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So Energy is a London-based energy provider supplying 100% renewable energy to its customers. Read on to find out more about So Energy tariffs, reviews, and more.

Who Is So Energy?


So Energy UK is a relatively new energy company. It was founded in 2015 by Charlie Davies and Simon Oscroft. So Energy provides 100% renewable electricity. It claims to use the latest technology in order to ensure it operates efficiently, thus cutting costs and passing on the savings to customers. It also allows customers to vote on the type of renewable energy they want to use. Customers can pick from:

  1. Wind
  2. Solar
  3. Hydro
  4. Biomass

Who Owns So Energy?

So Energy was set up by school friends Charlie Davis and Simon Oscroft who joined the wave of challenger energy companies that started up against the traditional Big Six in 2015. In August 2021, the Irish energy network giant ESB bought 75% of shares in So Energy to hold significant control of the company.

How Big Is So Energy?

Since merging with ESB, So Energy has around 250,000 customers making it one of the smaller energy companies in the UK. So far, So Energy has not been appointed as a SoLR for any failed energy company.

Is So Energy Going Bust?

Now So Energy UK is mostly owned by the ESB Group, So Energy has a very secure position in the energy market. ESB is the distributor and network operator for the whole of Ireland and 95% owned by the Irish government. This means that there is very little risk of So Energy going bust and credit balances are perfectly safe.

So Energy Tariffs


Two different So Energy tariffs are available: the So Energy fixed tariff and a So Energy variable tariff. The payment method for both tariffs is monthly direct debit. So Energy does not have tariffs available for prepayment customers.

So Energy Price per kWh

Like all energy suppliers, So Energy prices are going up from 1 April 2022 due to the new price cap announced by the energy regulator Ofgem in February 2022. This means that So Energy’s standing charges and unit rates will be increasing. Here’s a table with the basic So Energy rates for after the 1 April:

Fuel Standing Charge Unit Rate
Electric 32.14p a day 29.63p per kWh
Gas 27.21p a day 7.50p per kWh

Source: So Energy. Correct as of March 2022.

So Energy Flex Tariff

The So Energy variable tariff is called the Flex Tariff. The So Energy Flex Tariff is an out-of-contract tariff meaning that when your contract expires, you automatically go to the Flex Tariff. The So Energy Flex Tariff does not have any exit fees so you don’t have to pay a penalty to leave it.

The prices quoted above are on the So Energy Flex Tariff. To get an idea of what you might be paying on the Flex Tariff:

So Energy Standard Tariff (Direct Debit Payment Method)
Cost type Price
Electricity unit rate 29.63p per kWh
Gas unit rate 7.50p per kWh
Electricity standing charge 32.14p per day
Gas standing charge 29.63p per day
Total estimated cost per month £165.39
Total estimated cost per year £1,984.73
Exit fee £0

*Calculations based on a three-bedroom London household with average energy consumption. Tariff last updated: Dec 2021

So Energy Energy Fixed Tariffs

Before the ongoing energy crisis started to cause major disruption in the energy market, So Energy offered a range of tariffs to its customers that were often named after different fruit, vegetable, or spices and offered depending on the type of renewable energy you wanted. So Energy fixed tariffs typically had very low exit fees.

Here’s a list of some of the So Energy fixed tariffs that were available pre-crisis:

Tariff Name Duration Exit Fee (per fuel)
So Carrot 12 months £5.00
So Cedar 12 months £5.00
So Cherry 12 months £5.00
So Cinnamon One Year 12 months £10.00
So Clementine Two Year 24 months £30.00

Source: Energylynx. Correct as of March 2022.

These tariffs are no longer available on the market at the moment but it is possible that when the market recovers, So Energy will start offering these tariffs again.

So Energy Tariffs for Prepayment

So Energy does not support prepayment meters. If you want to switch to So Energy and you have a prepayment meter, So Energy recommends you get a credit meter installed before you make the switch to them.

So Energy Warm Home Discount

As a customer, you will have access to the So Energy Warm Home Discount. Like many suppliers, the So Energy warm home discount is offered to the Core Group and the Broader Group who qualify for a £140 discount off their winter energy.

The applications for the Warm Home Discount for 2021/22 has now closed, but if you want to find out more information, check out our Warm Home Discount guide.

So Energy Contact


There are many ways to contact So Energy. You can call to speak to a So Energy customer service representative or you can write an email.

So Energy Contact Number

If you have an emergency or you prefer speaking to So Energy customer service over the phone, you should use the So Energy contact number to get in touch with them. There is only one So Energy contact number you can call for all your enquiries:

Department Number Opening Times
General & Emergencies 0330 111 5050 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

So Energy does not have a dedicated 24/7 emergency contact number to call. If you do have an emergency, call 105 for a power cut or 0800 111 999 if it is a gas emergency. You can also fill out the dedicated So Energy emergency form online.

So Energy Email Address

If you prefer to contact So Energy via email, you can use the So Energy email address to get your enquiry sorted. There are two So Energy email addresses you can use.

If you have a general enquiry, email [email protected] and you will receive a response within 5 working days. If you have an emergency, you can also email [email protected].

So Energy Reviews


So Energy reviews are generally positive for both its value for money and its renewable energy focus. According to Which?, So Energy reviews say that 71% of customers believed the So Energy customer service was good and that 81% were satisfied with the company overall. Which? gave So Energy an overall customer score of 68% and it came joint third (of eighteen suppliers) in its rankings.

So Energy Trustpilot

So Energy Trustpilot reviews are mostly positive with 89% of customers rating the company as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’. Around 9% of customers have rated the company as ‘Poor’ or ‘Bad’ with billing accuracy and the recent price hikes being the main cause of complaint. The So Energy Trustpilot rating is 4.0/5 overall.

So Energy Customer Service

So Energy customer service is also regarded as positive with a relatively low number of complaints according to Ofgem. Complaints mostly have related to meter issues and 45% of customers feel as if the So Energy customer service team managed to resolve their complaint for them.

So Energy Login


Like almost all energy suppliers, the So Energy login is used to control your entire So Energy account. You can view your billing history, make payments, and even renew your tariffs all with the So Energy login.

So Energy Login My Account

In order to login into your So Energy account, you need to go to the So Energy homepage and click on the ‘Log in’ button on the top right. You will be taken to a window that will allow you to put in your email address and password to use the So Energy login.

So Energy App

Unfortunately, there isn’t a So Energy app for you to manage your energy from your phone. The only app that’s available is the So Energy EV app for customers with electric vehicles.

So Energy Smart Meter


You are able to get a So Energy smart meter installed for free. A smart meter helps you reduce your energy bills by having accurate meter readings being sent to your supplier automatically over a wireless network. So Energy supports both SMET1 and SMET2 smart meters so if you decide to switch, you will still be able to use it like normal.

So Energy Meter Reading

If you need to submit a So Energy meter reading, you can do so by either calling the So Energy contact number or using the So Energy login to input your meter readings all online.

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