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Zog Energy - Reviews, Login, Tariffs & Contact Details

Zog Energy is an independent gas-only supplier that was founded in 2013. While its name may sound out of this world, Zog was founded by two Queens Award-winning engineers, Andrew Cleveland and Tony Chester, as a response to the bad customer service and high prices that they found in existing utility companies.

Zog Energy Reviews

Customers could easily be swept off their feet by Zog's cool marketing and jazzy looking website. At first glance, Zog Energy looks out of this world. The company has really positive reviews and it seems like at the moment they are going from strength to strength.

Its founders have emphasised keeping prices down by using cloud computing services and lean management systems. Cheap prices sounds fantastic...and we don't want to sound too picky...but there are a few things you should be aware of before you sign up.

The first, and most important, is that Zog Energy doesn't have a contact telephone number for customers.

While for some people this is no problem, others, who prefer communicating by phone may be put off by this. This is further exacerbated by the fact that they don't have an online account making some customers wonder - how on earth do I communicate with them when I have a problem!?

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Well, despite not having a contact telephone number for customer care, Zog has high ratings on Trustpilot, on which it is notoriously difficult to score highly. The supplier is very proud of their customer service. They are far from traditional and are shaking up the way customers interact with their energy supplier.

From 45 reviews Zog has a rating of 84% in total. Nearly all of the reviews on Trustpilot are positive with people praising the helpful customer service and low prices.

Having been in hospital for a month, living alone, and coming out to switch off any utilities, if any were still left on...and having to move into a Care Home; I knew I had a lot to sort out. Zog handled all of the gas side in two concise e-mails -it couldn't have been better.It is the best service I have ever had from any Utility.

Furthermore, in Money Saving Expert's 2017 poll of its readers, Zog came top of the survey for the fourth year running, with 97% of customers saying that the company had “great service".

Zog, unlike many other smaller independent energy firms, has managed to maintain its high quality of customer service as it has grown. Maintaining their high levels of good service is a good sign as many energy companies start with fantastic reviews only to see a deterioration in customer service as they increase in size.

Clearly, Zog’s online-only customer service is holding its own, especially against the big six providers who consistently come last in customer polls. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Zog Energy has been certified as a Future 50 company.

This award means that Zog has been voted as one of the most innovative and ambitious up and coming companies in Norfolk and Suffolk. They are also a certified ADR (alternative dispute resolution) provider. This means that should you have a dispute with the company it will be easier to make a complaint and the process can be mediated by an outside body.

Prices and tariffs

Price is a huge factor when choosing an energy company. Zog Energy don't have the cheapest tariffs on the market but keep costs down by using cloud computing. This makes their tariffs reasonably good value for money.

The company currently has five tariffs advertised on their website. There are four fixed rate tariffs of varying lengths and only one variable tariff called Juniper which you can pay by direct debit and which has no exit fee.

Fixed tariffs are generally cheaper than variable ones. With the fixed rate plan you'll pay the same energy and delivery rate per kilowatt for the duration of your contract. The only thing that will vary is how much energy you will use.

The fixed tariffs are available with contracts of either 12 or 24 months. For both the 12 month and 24 contracts you will pay less on a mercury contract.

However, this is offset by the fact that both of the Mercury contracts have exit fees should you wish to leave. This would make them better for customers who have no intention of switching often. You will find that generally, the price per kWh is cheaper on the 24 month contracts. The length of your contract and other factors will, of course, effect the price of your tariff and it is always better to get a personalised quote.

  • Saturn 12
  • Fixed rate for 1 year
  • Pay by direct debit
  • No exit fee
  • Mercury 12
  • Fixed rate for 1 year
  • Pay by direct debit
  • £30 exit fee
  • Saturn 24
  • Fixed rate for 2 years
  • Pay by direct debit
  • No exit fee
  • Mercury 24
  • Fixed rate for 2 years
  • Pay by direct debit
  • £30 exit fee

The wide range of tariffs, combined with different prices in different pricing regions can be confusing. If you’d like us to do all the legwork for you and provide you with a personalised quote give us a call; however, until then you can see a premade tariff quotation below for the 13 pricing regions across the country.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for Zog's Variable rate Juniper Tariff

Standard variable TLI
Region Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 3.3053p £413.16 17.85p 15.43p
Southern Scotland 3.3053p £413.16 17.85p 15.43p
North East EN 3.3565p £419.56 17.85p 15.64p
North West EN 3.4049p £425.61 17.85p 15.83p
Yorkshire 3.2939p £411.74 17.85p 15.38p
Merseyside & N Wales 3.4049p £425.61 17.85p 15.83p
East Midlands 3.3313p £416.41 17.85p 15.53p
West Midlands 3.3746p £421.83 17.85p 15.71p
East EN 3.3426p £417.83 17.85p 15.58p
South Wales 3.3561p £419.51 17.85p 15.63p
London 3.9209p £490.11 17.85p 17.91p
South East EN 3.9138p £489.23 17.85p 17.88p
South West EN 3.9536p £494.20 17.95p 18.04p

Last Updated: November 2018

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Account Login

zog energy meter readings
Zog Energy meter readings page. Source: Zog Energy

Zog is an online only customer service supplier. That's why it's even more surprising that Zog doesn't have an online account login.

Most online only energy companies such as Pure Planet Energy and Lumo Energy have a range of ways for customers to contact them online.These include live chats, online accounts and apps.

Strangely, Zog Energy doesn't have any of these and can only be contacted by email. Customers can upload their meter readings on their website using a simple form. Their webpage has simple, easy to follow instructions on how to do it.

Likewise, in order to find out your usage, manage your account or change your direct debit the best way to contact Zog Energy is by email.


If you'd like to contact Zog Energy for general enquiries or regarding one of their tariffs or offers, you should be aware that they operate online only customer service.

This means that there is no contact telephone for customers. However, the majority of customers have had a good experience with Zog's online service. You can contact them at the email address listed below.

Zog Energy also have snazzy Facebook and Twitter pages so if you are struggling to get in touch you might want to try sending them a message on their social media.

To get a better idea of what they have to offer you, you can visit Zog Energy’s website to browse the tariffs that they currently have available. Alternatively you can click here to go straight to their quotes page and get an estimate based on your usage and postcode.

Additionally, if you'd like to get a real comparison of how much you could save, we have an online comparison to see who has the best tariffs on the market.

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