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Yorkshire Energy: 2018 Reviews, Tariffs, Login, & Contact

Yorkshire Energy are an independent local supplier who is aiming to be the best rather than the biggest. They focus on giving their customers the best service possible while keeping things simple in terms of tariffs.


Describing themselves as a small, but nimble enough company to ‘adapt to change’, Yorkshire Energy are a brand new supplier of gas and electricity looking to challenge the ‘big six’. Yorkshire Energy reviews are thin on the ground, however, and we wanted to discover what makes this supplier different from the rest.

With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Yorkshire Energy want to keep things simple for their customers. Not wanting people to feel in the dark about their energy prices or grow frustrated over complex billing, their website offers just one simple tariff and energy saving tips.

Their executive chairman Peter Connolly stated “As a Yorkshire-­based company, we believe in good value, excellent service and fair, easy to understand tariffs. Customers are increasingly voting with their feet and leaving the larger providers to find a better deal from one of the newer suppliers who are cheaper and more responsive. We’ve been working on this new offer in the domestic energy market for a number of years­ now we are live!”

Yorkshire Energy believe that customers shouldn’t have to deal with automated machines and overseas call centres and as such their UK based call centre doesn’t have any automated lines. You will get straight through to someone located right here in the UK.

Yorkshire Energy Customers seem to be really happy with the service that they’re providing until now. 66% of customers have said they provide excellent service while another 21% say that they are great. Customers claim that they can get through to an efficient customer service team who explain things in plain English. On the downside, it does appear that their popularity could just be their downfall as customers are increasingly reporting long wait times of more than 15 minutes to get through to one of their customer service agents.

photo of Yorkshire Energy customer service team
source: Yorkshire Energy

They claim to have firsthand experience of just how unfair and complex the energy market can be. The team is made of people who have worked in both the private and public energy industry, with backgrounds in technology, government, social enterprise, finance and renewables. They say that their combined expertise uniquely positions them to tackle the low levels of trust and satisfaction people have in energy companies. However, we fail to see exactly why. It’s hard to see exactly what they are doing differently from the rest of the companies on the market.

On their website it states that they’re united by the common belief that gas and electricity are more than just utilities; they have the potential to transform local economies and benefit entire communities. However, there is no evidence as to any community projects that they are a part of or how their company is benefiting the community.

So, overall we’d say that Yorkshire Energy has proven itself to be a nice, small, local supplier with decent customer service. However, we fail to see anything that makes them stand out from the rest of the hoard of small local suppliers who have started up in the last two years. Only time will tell if this small Yorkshire gem can be polished into a diamond, offer something truly new and have a positive impact on local communities, beyond the vague bromides on their website.

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Account login

Yorkshire Energy Account Login screen
source: Yorkshire Energy

Much like many other suppliers Yorkshire Energy has an online portal for their customers to make their lives easier. Apart from submitting meter readings the majority of customers found the online portal useful and easy to use for a variety of other tasks.

When logged in with your username and password you can carry out day to day tasks such as updating your account details, providing meter readings or checking your balance without having to pick up the phone.


Yorkshire Energy doesn’t currently have a mobile app which is a shame because we do almost everything with our phones these days and many other small suppliers such as Octopus Energy, Bulb Energy and Powershop offer this simple way to manage your energy on the move.

Hopefully in the future this is something that they will introduce for their customers as they may miss out on customers for whom mobile connectivity is an important part of day to day life.

Tariffs & Prices

Yorkshire Energy has two tariffs, the unusually named Green Badger and the Yorkshire Energy variable tariff.

Currently, they don’t have any prepayment or economy 7 tariffs on offer.

The prices of these electricity and gas tariffs will vary depending on where you live in the 13 different pricing regions, your usage and the insulation in your home.

However, to provide an example we have offered the tariff label information for the 13 different regions for you to get a general idea of the prices on offer.

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 14.97p £464.07 23.21 17.70p 3.77p 471.25 16.75p 17.17p
Southern Scotland 14.313p £443.70 20.46 16.72p 3.098p £387.25 16.75p 14.46p
North East EN 14.353p £444.94 21.00p 16.83p 3.361p £420.13 16.35p 15.48p
North West EN 14.56p £451.36 18.89p 16.26p 3.394p £424.25 16.79p 15.66p
Yorkshire 14.066p £436.05 21.09p 16.55p 3.361p £420.13 16.35p 14.066p
Merseyside & N Wales 14.482p £479.94 19.15p 17.74p 3.406p £425.75 16.97p 15.73p
East Midlands 14.423p £447.11 18.64p 16.62p 3.335p £416.88 16.00p 15.33p
West Midlands 19.776p £613.06 19.78p 22.10p 3.365p £420.63 16.37p 15.50p
East EN 14.624p £453.34 20.19p 17.00p 3.326p £415.75 15.88p 15.28p
South Wales 15.134p £469.15 20.02p 17.49p 3.425p £428.13 17.24p 15.84p
London 14.17p £439.27 19.67p 16.49p 3.42p £427.50 17.16p 15.81p
South East EN 15.032p £465.99 20.08p 17.40p 3.415p £426.88 17.04p 15.78p
South West EN 14.56p £451.36 20.08p 16.92p 3.463p £432.88 17.76p 16.06p

Last Updated: September 2018


Yorkshire Energy prefers that you pay by direct debit and all of their billing is done by email and on the online portal. There is no discount for online billing and they don’t provide paper statements.

With Yorkshire Energy you will pay a fixed direct debit. This means that you will be paying a fixed amount each month which doesn’t change, much as you would do with your gym membership or your Netflix subscription. That way you will know exactly how much you will be paying and there are no nasty surprises.

The bill is based on an estimate of your usage and will be updated throughout the year depending on how much or how little you use. This means that it should become more accurate over time.

To make sure your account is accurate it will be updated every six months and if the amount that you need to pay changes you will be notified 30 days beforehand.

Energy Mix

Yorkshire Energy are a 100% renewable energy supplier and have Renewable Energy Certificates of Origin (REGO certificates) to prove exactly where their energy comes from.

Although they buy their electricity from 100% renewable energy sources they currently don’t use green gas, a renewable alternative to natural gas. At the moment the demand for green gas outstrips the supply and so they buy all of their natural gas on the wholesale market.

However, they do have plans to buy more green gas and incorporate this into their tariffs in the future.

Meter Reading

Yorkshire Energy encourage their customers to take regular meter readings. This makes sure than your billing is as accurate as possible.

Customers should submit their meter readings at least once a month, about 5 days before their direct debit is due.

If you don’t submit your meter readings on time then you will be charged with an estimated bill which could cost more than expected.

Smart Meters

At the moment Yorkshire Energy don’t say when they will begin to introduce smart meters for their customers and whether these meters will be SMETS1, the first generation of smart meters, or SMETS2.

By 2020 all energy companies must make sure that all of their customers have smart meters installed in order to fulfil new government guidelines.

If you are a customer who already has a smart meter you can still switch, but should note that you will lose the functionality of your smart meter which will go back to being a normal or “dumb” meter. This means that you will have to return to doing meter readings manually.

Moving home

If you are moving home you can contact Yorkshire Energy up to 3 weeks before moving out to give them your final meter readings so they can be ready to close your account.

If you are moving home and want to continue with Yorkshire Energy in your new property then they can set up the supply for your new home before you move in, making sure that you don’t end up paying more than you should.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a programme backed by the UK government to assist in paying for your energy bills.

Customers can get up to £140 discounted from their energy bills during the period of October to April.

Yorkshire Energy doesn’t currently participate in this scheme as it is only available to suppliers with over 250,000 customers. However, some customers might find that they will save more than £140 simply by switching to Yorkshire Energy as they are still considerably cheaper than the big six suppliers.

Business Energy

Yorkshire Energy doesn’t currently offer business tariffs as it is focusing on the domestic market.

However, there are a variety of business-only suppliers such as Haven Power, who deal exclusively with businesses and also supply renewable energy.

Some suppliers, such as Ecotricity, can even provide 100% vegan electricity, while others such as Octopus Energy will provide vinyl stickers and promotions to demonstrate your business’ eco credentials.


From word of mouth it seems like Yorkshire Energy doesn’t have too many problems with complaints as its customer service has been pretty top notch until now.

However, no company is perfect and if you have a problem with Yorkshire Energy you can contact them to start a complaints procedure.

Phone Them You can speak to one of their Customer Service Team on the phone 0333 987 4600 who will be there to help 9:00-17:30 Monday-Friday.

Send Them an Email Send an email to their Customer Services Team at

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaints to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, they will aim to resolve your case in under 8 weeks.

If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman who will intervene on your behalf.


You can contact them by phone, email, post or on one of their social media accounts.

To check out their current deals on tariffs, you can visit their website to sign up.

If you'd like to contact Yorkshire Energy for general enquiries or for complaints then you can contact them on the customer services telephone number below or login to your account.

blue telephone

Yorkshire Energy contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
023 9227 5030
Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm; weekends: closed

Yorkshire Energy Address

Yorkshire Energy 46 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY UK

Yorkshire Energy Email

Social media


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