This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Southern Electric is now SSE Energy: Key Information

Selectra takes a look at Southern Electric's merger with SSE, as well as guiding former Southern Electric customers through login, contact and tariff options. Read on for everything you need to know.

Southern Electric: Company History

Southern Electric first began as the Southern Electricity Board in 1948 as part of the nationalisation of the UK electricity industry. In 1990, the board's assets passed to Southern Electric plc.

Southern Electric plc's story was similar to many other public limited companies during the energy privatisation introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government in 1989.

Like many of the utility companies that emerged after 1990, Southern Electric was formed from its area electricity board, Southern Electricity Board. Less than a decade later, the Southern Electric was merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc to form what is now known as Scottish and Southern Energy or SSE.

During the 1998 merger with Scottish Hydro-Electric (a company in a very similar situation) Scottish and Southern Energy plc was born. At one stage SSE were the UK's largest producer of renewable energy, their production of which, however, took a reported drop of around a third during 2015-2016.

What Happened to Southern Electric's Customer Base?

For many customers that haven't switched their tariffs since Southern Electric were around, the disappearance of their brand may have come as a shock. However, there's no big difference; it's basically a rebrand. Since SSE acquired the company, they have pretty much integrated it into their existing operations to expand their service area and strengthen their position in the market. They have even kept the Southern Electric brand material for some of their operations.

Customers that were previously supplied by Southern Electric will have been automatically switched over to an SSE energy tariff following the acquisition. However, due to Southern Electric still being a constituent part of SSE plc, your billing information may not have changed.

If you have not switched since then, it's likely that you will have been switched over to a standard variable tariff with SSE. It is worth noting that this tariff is markedly more expensive than many other energy tariffs on the market.

How can I get in contact with Southern Electric?

You cannot technically get in touch with Southern Electric as they no longer exist, however you can get in touch with SSE by following the detailed instructions on our SSE contact page.

How can I log in to my Southern Electric Account?

As SSE bought the rights to the Southern Electric website and redirected it to their own, the old Southern Electric website no longer exists, and as such, you can no longer access your previously held account with Southern Electric. However, you will have most likely been given access details to your new account with SSE.

To access your new SSE account, you will most likely have to use the details that will have been provided to you via either email or letter. If you cannot find these details then your best option would be to give SSE a call or press forgotten your details on the login section of their website.

Southern Electric Tariffs

Although Southern Electric tariffs are no longer available in their own right, SSE now offers a range of different tariffs for consumers to choose from. To learn more about these tariffs, take a look at our guide to SSE tariffs here.

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