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SSE Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Tariffs and prices

So if SSE’s customer service isn’t its big selling point, is it their prices that have won over customers?

Perhaps when SSE was founded more than 20 years ago that was the case; SSE has been historically known to have a slightly cheaper ‘Standard’ variable tariff than the other Big Six companies.

Confused about variable vs fixed tariffs? On a variable tariff the unit price of electricity changes over time due to market factors, while a fixed tariff price remains the same for the length of a contract.

However, today the rise in competition has caused virtually all of the Big Six to push their gas and electricity prices directly to the limit of Ofgem’s legal price cap, meaning that their standard tariffs are nearly identical in price.

The following table represents SSE tariff information label for their dual fuel (gas and electricity) Standard tariff.

SSE Standard Tariff
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec standing charge Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas standing charge Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 19.65p £609.15 30.27p 23.21p 4.29p £536.25 31.07p 20.96p £1,145.40
Southern Scotland 19.30p £598.30 27.93p 22.59p 4.29p £536.25 31.07p 20.96p £1,134.55
North East EN 19.04p £590.24 29.01p 22.46p 4.27p £533.75 31.07p 20.88p £1,123.99
North West EN 19.53p £605.43 26.78p 22.68p 4.34p £542.50 31.07p 21.16p £1,147.93
Yorkshire 18.84p £584.04 29.24p 22.28p 4.26p £532.50 31.07p 20.84p £1,116.54
Merseyside & N Wales 20.85p £646.35 26.86p 24.01p 4.38p £547.50 31.07p 21.32p £1,193.85
East Midlands 19.10p £592.10 26.21p 22.19p 4.24p £530.00 31.07p 20.76p £1,122.10
West Midlands 19.42p £602.02 27.47p 22.65p 4.34p £542.50 31.07p 21.16p £1,144.52
East EN 19.58p £606.98 28.21p 22.90p 4.29p £536.25 31.07p 20.96p £1,143.23
South Wales 19.87p £615.97 27.64p 23.12p 4.33p £541.25 31.07p 21.12p £1,157.22
London 19.16p £593.96 27.32p 22.38p 4.47p £558.75 31.07p 21.68p £1,152.71
South East EN 19.93p £617.83 27.97p 23.22p 4.46p £557.50 31.07p 21.64p £1,175.33
South West EN 20.10p £623.10 28.47p 23.45p 4.54p £567.50 31.07p 21.96p £1,190.60
Last updated: May 2019

Seeing as their Standard tariff is nearly exactly the exact same price as the other Big Six companies, it shouldn’t be a shock that the energy rates above are quite pricey. Based on our research, we’ve calculated that the average 3 bedroom attached flat in London could save nearly £500 per year by switching to a cheaper supplier!

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SSE’s other popular tariff is the ‘1 Year Fixed’ tariff. As a fixed price tariff, you can be sure the unit price won’t change over time, but that’s the only good news. Their unit rates aren’t dramatically lower than those of their Standard option and the fixed charges are even higher! That means paying more regardless of how much energy you actually use!

SSE, like many of the Big Six suppliers, has a tonne of tariffs that are updated every single month, so it is extremely hard to keep up. The best way to get an updated reading of the latest SSE tariffs is to give us a call.

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