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Southern Electric - Tariffs, Account Login, Power Cuts, Contact

Like many of the utility companies that emerged after 1990, Southern Electric was formed from its area electricity board, ‘Southern Electricity Board’. In 1998, it merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc, a company in a very similar situation, to form Scottish and Southern Energy plc, now trading as the shortened, ‘SSE’. SSE are now the UK's largest producer of renewable energy, their production of which, has, however, taken a reported drop of around a third during 2015-2016.

How it looks today

For many customers that haven’t switched their tariffs since Southern Electric were around, the disappearance of their brand may have come as quite the shock. However, the difference is not that major; it is more or less a rebrand. Since SSE acquired the company, they have pretty much integrated it into their existing operations to expand their service area and strengthen their position in the market. They have even kept the Southern Electric brand material for some of their operations.

The operational divide still exists between the two main segments of the company: The Scottish and Southern English offices still claim some form of head control; however, the Perth office in Northern Scotland is largely recognised as being the head office.

Customers that were previously supplied by Southern Electric will have been automatically switched over to an SSE tariff following the acquisition. However, due to Southern Electric still being a constituent part of SSE plc, your billing information may not have changed. If you have not switched since then, its likely that you will have been switched over to a standard variable tariff with SSE.

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How to login to your old account

As SSE bought the rights to the Southern Electric website and redirected it to their own, the old Southern Electric website no longer exists, and thus, you can no longer access your previously held account with Southern Electric. However, you will have most likely been given access details to your new account with SSE.

To access your new SSE account, you will most likely have to use the details that will have been provided to your either via email or letter. If you do not have access to these documents, which will most likely be the case, your best option would be to give SSE a call or press ‘forgotten your details?’ on their log on section.

  1. England - 0800 048 3516
  2. Scotland - 0800 048 3515

Login to your account

Contact Southern Electric

There are a number of ways that you can contact SSE, but none of them will put you directly through to Southern Electric, given that they don’t exist anymore, strictly speaking. The best way would be to contact SSE following the relevant information for the query you need answering. You can find the standard customer service number provided below or you can click the link to see all contact methods available for SSE.

blue telephone

SSE Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
023 9227 5030
Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm

Latest tariffs

As mentioned, if you were on a Southern Electric tariff and have not since switched, you will most likely have been automatically transferred to a standard variable tariff from SSE. This is one of the most expensive tariffs on the market and as such, it would probably be a good idea to think about switching away. To demonstrate the price difference, here is how much SSE’s current standard variable tariff costs compared to one of the cheapest on the market. (Estimation last updated 2nd Jan 18, based on SS25AY postcode)

SSE 'Standard'
Length of fix N/A
Exit fees £0
Payment method Monthly direct debit
Unit rate 16.506p per kWh
Standing charge 14.80p per day
Amount of green electricity 22%
Unit rate 4.022p per kWh
Standing charge 14.80p per day
Yearly £1,122.40
Monthly £93.53


iSupply Energy's 'iFix 12-Month Saver Jan19'
Length of fix 12 months
Exit fees £30 per fuel
Payment method Monthly direct debit
Unit rate 13.105p per kWh
Standing charge 19.54p per day
Amount of green electricity 100%
Unit rate 3.059p per kWh
Standing charge 14.49p per day
Yearly £912.78
Monthly £76.07

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The history of Southern Electric

Southern Electric was one of the many public limited companies to come out the energy market privatisation introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1989. Of course, its roots go further back than that.

The hydro-electric revolution

At the start of the hydro-electric revolution in the north of Scotland, the Tummel-Garry Project, also known as the Grand Scheme because of the vast area of the project, was one of the most spectacular of its kind. Of course, it was not quite comparable to some taking place over in North America, but it was one of the firsts in Europe.

This was one of the first consituent parts of the SSE we know today. It was operated by now-partner North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board (NSHEB). Due to the lower levels of extreme weather in Scotland, as compared to the links of Canada, NSHEB had to think outside of the box when it came to capturing water from a wider area.

54 hydro-electric power stations were built all the way across the North of Scotland, building over 18 miles worth of tunnels to collect the water. At its peak, it had a construction workforce of 12,000, an engineering feat with incredible vision.

The social history that was created by these hydro pioneers is something that SSE believe is their responsibility to preserve and promote for future generations. In 2015 they invested £4 million in a brand new visitor center in Pitlochry, exactly where the Tummel-Garry Project stood originally. It opened to the public in January 2017 and is free to visit. Not only does it voice the stories of the hydro heritage, it also explains the importance of renewable energy and the importance of a low carbon future.

Building for the future

In Southern Electric’s present form, it is said to provide gas and electricity to around 7.7 million customers, creating employment for around 20,000 people, and between 2015-2016, making the company a revenue of £28.7 million from generation and supply. They firmly solidified themselves as part of the prestigious Big Six; however, due to the recent announcement of a potential merger between their supply company and Npower, this could all be set to change.

Southern Electric have also had a big impact on a local level with their interest in British sport. They are currently the sponsor for a large number of teams, leagues and initiatives, including the football team St Johnstone FC, the Women’s FA Cup, and the Scottish Hydro Challenge.

They have also engaged with the public with their ‘You’ve Been Served’ challenge, in which world tennis number 2, Andy Murray, came to face the public and see if anyone could return one of his serves. This was all presented by SSE at their sponsored stadium, the SSE Hydro in Glasgow.