Shell Energy Tariffs: Variable & Fixed Energy Plans

Shell Energy tariffs

In this Shell Energy tariffs guide, we answer all your questions about the provider’s energy deals. From tariff details to price and exit fees, read on to see if Shell offers the kind of tariffs you are looking for.

About Shell Energy tariffs

Shell Energy sells a number of different tariffs to its domestic customers. - you can chneoose between one variable-rate tariff and four fixed-rate tariffs.

These are quite different to the energy plans previously offered when the company was known as First Utility. One of the biggest changes is that Shell’s tariffs use 100% renewable electricity so have much better green credentials than the old First Utility tariffs.

All Shell Energy tariffs are available as dual fuel (gas and electricity), electricity only or Economy 7 plans. The standard payment method for each plan is direct debit.

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Shell Energy variable tariff

Shell Energy offers one variable tariff, known as its flexible tariff. Variable tariffs mean unit rates and standing charges can fluctuate according to the wholesale price of energy, but customers are protected from sudden and dramatic increases by Ofgem’s energy price cap.

The good thing about this Shell Energy tariff is that it has no end date. As a variable tariff, it has no contract length meaning you can stay on the tariff as long as you wish. At the same time, you can also leave whenever you wish without facing exit fees.

To give you a rough idea of how much the Shell Energy variable tariff costs, we have calculated the annual cost for a medium sized household in London using the UK average energy consumption rates (12,500 kWh gas and 3100 kWh electricity).

Flexible 2 v2 Gas Electricity
Unit rate
(per kWh)
3.789p 17.462p
Standing charge
(per day)
26.710p 23.020p
Monthly cost £47.58 £52.08
Annual cost £571 £625

*figures are only an estimate and are correct as of Feb.2020

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Shell Energy fixed tariffs

When it comes to fixed rate tariffs Shell Energy has four options based on duration: 14 months, 17 months, 24 months and 32 months. With these tariffs, the unit rates and standing charges stay at a set price for the length of the contract, e.g. 14 months.

These Shell Energy tariffs are great if you want to be protected from possible increases in the price of energy, however, all impose exit fees if you wish to leave before the end of the contract. For the longer options, these fees are quite expensive so it’s wise to compare providers and be sure either tariff is the best one for you before signing up.

To help in your energy comparison, the following tables breakdown the cost of each of the Shell Energy fixed tariffs based on a medium sized household in London using the medium average UK energy consumption.

 Fixed for 14 months

Fixed April 2021 Gas Electricity
Unit rate
(per kWh)
2.754p 15.007p
Standing charge
(per day)
18.760p 26.930p
Monthly cost £34.42 £47
Annual cost £413 £564

*figures are only an estimate and are correct as of Feb.2020

 Fixed for 17 months

Fixed July 2021 Gas Electricity
Unit rate
(per kWh)
3.140p 15.845p
Standing charge
(per day)
25.940p 35.080p
Monthly cost £40.58 £51.58
Annual cost £487 £619

*figures are only an estimate and are correct as of Feb.2020

 Fixed for 24 months

As an extra bonus, this tariff comes with Philips Hue Starter Kit (energy smart light bulbs) and a Google Nest Mini!

Fixed February 2020 Gas Electricity
Unit rate
(per kWh)
3.152p 15.890p
Standing charge
(per day)
25.860p 40.030p
Monthly cost £40.67 £53.25
Annual cost £488 £639

*figures are only an estimate and are correct as of Feb.2020

 Fixed for 32 months

Fixed October 2022 Gas Electricity
Unit rate
(per kWh)
3.467p 16.627p
Standing charge
(per day)
26.030p 34.930p
Monthly cost £44 £53.58
Annual cost £528 £643

*figures are only an estimate and are correct as of Feb.2020

How much are Shell Energy exit fees?

First things first, not all Shell Energy tariffs have exit fees. The variable tariff offered by the supplier does not have any exit fees, so whether you stay on the tariff for just one month or two years, there is no financial penalty to pay when switching providers or tariffs.

All the Shell Energy fixed-rate tariffs do impose exit fees if customers wish to leave before the contract is up.

a stopwatch

For the fixed for 14 months and fixed for 17 months tariffs, the early exit fees are £30 per fuel (£30 for electricity and £30 for gas).

For the longer fixed-rate tariffs (24 months and 32 months), the Shell Energy exit fees are higher - £50 per fuel! In other words, if you are on a dual fuel tariff that’s fixed for 24 or 32 months, you will be charged £100 if you want to leave the plan before the 24 or 32 months are over. For a household using an average amount of energy, this is more or less the cost of a month of energy on these tariffs, so leaving earlier comes at quite a price (literally!).

Fixed-rate tariffs can be great for price protection, but exit fees - especially when they are £50 per fuel - mean you should be fairly certain you will stay for the entirety of the contract. This is why it's important to compare providers and deals before choosing your energy supplier.

Is Shell Energy the cheapest?

In our analysis of Shell Energy reviews, we found customer’s were a bit divided over whether the supplier was good value for money or not. For example, in Which’s annual survey, Shell Energy received four out of five stars for ‘value for money’, but we also found a number of customer reviews that complained about high prices, especially price increases since First Utility rebranded to Shell Energy in March 2019.

By our own calculations, Shell Energy tariffs fall in the middle of the pack price wise. They are cheaper than those offered by some of the Big Six, but are also more expensive than those sold by a number of other medium-sized energy providers.

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This conclusion is backed up by comparing Shell’s average variable tariff rates to Ofgem’s energy price cap. Based on the consumption of a medium sized household in London, the supplier comes in £48 under the price cap at £1130 per year (Feb 2020).

If you are looking for a very economical and cheap supplier, there are definitely better options than Shell Energy tariffs, but it’s not amongst the most expensive energy providers on the market.

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