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Ovo Energy Fund - Explained

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The 'Ovo Energy Fund' is a debt support fund that has been made with hope to help those in financial need wipe and reduce arrears that have accumulated on their customer accounts. This is only currently available, like the provider, in England, Scotland and Wales. If you or something that you know is currently struggling with their Ovo Energy bills, perhaps the Ovo Energy Fund can help out.

Grants Available

The grants available through the Ovo Energy Fund are to clear and reduce arrears that have been accumulated on Ovo Energy gas and electricity accounts. You also have to meet a certain criteria in order to qualify for this support, as they can't give them to everyone. You may be eligible if:

  • You're a current Ovo Energy Customer
  • You have a debt on your gas and electricity account of at least £50
  • Your annual household income is £16,190 or less
  • You have a valid reason as to why you cannot pay off your debt

This support will be administered in the way of a direct payment to your Ovo account or meter.

How to apply

The Ovo Energy Fund work in co-operation with the Plymouth branch of Citizens Advice. When applying for a grant, you will first be offered a 1-hour help telephone appointment with a Citizens Advice energy advisor. Your application will begin by filling in an online application. If you are stuck or find the application difficult to understand you can call the number below.

Begin your application

Telephone number: 01752 507703

If you would like to learn more about the Ovo Energy Fund you can click the link below to visit their website:

Visit their website