So Energy is a London-based gas and renewable electricity supplier. Read on to learn how the supplier performs when it comes to prices and services, and discover if So Energy is the best supplier for you and your home.

Domestic market: Great Britain 100% renewable energy
Number of customers: 300,000 High-quality customer service
Electricity sources: Renewables Competitive prices
Fuel mix score:★★★★★ No prepayment tariffs
Selectra score:★★★ No app or smart meter installations

Who is So Energy?

So Energy is a relatively new energy company. It was founded in 2015 by Charlie Davies and Simon Oscroft. So Energy provides 100% renewable electricity. It claims to use the latest technology in order to ensure it operates efficiently, thus cutting costs and passing on the savings to customers.

Latest So Energy tariffs and prices

Two different So Energy tariffs are available: a fixed-rate tariff and a variable-rate tariff. The payment method for both tariffs is monthly direct debit. So Energy does not have tariffs available for prepayment customers.

We break down the So Energy tariffs and their prices below. Calculations are based on a medium-sized household in London that uses the national average consumption levels of gas and electricity, which is 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas per year.

Fixed-rate tariff

A fixed-rate tariff guarantees that the unit rates and standard charges will stay the same for the duration of the contract. We always recommend choosing a fixed tariff (instead of a variable tariff) in order to avoid unexpected price increases. Fixed tariffs also tend to be cheaper than variable tariffs.

As of June 2020, So Energy offers just one fixed-rate tariff: the So Alder tariff. The contract lasts for 12 months and has an exit fee of just £5 per fuel, which you must pay if you decide to end the contract early.

On this tariff, customers have the option to make seasonal payments, meaning that payments more accurately reflect your usage throughout the year. Customers pay less during the Summer months (April to September) in exchange for higher payments in the Winter months (October to March).

The So Alder tariff is available as dual fuel (gas and electricity), electricity only and Economy 7.

So Alder tariff
Cost type Price
Electricity unit rate 13.32p per kWh
Electricity standing charge 22.05p per day
Gas unit rate 2.55p per kWh
Gas standing charge 22.05p per day
Estimated monthly spend (Summer) £53.25
Estimated monthly spend (Winter) £88.75
Estimated yearly spend £853
Exit fee £5 per fuel

Rather than making seasonal payments, customers on this So Energy tariff also have the option to pay equal direct debit amounts each month. Paying by equal direct debit means that your bills will be the same each month, regardless of the time of year. For the average household, this would cost £71 per month.

Variable-rate tariff

So Energy has one variable-rate tariff. With a variable-rate tariff, your rates can increase or decrease in line with the wholesale price of energy.

This tariff is an out-of-contract tariff, meaning that So Energy customers are automatically placed on this tariff if they move into a property supplied by So Energy and do not sign up for a new tariff. If your So Energy fixed tariff comes to an end and you do not select a new plan, you will be rolled onto this variable tariff as well.

Like So Energy’s fixed-rate tariff, this variable tariff is available as dual fuel, electric only or Economy 7.

Out of Contract tariff
Cost type Price
Electricity unit rate 14.28 per kWh
Electricity standing charge 22.05p per day
Gas unit rate 3.44p per kWh
Gas standing charge 22.05p per day
Estimated monthly spend £82.32
Estimated yearly spend £987.89
Exit fee £0

What’s the best deal?

While So Energy tariffs do offer competitive prices, they are not the cheapest tariffs on the market. The supplier says it aims to always be within the cheapest 10% of suppliers in the UK; however, around 30% of UK energy suppliers currently offer a cheaper tariff. Therefore, you’ll need to switch to a different supplier to actually get the best deal on the market.

Do you need help comparing tariffs and suppliers? Check out the following guides for help finding the best tariff for your home:

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Reviews: Is So Energy any good?

Simple. Honest. Good value. These are the three values that So Energy holds at its core. Selectra has carried out an honest review of So Energy to see if the company stands up to its claims. We have found that customer reviews of the company are consistently positive.

On customer review site Trustpilot, So Energy has an average rating of 4.8 out of five. Of the over 4,000 customers who left reviews, 96% rated the supplier as either good or excellent. Only 2% of customers gave So Energy a bad rating. Customers generally praise the supplier for its competitive prices and friendly customer service.

In Citizens Advice quarterly ranking of UK energy suppliers, So Energy came in third place out of 40 suppliers (just behind EDF Energy in first place and Igloo Energy in second).

For a more detailed analysis, check out our So Energy reviews guide (coming soon!).

Login: How do I access my account?

Are you trying to log in to your So Energy account? Since So Energy does not a mobile energy app, customers can only access their account through the So Energy webpage.

Simply go to the So Energy homepage and click on where it says Log in in the top right corner. You will then need to enter your email address and password. For instructions on how to set up an account and more details on what you can do with your online account, check out our So Energy login guide (coming soon!).

Does So Energy use smart meters?

electricity meter

So Energy does not yet offer smart meters to customers. The supplier says it is currently in the final stages of testing its smart meters, and it hopes to offer them to customers in the near future.

For customers that already have a second-generation smart meter (SMETS2), the meter will operate properly with So Energy. It will communicate directly with the supplier and send your meter readings automatically. You’ll be able to track your usage in near real-time, thus allowing you to better manage your energy consumption and ultimately cut back on your spending.

For customers that have a first-generation smart meter (SMETS1), your meter will continue to work, but it will lose its smart functionality. Customers with this first generation of smart meters will need to submit their meter readings manually.

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How do I submit my So Energy meter readings?

Are you trying to submit your meter readings to So Energy? If you have a second-generation smart meter (SMETS2), the meter will automatically submit the meter readings to So Energy. If you have a standard credit meter or a first-generation smart meter (SMETS1), you will need to manually submit your meter readings online.

To submit your meter readings manually, go to the So Energy homepage. Click on where it says Log in in the top right corner. You will need to enter your username and password in order to log in to your account. For help logging in, head to our So Energy login guide (coming soon!). Once you’re logged in, click Submit Meter Reading and enter your reading manually.

How do I contact So Energy?

The best way to contact So Energy is via email. Customers can also call So Energy on 0330 111 5050 to speak with a representative. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Customers can also reach out to So Energy via Facebook or Twitter.

You can also contact us at Selectra on 020 3936 0059 to get expert energy advice for free. Our call-wait time is typically just a few seconds. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 8 pm.

The table below breaks down the main So Energy contact details. For further information regarding how to contact So Energy (perhaps for an emergency or a complaint), check out our complete So Energy contact guide (coming soon!).

Contact phone number 0330 111 5050
Email address
So Energy address 107 Power Road, London, W4 5PY
Twitter handle @SoEnergyUK

What makes up its energy mix?

All energy suppliers throughout the UK are required to submit details about their fuel mix. So Energy get its electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.