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Together Energy Reviews: Customer backlash

Together Energy reviews

Over the past few years, Together Energy reviews are going downhill rapidly! From complaints about customer service to numerous customer reviews mentioning they experience billing problems and are even owed money, the supplier seems to be in a bit of a mess. Find out more about what Together Energy customers are saying and how they’ve rated the Dunbarton-based supplier.

Together Energy reviews

When the provider first started trading in 2016, Together Energy customer reviews were fairly positive, but when the energy company was handed 36,000 customers from the failed supplier OneSelect, negative customer reviews skyrocketed.

As the provider continues to grow, reviews of Together Energy have not improved as much as the provider might have hoped. In 2021, it has a low rating of 2.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot and, unfortunately, not enough data was collected for it to place in Which?’s 2021 survey.

We have broken down reviews for Together Energy by category, so we can see exactly where and how it is failing to satisfy its customers.

1. Customer service

Energy providers’ customer service can be broken down into three categories:

  • Ability to get in touch with your provider
  • Response time
  • The treatment you receive once you get through
magnifying glass and bill

Together Energy reviews do not paint a good picture of the supplier in a couple of these categories. Customers complain about a lack of communication, with many complaining of not receiving a bill, not being able to reach the provider over the phone, and general failures in terms of customer care.

Disgraceful customer service and lack of communication. First contacted in early March regarding the issue, complaint raised on 14 April. Still not assigned to an agent. Appalling.

Ther most recent data collected from Which? (from its 2021 survey) does not bear out Together Energy reviews which complain of difficulty getting in touch with the provider, however, as it seems it performs very well in terms of answering the phone. With an average call wait time of just 51 seconds, it was the quickest supplier in answering the phone.

Getting an answer in under one minute is as good as it gets. Together Energy reviews have been critical of its customer service in this regard for some time, so we think the provider is stepping up its efforts and that online ratings will begin to reflect this in the next year or so.

For now, however, Together Energy reviews remain negative on a number of fronts, including not sending final bills, taking a long time to resolve complaints and, most worryingly, owing customers money.

I have sent three emails to their Customer Service and Complaints Team and they have ignored all three. (...) [The customer service agent] said that she will escalate this so I can get my refund. This was two weeks ago and still no final gas bill or refund. I have emailed again and still no reply.

2. Value for money

Together Energy reviews have been more positive about the supplier being good value for money. This should be no surprise, since its unique selling point has been its range of fixed-rate tariffs. On the premise that the customer stays for one year, two years or three years, they’re rewarded with lower than average standing charges and unit rates.

As fixed-rate tariffs vary so greatly between suppliers, the easiest way to put prices in context is by comparing variable tariffs. We compared Together Energy’s variable tariff to those offered by several large and medium-sized competitors on a quote for a three-bedroom house with average usage in London:

Energy provider
Annual cost of standard variable tariff
Together Energy

*Last updated: May 2021. Estimations are based on a three-bedroom house in London using the average amount and are meant to be illustrative.

As we can see from this table, while Together Energy is cheaper than the larger suppliers, it isn't the cheapest available. Considering customers don't seem to receive good customer service for their money, we're inclined to agree with Together Energy reviews that state it is not great value for money.

These comparisons are based on a household in London using a medium amount of energy a year, but your usage (and your bill) could differ significantly. Find out how much energy you’re using with Selectra’s handy energy usage calculator.

3. Bills and account management

Many Together Energy Limited reviews mention poor account management and inaccurate billing. Complaints include:

 No bill received despite submitting meter readings

This is a very common incidence among Together Energy customer reviews. Email appears to be one of the most common ways to submit meter readings, however, a number of customers state they submit meter reading but then do not receive a bill.

Ensure you receive accurate bills from Together Energy by submitting them online! Find out how to login to your Together Energy account and submit your meter readings.

 No bill, no payment...and now you’re in debt

Customers aren’t receiving bills, so they cannot pay their bills, but then Together Energy reaches out to tell them they owe money. This is a process many Together Energy reviews mention on Trustpilot.

As a result, customers are chased to pay a sum of money that they might not be able to afford. All in all, Together Energy reviews highlight problems with billing and account management.

Citizens' Advice data for the supplier doesn't bear these reviews out either, with the supplier being rated 4 out of 5 stars for clear performance. We hope that this is because the supplier has begun to address past complaints from customers and that reviews will start to reflect this soon. Unfortunately, Which?’s 2021 survey, which we would normal also look to draw insight from, did not gather enough data to give more detail into its customer experience.


Following the poor Together Energy UK reviews we have discussed, it will come as no surprise that the supplier receives a lot of complaints. In fact, Citizens Advice still rates the supplier just 1 out of 5 stars for its volume of complaints in spite of significant improvement in other areas, as we've seen above.

Compared to other medium-sized suppliers, Together Energy got a lot more complaints per 10,000 customers in the last quarter of 2020 (which is the most recent data available at the time of writing):

Supplier Complaints per 10,000 customers Oct-Dec 2020
Together Energy 279.6
People's Energy 15.2
Igloo Energy 4.1
Shell Energy 45.4
Utility Warehouse 11.3

Last updated: May 2021

In terms of complaints handling, Together Energy reviews paint the a similar picture as its performance in other areas. Lack of responses to complaints, particularly by email, was the flavour of many comments left online. Some even claim that the provider failed to react to a complaint even to an Ombudsman verdict:

The most incompetent, useless, dodgy swindlers you will ever encounter. Can't generate a bill to save their lives, customer services totally useless and close down any complaints as remedied when they are not. Totally ignored the Ombudsman verdict and then closed that down as resolved when nothing was. Stay well clear

If your complaint with Together Energy has been ignored or not satisfactorily resolved, contact the Energy Ombudsman or Citizens' Advice for independent help and advice.

Review rankings

Let’s look at how Together Energy customer reviews translate into numerical rankings published on three of the biggest consumer-review sites: Trustpilot, Google reviews and Which?.

Google reviews

Together Energy Google reviews are largely negative, with the supplier having a rating of just 1.1 out of 5. Most of these reviews are centred on billing issues, with common complaints centring on bills not being supplied, overcharging, long delays in final bills, and receiving estimated bills despite submitting meter readings. A number also mention the problem of not receiving owed credit that we mentioned further up the page.

Trustpilot reviews

On Trustpilot, Together Energy has a rating of 2.6 out of 5, meaning it has an overall rating of Poor. Of all the reviews published, 55% rank the supplier as ‘Bad’, which is the worst score available. This represents a huge deterioration from when Selectra first reviewed the provider in 2018, when just 34% of Trustpilot respondents rated it as bad.

We expect that in the future Together Energy's score will improve, as Citizens Advice data seems to suggest that the supplier is getting its act together. For now, however, it doesn't make for great reading!


In the Which? 2021 survey, the organisation failed to compile enough data from Together Energy customers to include the supplier in its survey. We hope that in the next one they're able to so that an up-to-date picture of its customer experience is available, but for now it's not the case.

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