As well as being a well-known British supermarket, which also has its own clothing and home range, Asda also sells various financial services, including insurance. Through Asda Money, Asda offers travel insurance and pet insurance, as well as giving customers access to its own price comparator for home and car insurance. Intrigued by the idea of Asda Insurance? We have everything you need to know, including policy details, reviews and contact information, right here. Read on now to find out more.

Asda Insurance

Asda Insurance forms a part of the greater financial services offered by the famous British supermarket brand Asda. Under the sub-brand Asda Money, the company sells a variety of financial products, including credit cards, travel money, personal loans, money transfer services and insurance.

History of Asda

Before looking in more detail at the insurance policies offered by Asda Money, let’s take a little look at its parent company, Asda, and how it got to where it is today: one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK.

The brand Asda was founded in 1965 when the Asquith brothers and the Associated Dairies company joined together. Before this union, the Asquith brothers were already the proud owners of the UK’s first self-service supermarket called Queens. This was soon turned into a chain and formed the foundation for the future Asda brand.

Ever wondered where the name Asda came from? Take the AS of the surname Asquith, and the DA from the company name Associated Dairies, and you have it: ASDA.

After the partnership and official creation of the Asda brand, the Asda stores thrived. Based on the principle of offering customers the best value for money, the company expanded its discounted products beyond food, introducing general merchandise, a clothing brand and opening the first discounted petrol station. Over the years it took its non-food business even further, launching its home brand and selling financial services like insurance under Asda Money.

In 2018, Asda and another famous British supermarket, Sainsbury’s, announced their proposal to merge, but the deal was shut down by the Competition and Markets Authority. If successful, it would have given the two companies around a 30% share of the UK’s grocery market.


  • 1965 - The Asquith brothers join with Associated Dairies to create Asda.
  • 1966 - The company acquires all GEM stores in the UK and start to sell general merchandise as well as food products.
  • 1970 - There are over 30 Asda stores in theUK.
  • 1977 - Asda launches its first TV adverts containing the now famous pocket tap.
  • 1981 - The 100th ASDA store is opened.
  • 1989 - Asda teams up with designer George Davies who creates a range of clothing for the store called George at Asda.
  • 1996 - It launches its tickled pink campaign to help fight cancer and also opens its first Asda pharmacy.
  • 1999 - Asda joins the big American Walmart family.
  • 2000 - It creates its non-food online business.
  • 2008 - The company opens its first eco store; it used recycled bricks from Liverpool docks to build the structure.
  • 2012 - Asda opens the UK’s first drive-thru click and collect.
  • 2014 - George home is launched.

Fun fact! Over time, the pocket tap has become so intertwined with the supermarket that it is now the official sign for Asda in sign language.

Asda Money: what insurance does it offer?

an insured living room

Asda Insurance is sold under the brand name Asda money. While Asda offers some insurance policies directly, for some types of insurance they simply offer a price comparison service. With working partnership with around 50 insurance providers and brokers, this service lets customers compare the prices and content of different policies and find a good match for them.

Home insurance

Until the start of September 2019, Asda sold home insurance directly. It had two main policies:

  1. Standard Home Insurance - as the name suggests, this was the basic policy that provided essential cover. As with most insurance policies, there was always the option to add cover on if you wished, allowing you to create a policy that suited your needs.

  2. Superior Home Insurance - this was Asda’s more comprehensive home insurance policy. With more things included as standard, it offered greater cover but less flexibility in the cover you could choose.

As of September 2019, Asda Insurance is no longer selling home insurance directly. If you have an existing Asda home insurance policy, it will remain valid until the end date stated in your policy documents. To find out more about the previous policies, read our Asda home insurance guide (coming soon).

Instead of selling its own home insurance, Asda now offers a home insurance price comparison service that helps customers compare home insurance policies offered by different providers.

Car insurance

The same is true for car insurance: Asda Insurance does not sell its own car insurance policies, but its car insurance price comparison service lets you compare standard car insurance, as well as van insurance, motorhome, motorbike and caravan insurance all online.

You can, however, purchase breakdown cover through Asda Money. The service is provided by Britannia Rescue and comes in three levels of cover:

  1. Roadside Cover - this covers you for breakdowns anywhere in the UK, but you are limited to six call outs a year.

  2. UK Breakdown Cover - this includes home assistance cover (e.g. if your car won’t start on your drive), and will take your car to a local garage when you break down.

  3. European Breakdown Cover - this has the same benefits as UK breakdown cover, but extends them to apply when you are driving in Europe, not just the UK.

Find out more about Asda breakdown cover and its car insurance price comparison tool in Selectra’s guide to Asda car insurance (coming soon).

Travel insurance

Unlike car insurance and home insurance, Asda Insurance actually sells its own travel insurance, meaning you can buy travel insurance directly from Asda online.

a first aid kit

There are three levels of cover available:

  1. Basic

  2. Premium

  3. Superior

All options can be purchased as either a single trip policy or as an annual multi-trip policy. As an extra bonus, if you take out an annual multi-trip policy, winter sports cover is included as standard. You can also purchase the policies as a family travel insurance if you wish. The level of cover best suited for you depends on your individual circumstances and the extent of protection you feel you need. Find out more in our Asda travel insurance guide.

Pet insurance

Asda Insurance also sells three types of pet insurance policies directly to customers.

  1. Lifetime - this policy ensures your pet is covered for the duration of his/her lifetime, as long as you renew the policy every year and keep up with your payments. Pertaining to certain conditions, your pet will stay covered for any ongoing or future illnesses during this time. This policy comes in three different coverage levels: Lifetime £2,000; Lifetime £4,000; Lifetime £10,000.

  2. 12 months - the 12 month policy covers vet fees (up to £2,000 or £5,000) for a conditions for 12 months after the condition has been diagnosed.

  3. Accident only - this protects your pet when they have a have a little accident, such as break a bone or cut their paw. This is the cheapest option out of the three but obviously doesn’t cover your pet for illness and disease.

If you have more than two pets, you can get a discount on your pet insurance with Asda Insurance through its multi-pet discount offer.

Asda Insurance contact details

If you have an existing insurance policy with Asda and would like to make a claim or issue a complaint, you can find the Asda contact details you need in our individual Asda insurance guides:

  • For a home insurance claim or complaint, head to our Asda home insurance guide.
  • For a claim or complaint regarding car insurance, visit our Asda car insurance guide.
  • For a travel insurance claim or complaint, you can find the contact details you need in our Asda travel insurance guide.

For Asda pet insurance, we have listed the relevant phone numbers in the table below.

Asda pet insurance Claim Complaint
If policy number begins with PA 0370 405 0007 0370 405 0006
If policy number begins with ASD 0333 999 0933 0333 234 0623

General queries

For all general questions and queries, you can contact Asda Money by sending an email to Asda will aim to get back to you within three working days. If you would prefer to reach out by post, you can send a letter to the following address.

Send documents to:

Asda Money
Asda House
Great Wilson Street
LS11 5AD

Asda Insurance login

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When reviewing insurance companies, we always check to see if they offer an online account system through which customers can manage their insurance policies. This service makes everything a bit easier if you want to change something about your policy, or simple just view your policy documents.

While Asda Money does have an online account system, it is only available for credit card, money transfer and corporate gift card customers. There is no Asda online account for insurance customers.

Asda Insurance review

As a whole, there are not that many customer reviews of Asda left online. Furthermore, it is very hard to find customer reviews of Asda Insurance specifically. On review sites such as Truspilot, the whole Asda company (supermarket and financial services) are grouped together.

These reviews are not too helpful for us in trying to see what customers think of Asda Insurance, but we did notice that quite a few bad complaints left on Trustpilot were about Asda’s customer service.

Terrible approach, zero customer skills and poor resolution! Sort your act out Asda Money...there’s a lot of competition out there and your frontline are not customer obsessed! Nik

While this says nothing as to the quality of Asda’s insurance policies or price comparison service, it does suggests that sometimes the company’s quality of customer service can be lacking, which is something that could affect Asda Insurance customers.

If you are interested in taking out a certain Asda Insurance policy, you can find more detailed reviews, including price comparisons and what the professionals think of the policies, in the relevant Selectra Asda insurance guide: Asda home insurance, Asda car insurance and Asda travel insurance.

Data and information correct as of September 2019.

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