SSE tariffs change: latest energy prices compared

As one of the nation’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers, SSE provides gas and electricity to 3.5 million households across the country. Do its energy prices justify such a large customer base? In our guide we break down the latest SSE tariffs in detail to see whether its users are really getting the best deal possible or would be better off taking their business elsewhere.

SSE Tariffs

SSE offers a range of tariffs at different price points, depending on customer circumstances and requirements. This includes fixed-price, variable, and prepayment plans. All of these tariffs are available as either dual fuel, gas only or electricity only.

The SSE tariffs covered in this guide are for domestic energy customers. If you're searching for business energy tariffs, take a look at our guide to SSE Business (coming soon).

Tariffs for existing customers

Unfortunately, existing customers will likely find it impossible to get the best SSE tariffs. The supplier generally keeps its better deals for new customers as an incentive to sign up in the first place.

Customers who allow their SSE tariff to roll on after the end of their initial contract will find themselves automatically moved on to a standard variable rate. These are usually the most expensive prices an energy supplier can offer, so we recommend planning ahead and comparing energy deals to switch tariff or provider as soon as your current plan comes to an end.

For more information on SSE’s current standard variable tariff rates, scroll down to ‘Variable Tariffs’.

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Tariffs for new customers

Magnifying glass and energy tariff

Those on standard meters signing up with the supplier for the first time have the choice of four SSE tariffs. Three of these are fixed rate, while the other is variable. Let’s take a look at all of these plans before comparing them against one another.

All SSE tariffs included in this guide are correct at the time of publishing, though the provider changes its prices throughout the year. The quickest way to get all the latest information and prices is to speak to an energy expert by giving Selectra a call for free on 020 3695 9626.

Fixed-rate tariffs

A fixed-rate tariff is an energy plan where the unit price and daily standing charge remain the same for the duration of the contract, protecting households from sharp energy cost increases. SSE offers fixed tariffs of one or two years, where you’ll see no change to the locked-in price you initially sign up for, even if wholesale energy prices rise or fall.

1. 1 Year Fix

The 1 Year Fix is SSE’s 12 month fixed price tariff. This plan can be paid by monthly Direct Debit or quarterly billing, with Direct Debit customers receiving a £40 discount per fuel applied to the daily standing charge.

SSE 1 Year Fix tariff features:

  • Fixed energy prices for 12 months.
  • No early exit fee, should you decide to switch tariff or provider.
  • Free smart meter and installation.

2. 2 Year Fix

The 2 Year Fix SSE tariff comes with most of the same features as the 1 Year Fix, just over the course of 24 months. Again, this tariff is payable on receipt of a bill or by monthly Direct Debit, with Direct Debit customers receiving a £40 discount per fuel for both years.

SSE 2 Year Fix tariff features:

  • Fixed energy prices for 24 months.
  • No early exit fee, should you decide to switch tariff or provider.
  • Free smart meter and installation.

3. Fix and Control

The Fix and Control SSE tariff is similar to the 2 Year Fix plan, though it comes with a number of extras to get your smart home up and running.

The tariff’s smart home package includes a Google Nest Thermostat to help keep heating costs down and the Nest Mini to control all of your smart home devices by voice.

As with SSE’s other fixed tariffs, the plan includes a smart meter and installation at no extra cost. However, unlike those tariffs there is an early exit fee of £75 applicable to each fuel, should you wish to change tariff or switch energy providers more than 49 days before the end of your contract.

One other thing to note with this SSE tariff is that smart meter installation is compulsory, if you are eligible and don’t already have one. Therefore, if you have your doubts about smart meters, this probably isn’t the energy plan for you.

SSE Fix and Control tariff features:

  • Fixed energy prices for 24 months.
  • Free Google Nest Thermostat E (RRP £199).
  • Free Google Nest Mini (RRP £49).
  • Free smart meter and installation.
  • Early exit fee of £75 per fuel.

Variable tariffs

Signing up for an SSE variable tariff, otherwise known as its standard tariff, means agreeing to potential changes in the unit rate and standing charge throughout the year, as wholesale market prices fluctuate. While this is great when energy prices fall, it can also see steep increases in your energy costs.

Energy regulator Ofgem sets a price cap for variable tariffs around every six months, which is the recommended limit for how much a provider can charge you. SSE’s variable tariff rates often change around the same time to fall in line with this cap.

Energy suppliers are required to let customers know of any change in prices at least a month in advance, at which point you can switch to another tariff or provider. SSE’s Evergreen standard variable tariff comes with no minimum commitment and no exit fees, so customers are free to leave when they want.

SSE Evergreen standard variable tariff features:

  • Cost of energy can change according to wholesale market prices.
  • No minimum commitment or end date.
  • No exit fees, should you wish to switch tariff or provider.

Prepayment tariffs

Finally, let’s take a look at SSE tariffs for prepayment customers. While a pay as you go energy plan can be great for keeping on top of your energy spending and knowing exactly how much you are paying each month, the truth is that this type of tariff usually works out more expensive than any other fixed or variable tariff.

SSE currently offers just one prepayment tariff, its Standard Variable Pay As You Go.

Standard Variable Pay As You Go features:

  • Cost of energy can change according to wholesale market prices.
  • No minimum commitment or end date.
  • No exit fees should you wish to switch tariff or provider.

Economy 7 tariffs

Economy 7 meter

Each of the SSE tariffs above are available on Economy 7 electricity plans, with two different unit rates depending on the time. A peak rate records energy usage throughout the day, while a cheaper, seven-hour off-peak rate is charged overnight.

This can be particularly useful for those with overnight storage heaters, which can be charged while prices are cheaper. However, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your electricity use during the day, as peak rates are usually a lot more expensive than what you would pay on a standard fixed plan.

SSE’s Economy 7 off-peak times differ according to location, but typically the seven-hour period is sometime between 10pm and 8.30pm, depending on the time of year.

Does SSE offer a green tariff?

At present SSE doesn’t offer any tariffs with 100% renewable energy. In fact, the supplier lags some way behind the UK average when it comes to using sustainable energy sources. However, this could change following green electricity provider Ovo’s purchase of SSE.

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SSE bundles

In addition to its regular energy tariffs, SSE also offers ‘bundle’ deals, with another of its services included, such as boiler cover or one of its broadband packages. To find out more information about energy deals that include fibre internet and how to sign up, see our SSE Broadband guide.

Prices: is SSE energy expensive?

So now we’ve seen the different types of SSE tariffs on offer, how much do they cost and which works out cheapest? To answer this, we need to take into account the main factors that influence energy prices, such as location, size of the property and how much energy is being used. To get an idea of how much energy your own household uses, check our handy energy consumption calculator.

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While it’s difficult to give an exact quote without this information, we’ve put the comparison table below together for a rough idea of how much each tariff could cost over the course of a year. The prices below are based on a medium-sized household of three living in the South East of England.

SSE Tariffs
Tariff name Unit rate (per kWh) Daily standing charge Monthly cost Annual cost
SSE 1 Year Fix Gas: 3.54p
Electricity: 17.37p
Gas: 27.35p
Electricity: 23.71p
£92.88 £1,114.60
SSE 2 Year Fix v2 Gas: 3.36p
Electricity: 16.51p
Gas: 27.35p
Electricity: 23.71p
£89.02 £1,068.21
SSE Fix and Control Gas: 3.61p
Electricity: 37.41p
Gas: 17.60p
Electricity: 32.44p
£99.79 £1,197.42
SSE Evergreen Standard Variable Gas: 3.61p
Electricity: 17.60p
Gas: 27.35p
Electricity: 23.71p
£94.07 £1,128.86
SSE Standard Variable PAYG Gas: 3.539p
Electricity: 17.409p
Gas: 36.33p
Electricity: 28.28p
£97.11 £1,165.29

*Information correct as of May 2020. All quotes are fixed tariffs paid monthly by Direct Debit where possible and based on comparison for a three-bedroom house in the South East with an average annual electricity consumption of 2,900kWh and gas usage of 12,000kWh.

When comparing SSE fixed tariff rates, it’s clear to see that its 2 Year Fix v2 plan works out cheapest. However, once we take into account the extras that come with the Fix and Control tariff, this is easily SSE’s best deal, as long as you are happy to have a smart meter installed in your home.

Nonetheless, these prices are still on the expensive side. To give an idea of what customers , we recommend comparing any SSE tariff you’re considering with the Ofgem energy price cap of £1,162. Although this price cap only applies to variable tariffs, it gives a clearer picture of what the upper limit for energy costs should be.

Next, let’s take a look at how SSE's 1 Year Fix tariff compares to a selection of competitors on their own 12 month fixed-rate plans.

SSE tariffs vs. the competition
Supplier Tariff Monthly cost Annual cost Exit fees
SSE SSE 1 Year Fix £92.88 £1,114.60 None
British Gas Energy and Home Services v2 £68.17 £818.01 £30 per fuel
EDF Simply Online 1 Year Fix v7 £67.89 £814.64 £35 per fuel
Octopus Energy Octopus 12M Fixed v1 £75.00 £899.96 None
Shell Energy Energy June 2021 v4 £66.54 £798.51 £30 per fuel
Tonik Energy Green SuperPower (1 Year) v4
+ Free Boiler Service
£64.22 £770.66 £30 per fuel
Avro Energy Simple and SuperFixed £64.57 £774.85 None

*Information correct as of May 2020. All quotes are fixed tariffs paid monthly by Direct Debit where possible and based on comparison for a three-bedroom house in the South East with an average annual electricity consumption of 2,900kWh and gas usage of 12,000kWh.

Based on our comparisons above, it’s clear to see that SSE tariffs are among the most expensive currently on the market. While Tonik Energy came out cheapest in our test, it’s worth keeping in mind that smaller energy firms will often be unable to offer customers schemes such as the Warm Home Discount, while larger suppliers, such as EDF can.

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Our verdict

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SSE is one of the country’s most established energy providers and has the customer base and experience to match. However, looking at SSE tariffs and its prices, it appears to have grown complacent in recent years, happy to rely on the strength of its recognised name, rather than actually providing customers a good deal.

As such, it doesn’t even come close to offering the cheapest tariff on the market today. This particularly holds true if you’ve been loyal to SSE for a number of years, as it appears to keep its best deals exclusively for new customers.

Whether you’re already an SSE customer or just thinking of signing up with the supplier, we recommend doing some research to see if you could save more by choosing another provider. Speak to an energy expert today by calling 020 3695 9626 for free to find a gas and electricity supplier that works for you.

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