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Zebra Power promises to be a smaller provider offering better deals to their customers - but what do customers think? Follow Selectra’s analysis of what the provider has to offer, including Zebra Power customer reviews below.

Electricity: Non-renewable Decent pricing and customer service
Domestic market: United Kingdom Supplies energy to many different regions

Zebra Power reviews

Zebra Power sums up their own branding strategy on their website by sharing that: "At Zebra Power we believe that all things energy should be in simple black and white terms with no grey areas. We aim to streamline and clarify customer issues".

In many ways the provider lives up to that promise - their tariffs are simple to understand and their customer service strategy seems to make sense.

Certainly, when it comes to customer service, the provider is fairly well regarded amongst their customers, even outperforming some of its competitors.

Low prices appear to be a strong point for the provider too, with many customers reporting a high level of satisfaction with the low cost of Zebra Power's prices.

However, one potential drawback for eco-friendly minded customers is that Zebra Power don’t offer any substantial form of renewable energy tariffs at the time of writing.


Zebra Power offers individualised quotes depending on your location and household needs. The provider's tariffs seem to have a good reputation among customers for being relatively affordable across the 13 pricing areas in the United Kingdom.

Zebra Power has both fixed and variable tariffs available, with their fixed tariff being generally cheaper in the long run than their variable one and compatible with both single-rate and Economy 7 meters. It’s best to do your own research as Zebra offers many different tariff options. For more tariff information, contact Zebra Power as their tariff offerings are quite varied.

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Do I need to supply meter readings?

The short answer is that, yes, you do need to supply meter readings as a Zebra Power customer. Once your supply date is confirmed you will be required to supply an up to date meter reading. The provider also requests that you send accurate meter information throughout your contract with them, in order to ensure that you are not overpaying for gas or electricity.

Smart Meters

At the time of writing, Zebra Power does not provide new smart meters to their customers. That being said, if you switch to Zebra Power and already have a smart meter installed in your household from your previous supplier you will be able to use it. Please note that in some cases, your smart meter may lose its smart functionality but will continue to function as a standard meter, simply meaning you will need to provide meter readings and the in-home display will no longer show your energy usage. The supplier should let you know if this is the case.

Zebra Power Login

The Zebra Power login portal offers customers the ability to manage their energy account quickly and easily online. To log in you will, of course, need a username and password, and if you forget these details, you should be able to recover them by clicking on the forgot your password link.

To register for a Zebra Power login you'll need to complete the following steps on the Zebra Power website:

  • Head to the Zebra Power login page.
  • Click on Not Registered? Click here.
  • Enter your account number, email address and postcode.
  • Click the button that reads continue.


If you need to get in touch with Zebra Power, there are several different options available to you. Take a look at the contact options outlined in the list below.

  • Call Zebra Power Customer Service: For account queries on 0161 498 8100. (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm).
  • Email Zebra Power:

Emergencies: What should you do?

If you're in an emergency situation, or you are urgently concerned about a dangerous gas or electricity issue then it's important to always contact the experts rather than try to solve the issue yourself. Do not contact your energy provider, but instead call the dedicated national emergency numbers below.

If you smell gas there may be a gas leak or carbon monoxide fumes escaping from a gas appliance - call the free emergency services gas line immediately on 0800 111 999.

If you are experiencing a loss of power you should check your home trip switch then call your local distribution network operator on 105.

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