Tonik Energy reviews: is it a good energy supplier?

Tonik Energy reviews

Tonik Energy reviews online are overwhelmingly positive. With nearly 90% of customer reviews on Trustpilot ranking the supplier excellent or good, most customers appear to be more than satisfied with their 100% green gas and electricity provider. Here we take a deeper look at Tonik Energy customer reviews to see why they are raving about the supplier.

Tonik Energy has ceased trading. All of Tonik Energy's 130,000 customers were transferred to Scottish Power on October 10, 2020.

Tonik Energy reviews

In just three years, Tonik Energy has developed many loyal customers that are more than happy to renew their tariffs, so surely this green gas and renewable electricity provider is doing something right!

Let’s break down Tonik Energy reviews into customer service, tariffs and prices, bills and account management, and complaint handling to see what it is doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Customer service

Customer service can make or break an energy supplier. Sure, cheap tariffs are great but they don’t mean much if you can’t get through to your provider when you need to. On its website, Tonik claims it aims to deliver excellent customer service to all customers, so what does excellent customer service mean to Tonik?

For Tonik Energy, great customer service goes well beyond call centres. It wants to add value to the lives of its customers through innovative eco-friendly technology, whilst working together to make the UK’s future greener and cleaner.


The company’s overall attitude towards customers is quite different from that of a lot of the other suppliers. To Tonik Energy, everyone who has a Tonik tariff is part of the movement towards a greener future, rather than just being another number on its lists - this is why Tonik Energy has members instead of customers.

It seems this approach is working too: in 2018, Tonik won the Renewable Energy Awards (RAE) British Renewable Energy Award for ‘Customer Service Recognition'.

How does all this add up with the experience of actual Tonik ‘members’? It seems the supplier does live up to its big statements as Tonik Energy UK reviews show customers are generally very happy with the service they receive.

Across a number of review sites, many Tonik Energy reviews mention how prompt the customer service is. Emails are typically responded to within two days and, according to Citizens Advice, Tonik picks up the phone in just one minute nineteen seconds on average. Many customers also praise the friendliness and knowledge of Tonik’s call centre staff.

It is a pleasure to deal with an energy company who provides green energy, answer the phones quickly, listen to your queries and offers excellent customer service. Best customer service from any energy company over the last 30+ years. Completely hassle-free experience. Kath

Reviews of Tonik Energy also show praise for the user-friendliness of the website. The Help and Advice page, in particular,contains answers to nearly every question you can think of. The website’s simple yet sleek design is also very visually pleasing, which doesn’t hurt.

I’ve been with Tonik for the past year and find their website so very clear and easy to operate with my limited computer skills as a senior citizen. Anonymous Tonik Energy customer

Tariffs and prices

Tonik provides its members with 100% green energy while also aiming to help them halve their energy bills by 2020! With this statement, you expect Tonik to offer some very competitive prices - and they don’t disappoint - but before looking at Tonik Energy customer reviews in this area, let’s take a look at its green tariff credentials.

First, are Tonik Energy’s tariffs 100% renewable as they claim? Yes, they are! Ofgem awarded Tonik Energy the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate, confirming all its energy comes from renewable sources.

The provider uses 100% renewable electricity, 10% renewable gas and offers members the option to carbon offset the remaining 90%. This is an aspect of the company that members and we just can’t fault, so much so that we think Tonik is one of the better renewable energy suppliers on the UK market.

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Now price. It seems that its tariffs aren’t just environmentally-friendly, they are also very reasonably priced. The main sentiment expressed by members in reviews for Tonik Energy is that all the tariffs are excellent value for money, fair and competitive. In 2019, Which?’ annual survey gave the supplier an impressive 4 out of 5 for value of money.

Many Tonik Energy UK reviews do acknowledge that its prices may not be the lowest in the UK, but they aren’t complaining. They believe the prices are reasonable and are more than happy to pay that little bit more for Tonik’s great customer service and 100% renewable energy.

Prices may not be the absolute cheapest, however, they are still very competitive. For the sake of a few £ a year extra their customer service more than makes up for it. Peter

Bills and account management

Next, let’s review Tonik Energy bills and account management. Is it easy to read your monthly energy bill and manage your account?

Sticking to its environment-friendly approach, the supplier does not send any paper statements, so all bills are digital. For some people, this will already be completely normal as more and more companies are heading in this direction. For others, it might feel a bit disconcerting not to receive a paper bill every month, but don’t worry, Tonik has made it really easy to view your digital bills whenever you want through your online account.

Digital bills are actually really practical: they are all kept in one place and you don’t need to worry about losing them. Want to see your bill from six months ago? Easy, just log in to your account and you can see all of your bills, including any annual statements.

Tonik Energy reviews consistently praise the clarity of the company’s bills, stating they are concise, accurate and very easy to understand. Again in Which?’s 2019 review of Tonik Energy, the supplier received full marks for bill accuracy (5/5) and a good 4 out of 5 for bill clarity.

Tonik has always been clear and concise with its tariffs, bills and all communication. John

According to Tonik Energy customer reviews, the online account system is also really easy to navigate and manage. It’s painless to submit meter readings and customers even receive email reminders to enter regular readings.

Tonik positive energy reviews also show that customers really appreciate the live balance feature which helps them keep on top of how much energy they’re using. Logging in to your Tonik Energy account is also quick and easy, even for those who are not tech-savvy in any way, shape or form.

A downside to the provider’s account management is that it does not have a mobile app, but this isn’t something that appears to bother customers- perhaps this is why Tonik is not concerned about developing one. After all, you can log in to your account on your mobile through the mobile-responsive website, so you can still access your account when you are out and about if you need to.

Renewing and closing accounts

When it comes to renewing tariffs, everything can be handled online and Tonik Energy customer reviews praise how easy it is to do so. All can be sorted in just three simple clicks.

However, while there is a lot of praise for Tonik Energy’s account management, it’s not perfect. We found more than one Tonik Energy review in which the customer complained about difficulties with receiving overdue credit when they left for another provider. The credit was paid, but there are some delays in the process, so this is clearly an area where Tonik can improve.

Complaint handling

Finally, how good is Tonik Energy at handling complaints? The gas and electricity supplier’s latest figures (19) show that over the year it received a total of 5784 complaints, which translates to around 2210 per 100,000 customers. Of these complaints, 46% were resolved by the end of the next working day and 84% were resolved within 8 weeks.

These aren’t bad figures for a year, and when looked at on a quarterly basis, the provider seems to be getting better and more efficient at resolving complaints.

Period Number of complaints % resolved by end
of next working day
% resolved within 8 weeks
Jan-March 2019 770 23% 70%
April-June 2019 1094 30% 77%
July-Sep 2019 1486 39% 85%
Oct-Dec 2019 2493 64% 92%

As you can see from the table above, while the number of complaints increased by each quarter of 2019 (which can be expected as the number of customers grows), the amount being resolved by the end of the next working day and within 8 weeks also improved.

Need to issue a complaint with Tonik? Find out how to contact the supplier in our dedicated Tonik Energy contact guide.

The provider states that it is committed to resolving any issues in a fair and transparent way and will admit when it has done something wrong: a very refreshing attitude!

Reviews of Tonik Energy online point to the individual efforts that the customer support agents go to in order to resolve any issues, and customers are reassured that their problems are being taken seriously.

I would just like to recognise Tom from the social media team. Although my problems are still ongoing from my recent switch from another provider…. Tom has always been very helpful, professional & knowledgeable. Sarah

Highlighting how much notice the supplier takes of its customers, it tries to reply to every single customer review left on online sites, whether these are good or bad. If someone has experienced problems and leaves a negative review, someone will reply, apologise and ask for more information so agents can investigate and fix whatever has gone wrong.

Tonik Energy reviews on Trustpilot and Which?

Tonik Energy customer reviews on various platforms are largely positive. Members aren’t just satisfied, they are beyond happy with all aspects of the company. They consistently rank the provider well above the Big Six suppliers in surveys, as well as ahead of many other challenger providers.

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Tonik Energy reviews on Trustpilot are very positive, with 74% of all reviews ranking the supplier as excellent (the highest ranking possible) and 12% ranking it as good. This gives Tonik Energy a Trustpilot score of 4.2 out of 5, which is amongst the highest ratings we have seen on the review site.


On Which?,Tonik Energy reviews for 2019 are also great. With a customer satisfaction score of 71%, including full marks for bill accuracy and an impressive 4 out of 5 for all other aspects measured (bill clarity, value for money, customer service and digital tools), the supplier comes in 14th out of 35 energy providers.

2019 has seen Tonik drop in the rankings since 2018, where it came in 4th out of30, but it still remains well above the Big Six suppliers. The slight drop might be explained by the extra 5 suppliers included in the rankings this year and hints that the energy company has things it needs to work on to keep up with those at the top of the list.

Nonetheless, Which?’s review on Tonik Energy shows it continues to perform well in all areas and remains one of the UK’s best energy suppliers.

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Is Tonik Energy a good energy supplier?

Based on the Tonik Energy review carried out by the energy experts here at Selectra, we think it is a great energy supplier. With mainly positive reviews on Trustpilot and decent scores on Which? for 2019 and 2018, it seems like the majority of customers agree!

Reviews of Tonik Energy show it performs well across the board: from customer service to value for money. This, alongside the provider’s abundant use of green energy, definitely qualifies it as a good supplier. As a result, we award Tonik Energy a review score of 4/5 stars.

Tonik Energy Selectra score - ★★★★

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