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Solarplicity - Reviews, Account login, Tariffs and Contact

News: 13/08/2019- Solarplicity has collapsedAs of the 13th August 2019, Solarplicity is not in business. Following numerous complaints and unpaid bills, Ofgem issued the supplier a provisional warning in May 2019 and banned it from taking on new customers. In August, Solarplicty’s licence was revoked and it ceased trading.
If you’re an existing Solarplicity customer, there is no need to panic. Ofgem will choose a new supplier for all customers and promises there’ll be no disruption to your energy supply. In the meantime, you are advised to: - Not switch suppliers (you will be appointed a new one who will contact you) - Take a meter reading ready for when your new energy supplier contacts you
If you have any questions, get in touch with Ofgem or give Selectra’s energy experts a call on 02039 360059.

Solarplicity is one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy in the UK. They use only 100% renewable energy from biofuels, hydropower, wind and solar. Solarplicity are heavily involved in social projects and in a number of schemes to help end renewable energy fuel poverty and to promote solar panels.

Solarplicity Reviews

Solarplicity isn't receiving as good reviews as some of it's eco-friendly counterparts. In fact, there are many negative reviews of the company online. Unfortunately, Solarplicity has had very poor reviews in Trustpilot’s survey of 582 respondents where the company earned an average score of only 40%.

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Votes were pretty much evenly divided between negative and positive reviews, with 27% excellent reviews and 29% negative. On the positive side, customers on the site praised Solarplicity’s prices and customer service. They also felt that the process of switching to Solarplicity was simple and stress free.

Customers also liked that during the complaints procedure they were assigned a named customer champion to help them through the process and resolve their problem within 72 hours. However, on the negative side there were also a lot of complaints about the company's customer service.

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The majority of the problems were centred around long waiting times on the telephone, with customers sometimes failing to get through to a customer service agent. Many customers waited between 38 and 57 minutes to talk to someone on the phone.

Many customers also complained of not receiving responses to their complaints at all either by email or phone. Customers were very frustrated trying to get through to book smart meter appointments.

There were also several customers who complained that they had tried to book a smart meter installation but without being able to get through to an agent. It seems that while Solarplicity has some pretty solid environmental credentials, it has a long way to go before its customer service is up to scratch.

We would recommend that if environmental credentials are more important than service it could be worth giving them a go. However, its always a good idea to shop around as there are lots of fantastic companies with cheap renewable energy tariffs which have a better reputation for customer service.

Prices and Tariffs

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Solarplicity provide three simple tariffs for those who switch to their service. This includes a fixed tariff, a variable tariff and their most unique tariff - the fair market price.

Fair Market Price is the most unique tariff that Solarplicity have. With the Fair Market Price tariff you won't have to pay standing charges.

Standing charges are the fixed fee that you have to pay every day for the provision of gas and electricity.

This plan could be good for those who are at home very little, who travel a lot, or who have holiday lets or buildings were someobody isn't living all the time. The downside is obviously that the actual rates of the electricity are a little more expensive to compensate for this.

  • 12 Month Fixed Tariff (Fixed rate includes 21 dual fuel discount)
  • Standard Variable (Fixed until March, April or June 2019)
  • Fair Market Price (Variable and with no standing charge)

To get a current personalised quote give us a call; however, until then you can see a premade tariff quotation below for the 13 price regions across the country.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for Solarplicity's Standard Variable:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 13.944p £432.26 15.67p 15.79p 3.2025p £400.31 7.26p 13.77p
Southern Scotland 13.3455p £413.71 12.60p 14.83p 3.2025p £400.31 7.26p 13.77p
North East EN 13.419p £415.99 12.89 14.94p 3.2025p £400.31 7.26p 13.77p
North West EN 13.65p £423.15 10.72p 14.91p 3.2025p £400.31 7.26p 13.77p
Yorkshire 13.188p £408.83 12.68p 14.68p 3.1815p £397.69 7.26p 13.68p
Merseyside & N Wales 14.385p £445.94 11.12p 15.69p 3.276p £409.50 7.26p 14.06p
East Midlands 13.4295p £416.31 10.72p 14.69p 3.15p £393.75 7.26p 13.56p
West Midlands 13.7235p £425.43 11.75p 15.11p 3.2445p £405.56 7.26p 13.56p
East EN 13.692p £424.45 11.90p 15.09p 3.171p £396.38 7.26p 13.64p
South Wales 14.1645p £439.10 12.05p 15.58p 3.255p £406.88 7.26p 13.98p
London 13.062p £404.92 11.69p 14.44p 3.3495p £418.69 7.26p 14.36p
South East EN 13.9965p £433.89 11.90p 15.40p 3.3495p £418.69 7.26p 14.45p
South West EN 14.532p £450.49 12.76p 16.03p 3.3705p £421.31 7.26p 14.45p

Last Updated: April 2018

Solarplicity has no exit fees making it ideal for customers who want to be able to change their tariff easily. Furthermore, with all three tariffs you will receive free LED light bulbs to help you do your bit for the environment.

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Solarplicity Login

Solarplicity provides you with the opportunity to manage your energy from anywhere with an online account. If you would like to login to your Solarplicity online account to manage your bills without having to call anybody, then you can do so by clicking the button below.

Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Track your usage
  • Submit meter readings
  • Check your balance

Login to your account

Smart Meters

Solarplicity are currently offering smart meters to all its customers in conjunction with Tilliant, an SMSO or smart meter system operator who will deal with the company's smart meter rollout.

Smart meters help customers save money by displaying their usage in real time on a digital screen. Customers can see how much electricity and gas they are using and change their behaviour accordingly. This can help customers reduce their energy bills.

There are plans to install more than 100,000 smart prepaid meters for customers thoughout the UK. Currently, Solarplicity is offering first generation (or SMET1) meters. Customers can phone Solarplicity to arrange an engineer visit to install the new meters. The length of wait needed for a smart meter will depend on your postcode.

Solarplicity Energy Mix

Solarplicity sells itself on its 100% renewable energy tariffs. As you can see in the chart below, Solarplicity’s energy comes from a variety of renewable sources, with the greatest part coming from biofuel at 53% which very few companies can top.

This is closely followed by wind and solar power with 21% and 22% respectively. Solarplicity has a very small carbon footprint with 0g CO2 emissions per kWh and 0g radioactive waste per kWh. Customers can feel secure that they aren't only benefiting their pocket but also the environment.

Solarplicity is also working on a huge project with Maas Capital, a Dutch company, to bring solar power to over 800,000 homes across England and Wales. The North West will be the biggest beneficiary with over 290,000 homes being fitted with free solar panels.

These solar panels will benefit the most disadvantaged citizens, helping them to save hundreds of pounds on their electricity bills every year.

Solarplicity's CEO David Elbourne is happy to be helping customers switch to greener energy. "In the past, the feed-in tariff meant that people who could afford to have solar, benefitted from solar. But now people who can't afford to have solar [can]- we'll put it on the roof for free - and they will get a reduced energy bill."

A group of men next to a solar panel

Not only will the solar panels help customers save money and the environment, they will also provide jobs for unemployed military veterans.

Solarplicity has targeted them to train specifically to give them new skills which they can use after leaving the army. They will form the new installation team for the solar panels which will be making its way out across the UK.

Elbourne has stated that they have created 1,000 jobs and saved money for more than 800,000 homes which is a good investment for customers but also the British economy.

Community Energy Scheme

Solarplicity is working with housing associations in order to help fight fuel poverty. They are offering to install solar panels for free in suitable buildings in order to save clients up to £296 per year. The benefits of the scheme also include free LED light bulbs and free smart meters to help customers maximise savings. The tariff also comes without any standing charges so you are just paying for the energy that you use.


Setting up the scheme is simple if your property has already been deemed as suitable. Landlords can send a picture of your last energy bill to: Or call Solarplicity’s Customer Services team:


blue telephone

Solarplicity contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0333 0044 666
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm; Saturday: 9am-1pm

Or if you’d prefer to talk to someone face to face give Solarplicity a call to arrange for a surveyor to visit you, run through your bill and work out your savings

Business Tariffs

Solarplicity also has a range of business tariffs to help small to medium size business meet their corporate responsibility and CO2 targets. Solarplicity specialise in helping companies in different sectors save money on their energy bills.

They claim to help builders work to CODE and increase their SAP points and to help landowners make money from their land by installing solar panels. The Fair Market Price tariff is also available to businesses. It has no standing charges and so could be a great deal for certain types of businesses who have irregular energy use.

Partnership with Engenie - Electric Car Tariffs

Solarplicity has just signed a deal with Engenie, an electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging specialist, to supply them with 100% renewable energy.

This partnership allows customers to maximise the positive environmental impact of their electric vehicle. Electric cars are very environmentally friendly as they are, but being able to source fully renewable energy as a fuel source is definitely going the extra mile in this case.

However, they can be made even more environmentally friendly when their fuel, electricity, also has a small carbon footprint. This deal means that when an electric car is charged at an Engenie charge point, they’re supporting renewable energy as well as good air quality.

Engenie’s Founder and Managing Director, Jeremy Littman, said “I’m delighted that we are now offering our customers 100% renewable energy, as we know that many of them bought their electric cars for environmental reasons. We also hope that this commitment to renewables will be attractive to our current and future commercial property and local authority partners, to whom low-emission, CO2-minimising initiatives are so important.”

Partnership with Queens Park Rangers

Man with QPR shirt facing away from the camera, and looking onto the QPR stadium

Love football, saving money and saving the planet? Fans of Queens Park Rangers will be excited to know that they can get £100 deposited into their Queens Park Ranger’s cash account when they switch their energy to Solarplicity. 2018/2019 season ticket holders and members can have the money added to their account just 30 days after changing their supplier.

Season ticket holders can redeem this cash in the retail superstore at any point during the season or offset this amount against their season ticket renewal. To take advantage of this offer head to Solarplicity’s webpage where you will find out more information about how to sign up for the scheme.

Solarplicity Energy Contact

According to customers it can sometimes be difficult to contact Solarplicity by phone and email. To get a better idea about what they have to offer you, you can visit Solarplicity's website to browse the tariffs that they currently have available. Alternatively you can click here to go straight to their quotes page and get an estimate based on your usage and postcode.

It can be difficult to get in touch with Solarplicity by phone and customers report waits of up to an hour. If you'd like to contact Solarplicity for general enquiries or regarding one of their tariffs or offers, you can use the number provided below. To get through more quickly choose "new customer" as there is a considerable difference between the sales lines and those of customer service.

You can also contact Solarplicity by email although it is reasonably common to get no response. Some customers have had more success by contacting them via social media. The company has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and a blog.

Remember, you can also call us to resolve your issue without waiting on hold. Give us a call or click here.

blue telephone

Solarplicity contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0333 0044 666
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm; Saturday: 9am-1pm

Send a letter to...

Batchworth House Church Street

Email Solarplicity