviews & Contact

UPDATE (08/02/2019): Sainsbury's Energy has gone bust Even though the supermarket's gas and electricity service was nothing more than rebranded British Gas energy, they have now shutdown. By default, all their customers will move to British Gas, one of the most expensive energy companies on the market. You should call our energy helpline to find out what your options are as an Economy Energy customer: 01704 325 069 or request a callback from one of our advisers.

Sainsbury's Energy logo

Sainsbury's Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury's supermarket the second largest supermarket chain in the UK, and British Gas. Sainsbury’s claims that they are entering the utilities market in order to support the UK’s transition to a greener future and help customers reduce carbon emissions. It boasts that it is bringing energy back to the high street and customers can find advice centres in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

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Sainsbury's Energy Reviews

Interestingly, on Reevoo, the company rated highly for value for money which is in contrast to most other sources which state that the company’s prices are considerably high. This could perhaps be because customers aren't aware that there are much cheaper deals on the market. Their lowest score on Reevoo was for inaccurate meter readings, which customers found time-consuming and frustrating.

Additionally, many customers expressed frustration because one of the benefits of choosing Sainsbury's Energy was that you could gain nectar points on your gas and electricity bills. However, this was discontinued leaving many customers feeling cheated.

Negative reviews from customers focused on the online customer service and value for money. While the prices of Sainsbury’s Energy are cheaper than British Gas, they are still much higher than some of the smaller independent suppliers.

Customer Service

Many customers feel comfortable trusting Sainsbury's Energy to supply their gas and electric. They feel reassured that the company has a presence on the high street and that they can pop into their local supermarket to talk to someone about their energy needs.

On their website, Sainsbury’s uses its own independent reviewer Reevoo in which it scored 73%. Customers on Reevoo gave 10,036 reviews, the majority of which were positive about customer experience with the company. This closely matches with reviews from other websites such as Trustpilot.

Which? were much more negative about the company. Sainsbury’s Energy comes 24th out of 31 companies in the Which? survey. While ironically this is two points higher than British Gas itself, overall the company was rated 54%, which is still a below average score.

In the survey, customers praised the company’s telephone customer service and the accuracy of their bills. On average customers took six minutes to get through to a customer service representative on the telephone - much longer than many smaller suppliers.

Trustpilot customers had similar complaints stating that the website was “appalling” with one customer claiming that Sainsbury’s took more than two years to resolve his problem. Customers often had trouble logging in to their accounts. Customers also claimed that progressive price hikes made tariffs unaffordable.

In general, Sainsbury's Energy isn't doing any better than their partner British Gas for customer service and we would definitely recommend that there are cheaper companies with better customer service.

Smart Meters

Sainsbury's Energy customers can be rest assured that smart meters will be coming to their area before 2020. There has been a lot of confusion regarding if they would be installing smart meters or not. There are various threads online where customers have contacted Sainsbury's asking for information about Sainsbury's plans to provide smartmeters for their customers. Most customers have claimed that they were told that Sainsbury's Energy won't be installing smart meters for their customers.

It's important to know that all companies are obliged to install smart meters for their customers by 2020. Sainsbury's, unlike British Gas hasn't started rolling out smart meters for its customers until recently so customers might feel that they are being left behind.

After contacting Sainsbury's, it has been confirmed they are now rolling out smart meters nationwide and new customers can ask for a smart meter to be installed if they are thinking about switching to Sainsbury's Energy. They have also updated their website to make it clearer for customers.


Customers should be aware that these smart meters will be installed by British Gas and when this will happen will depend on your postcode. If you want to contact them to get a free smart meter installed on your property then you can phone the number in the contact section.

The slow progress of smart meter installation combined with the fact that it is unlikely you will save money on your bill with Sainsbury's Energy compared to British Gas might mean that most customers would be better off doing a comparison to see if they could save money with one of the smaller independent suppliers. There are many companies which will install a smart meter for free within the space of weeks.

Prices and Tariffs

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Sainsbury's Energy is supplied by British Gas. Source: Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury's has a range of energy tariffs which are similar in price and structure to their provider British Gas. Sainsbury’s Energy currently has one tariff advertised on their website. It is a fixed tariff which can be paid by direct debit and it has a £40 exit fee.

The highstreet retailer works in partnership with British Gas as a “white label supplier.” A white label supplier is when energy is produced by one company and sold by another, Sainsbury’s.

In 2015, Ofgem changed the regulations for energy suppliers in order to assist customers to get the best deal on the market by forcing suppliers to be more transparent about their branding and tariffs.

This has meant that energy companies must inform their customers of their cheaper tariff regardless of which brand it is sold under. This change has meant that Sainsbury’s has been forced to raise its prices, putting it inline with British Gas. That is to say - their tariffs are very expensive.

And, more price rises occured in May 2018 when British Gas increased their prices by 5.5%. Customers who are already on a fixed tariff won’t have noticed any changes until now but must remember to switch their supplier as soon as the contract ends to not end up being stuck paying inflated prices on a variable tariff.

Neither Sainsbury’s Energy or British Gas are even close to being the cheapest providers on the market. It is always wise to do a comparison to see if you could save money by switching to a different supplier. Give us a call to find out how much money you could save. Until then you can see a premade tariff quotation below for the 13 pricing regions across the country.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for Sainsbury's Energy Price Promise:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 15.86p £491.66 25.05p 18.81p 3.83p £478.75 25.05p 18.39p
Southern Scotland 15.03p £465.93 25.05p 17.98p 3.91p £488.75 25.05p 18.72p
North East EN 14.96p £463.76 25.05 17.91p 3.76p £470.00 25.05p 18.11p
North West EN 15.15p £469.65 25.05p 18.10p 3.95p £493.75 25.05p 18.88p
Yorkshire 14.94p £463.14 25.05p 17.89p 3.85p £481.25 25.05p 18.47p
Merseyside & N Wales 15.74p £487.94 25.05p 18.69p 3.90p £487.50 25.05p 18.68p
East Midlands 14.62p £453.22 25.05 17.57p 3.87p £483.75 25.05p 18.55p
West Midlands 15.35p £475.85 25.05p 18.30p 3.97p £496.25 25.05p 18.96p
East EN 15.26p £473.06 25.05p 18.21p 3.93p £491.25 25.05p 18.80p
South Wales 15.50p £480.50 25.05p 18.45p 3.86p £482.50 25.05p 18.51p
London 14.70p £455.70 25.05p 17.65p 4.05p £506.25 25.05p 19.28p
South East EN 15.30p £474.30 25.05p 18.25p 4.03p £503.75 25.05p 19.20p
South West EN 15.82p £490.42 25.05p 18.77p 4.03p £503.75 25.05p 19.20p

Last Updated: April 2018

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Account Login

Sainsbury's Energy has an online account login so that customers can manage their energy more easily. If you would like to login to the online portal to manage your account without having to make a phone call, then you can do so by clicking the button below.

Customers can sign in using their username and passwords. If you have lost your password then it is easy to reset it from the dedicated page on Sainsbury's Energy website. Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Track your balance
  • See past usage details
  • Submit meter readings
  • Check your balance

Fuel Mix

All energy suppliers throughout the UK are required to submit details about their fuel mix and below you will find the details for Sainsbury’s Energy. The company has a relatively evenly distributed fuel mix. As claimed on their website, they do use a higher percentage of renewables compared to the UK average. Their percentage of renewable energy is 40%, nearly double the national average of 24%.

Also their energy only produces 252g of C02 per kWh and 0.0007g of radioactive waste. While this is better than some suppliers, it doesn't come close to some of the green energy suppliers such as Green Energy UK which has 100% renewable gas and electricity or Tonik, Good Energy and Bulb which provide 100% renewable electricity.

Priority Services Register

Sainsbury’s Energy provide a service for customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or on means tested benefits with children under 5 years old. This scheme, called the priority services register aims to help customers who are in need of an extra helping hand. There are various benefits to being a part of the scheme. These include:

  • A password scheme
  • Advance warning of any supply interruptions
  • Free access to specially designed controls and adaptors for current equipment
  • Advice booklets in different formats such as Braille or Large print
  • Alternative format correspondence
  • Free yearly gas check
  • A nominee scheme
  • Access to text phone

If you would like to access any of these services or find out how Sainsbury’s can make your experience with them easier, you will find the information on their website.


Sainsbury's Energy can be contacted in person in Sainsbury's stores, by telephone, email, post, or via their social media channels. If you'd like to contact them for general enquiries or regarding one of their tariffs or offers, you can use the phone number provided below. Sainsbury's Energy's customer service on the phone is slow according to the reviews you will get a much faster response emailling them rather than contacting them by telephone.

To get a better idea about what they have to offer you, you can visit their website to browse the tariffs that they currently have available. Alternatively you can go straight to their quotes page and get an estimate based on your usage and postcode. Remember, in order to get a real comparison of how much you could save, you can also give give us a call or click here.

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Sainsbury Energy Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 316 0316
*Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm

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