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Together Energy Reviews: recent customer backlash

Together Energy reviews

Over the past few years, Together Energy reviews are going downhill rapidly! From complaints about customer service to numerous customer reviews mentioning they experience billing problems and are even owed money, the supplier seems to be in a bit of a mess. Find out more about what Together Energy customers are saying and how they’ve rated the Dunbarton-based supplier.

Together Energy reviews

When the provider first started trading in 2016, Together Energy customer reviews were fairly positive, but when the energy company was handed 36,000 customers from the failed supplier OneSelect, bitter customer reviews skyrocketed.

As the provider continues to grow, reviews of Together Energy have not improved. In 2020, it has a very low rating on Trustpilot and Google reviews and was ranked the lowest-performing supplier in Which?’s 2019 survey.

We have broken down reviews for Together Energy by category, so we can see exactly where and how it is failing to satisfy its customers.

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1. Customer service

Energy providers’ customer service can be broken down into three categories: the ability to get in contact; response time; and customer care

magnifying glass and bill

Together Energy reviews do not paint a good picture of the supplier in any of these categories. Customers complain about receiving no response to emails, not being able to reach the provider over the phone, and a general lack of good customer care.

Data collected from Citizens Advice confirms the poor contact ability and response time of the supplier. With an average call wait time of nearly five minutes, it is one of the slowest suppliers to answer the phone.

Five minutes might not sound too bad, but compared to some suppliers who take under one minute, it is a poor performance. Even some of the UK’s biggest energy providers who have far more customers, manage to answer the phone in under two or three minutes. Moreover, a lot of customer reviews of Together Energy mention they never manage to get through over the phone.

When it comes to customer care, Together Energy UK reviews show the supplier falls short in a number of areas, including not sending final bills, taking a long time to resolve complaints and, most worryingly, owing customers money.

Money owed to customers

Many customer reviews of Together Energy mention long delays in refunds, a general struggle to get back any money the provider owes them, and even problems getting the company to tell them how much credit they are owed. The situation has grown so bad it has been picked up by many local news outlets.

This constitutes a lack of transparency, which has featured as a recurring Together Energy complaint from customers.

Confusion has been enhanced by the company’s reaction to refunds. In response to complaints and poor press, it stated that credit cannot be paid until a final bill has been paid in full. However, final bills cannot be paid off if customers are in credit. It seems like a bit of a vicious cycle to us!

Moreover, contacting Together Energy frequently won’t get the issue resolved. The supplier will have a note on its system that tells the customer service agent they can’t go any further with the issue, so customers are trapped in a never-ending cycle of chasing money that they won’t see.

I have sent three emails to their Customer Service and Complaints Team and they have ignored all three. (...) [The customer service agent] said that she will escalate this so I can get my refund. This was two weeks ago and still no final gas bill or refund. I have emailed again and still no reply.
Are you owed money by Together Energy?

  • Use the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme by visiting if you’ve been paying your bills by direct debit.
  • Contact the Energy Ombudsman - this service was set up by Ofgem, the energy regulator, to help review supplier complaints and get the issue resolved.

2. Value for money

Together Energy reviews have been more positive about the supplier being good value for money. This was perhaps no surprise since its unique selling point has been its range of fixed-rate tariffs. On the premise that the customer stays for one year, two years or three years, they’re rewarded with lower than average standing charges and unit rates.

However, more recent Together fixed energy reviews are not so great, with the supplier receiving a poor 2 out of 5 stars for value for money in Which?’s latest review. As with all suppliers, its unit rates and standing charges vary by region, but in general, they are not significantly cheaper than those offered by other suppliers.

Additionally, the supplier charges quite high early exit fees (£30 to £50 per fuel) if customers wish to switch providers before the end of their fixed-rate tariff contract (e.g. one, two, three years).

As fixed-rate tariffs vary so greatly between suppliers, the easiest way to put prices in context is by comparing variable tariffs. We compared Together Energy’s variable tariff to those offered by three larger suppliers (EDF, British Gas, Ovo), three medium suppliers (Shell, Octopus, Co-op) and two other smaller suppliers with a similar amount of customers as the provider (So Energy, Bristol Energy).

Energy provider
Annual cost of standard variable tariff
Together Energy

*Correct as of April 2020

As we can see from this table, while Together Energy is cheaper than the bigger suppliers, it is more expensive than the providers of a similar size and two of the medium-sized providers. Considering customers also do not seem to receive good customer service for their money, we are inclined to agree with the Together Energy reviews that state it is not great value for money.

To compare the prices of more energy providers and find a supplier with a much better value for money ratio, give our energy experts a call on 02039 360059.

These comparisons are based on a household in London using a medium amount of energy a year. If you use less energy, your prices could be significantly lower. Find out how much energy you’re using with Selectra’s handy energy usage calculator to see if your prices should be cheaper!

3. Bills and account management

Many Together Energy Limited reviews also mention poor account management and inaccurate billing. Complaints include:

 No bill received despite submitting meter readings

This is a very common incidence among Together Energy customer reviews. Email appears to be one of the most common ways to submit meter readings, however, a number of customers state they submit meter reading but then do not receive a bill.

This suggests that both the meter reading system and billing system is highly flawed. Either Together Energy meter readings submitted by email are not registered, or the process of billing customers is slow and inefficient.

To make matters worse, the provider has stated that if meter reads are not registered in their system then they “could increase your direct debit in line with industry forecasted consumption, or raise it by 20% (whichever is greater).” In other words, if customers meter readings are registered, despite being submitted, their bills might increase by 20%.

Ensure you receive accurate Together Energy bills by submitting them online! Find out how to login to your Together Energy account and submit your meter readings.

 No bill, no payment...and now you’re in debt

Customers aren’t receiving bills, so they cannot pay their bills, but then Together Energy reaches out to tell them they owe money. This seems unfair, but is a process many Together Energy customer reviews mention.

As a result, customers are chased to pay a sum of money that they might not be able to afford.

All in all, Together Energy reviews highlight poor billing and account management services. To confirm this, Which?’s 2019 survey only rewarded the supplier 2 out of 5 stars for both bill clarity and accuracy.

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Following the poor Together Energy UK reviews we have discussed, it will come as no surprise that the supplier receives a lot of complaints. In fact, Citizens Advice rates the supplier just 1 out of 5 stars for its volume of complaints.

Compared to the similar-sized providers we compared its pricing too (Bristol Energy and So Energy), Together Energy got a lot more complaints per 10,000 customers in 2019.

Complaints per 10,000 customers Jan-March 2019
Complaints per 10,000 customers April-June 2019
Complaints per 10,000 customers July-Sep 2019
Complaints per 10,000 customers Oct-Dec 2019
Together Energy
Bristol Energy
So Energy

In terms of complaints handling, reviews of Together Energy paint the same bad picture as its performance in other areas. Lack of responses to complaints, particularly by email, was the flavour of many comments left online.

at the time we were owed over £200 on our final bill, despite numerous phone calls to Together Energy and being told it was being dealt with, we were unable to get our refund. (...) Finally, after 6 months we have received our refund, the Ombudsman also instructed them to issue us with a £30 payment for the inconvenience and letter of apology. We received the refund (...) but are still waiting for £30 and a letter of apology.

If your complaint with Together Energy has been ignored or not satisfactorily resolved, contact the Energy Ombudsman for independent help and advice.

Review rankings

Let’s look at how Together Energy customer reviews translate into numerical rankings published on three of the biggest consumer-review sites: Trustpilot, Google reviews and Which?.

Google reviews

Together Energy Google reviews are pretty dismal, with the supplier having a rating of just 1.1 out of 5. Most of these reviews are centred on billing issues, such as bills not being supplied, overcharging, long delays in final bills and receiving estimated bills despite submitting meter readings. A number also mention the problem of not receiving owed credit that we mentioned earlier.

Together Energy Trustpilot reviews

On Trustpilot, Together Energy has a poor rating of just 2.2 out of 5, meaning it has an overall rating of poor.

Of all the reviews published, 57% rank the supplier as ‘bad’, which is the worst score available. This represents a huge deterioration from when Selectra first reviewed the provider in 2018 when just 34% of Trustpilot respondents rated it as bad.

According to customer reviews, Together Energy seems to be getting worse!


In the Which? September 2018 survey, the supplier was awarded a customer score of 60%. The overall ratings were as follows:

Together Energy Which? review 2018
Rating out of 5 stars
Bill accuracy
Bill clarity
Phone customer service
Online customer service
Helping you understand
and reduce energy use
Value for money

Much like reviews on Trustpilot, Together Energy reviews on Which? have dropped. In the review site’s 2019 survey, the provider received a customer score of just 48%. It did not improve in rankings for any of the different areas assessed, receiving the same score or lower. The biggest decrease was value for money, dropping from a full 5 stars to just 2.

Together Energy Which? review 2019
Rating out of 5 stars
Bill accuracy
Bill clarity
Customer service
Value for money

Is Together Energy any good?

To see if Together Energy is any good, Selectra has awarded a final score. This score takes into account the nature of the reviews for Together Energy left on consumer websites, as well as our own comparisons based on price and complaints data. The table below shows what it does well (which isn’t much) and where it performs badly.

Response times to phone calls are slightly faster than those to emails Inadequate response times to emails
Poor billing systems and account management
A large number of complaints and poor complaint handling
Poor value of money (based on price compared to customer service received)

Based on this, Selectra awards the supplier a review score of 2 / 5 stars. Check out our reviews of other UK energy providers to find a supplier we recommend more highly, or give us a call on 02039 360059 for more information.

Together Energy Selectra score - ★★

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