Whether you’re looking to insure your home, car, gadgets or next big adventure, Endsleigh has a lot to offer. Is it the right insurer for you? We’ve pulled together this comprehensive guide because we understand how daunting buying insurance can be. Read on to find out more about Endsleigh’s insurance policies, insurance contact details, how to log in, customer reviews and more...


Endsleigh is an insurance company that operates in the UK market. It offers a wide range of insurance products for consumers and is owned by A-Plan Holdings. As well as insurance, it is known for its sponsorship of some prominent UK football clubs!

History of Endsleigh

Endsleigh has been around since 1965, and for many years was best known for its student insurance. The National Union of Students founded Endsleigh to offer affordable insurance for students and, in some cases, provide insurance where students otherwise wouldn’t qualify.

It has proved to be a successful company, winning awards and accolades during its years in operation. It used to have more than 100 retail outlets (many in universities) across the UK, but closed these when it realised most enquiries were coming from the internet. It now has an extensive website, allowing you to do and see (nearly) everything at a click of the button.


  • 1965 - Endsleigh is founded by the National Union of Students (NUS) in order to provide affordable insurance for students.

  • 1970 - It moves its headquarters from London to Cheltenham.

  • 1976 - The NUS sells 100% of the company to Gouda Insurance International.

  • 1993 to 1996 - Endsleigh sponsors the English Football League.

  • 1988 to 1999 - Endsleigh is the main shirt sponsor for Burnley F.C.

  • 1997 to 1999 - It is also the main shirt sponsor for Cheltenham Town F.C.

  • 2005 - Endsleigh is rated as the 76th fastest growing company in the UK in the Sunday Times PriceswaterhouseCooper Profit Track 100.

  • 2007 - Zurich Financial Services acquires 100% shareholding of Endsleigh.

  • 2008 - Endsleigh closes its local branch services.

  • 2018 - A-Plan Holdings acquires Endsleigh.

Endsleigh today

Today, Endsleigh has come a long way since focussing on student insurance. While it still offers student insurance, it has diversified its product range hugely and also offers personal, education and commercial insurance lines. It is now owned by A-Plan Holdings, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Endsleigh insurance policies: car, home, landlord, travel and gadgets

Endsleigh categorises its products under the headings of personal, students, education, and commercial lines. In this section, we will be focusing on some of its personal insurance products: car insurance, home insurance, landlord insurance, travel insurance, and gadget and possessions insurance.

Car insurance

Endsleigh has four categories of car insurance policies:


 Car insurance



Third party - the minimum level of protection. If you cause an accident this covers damage or injury to the other person, vehicle or property. Any damage to your own person, car or property will not be covered.



Third party, fire and theft - this will include the same cover as third party insurance, plus:


  • Replacement of your car if it is stolen.
  • Reimbursement for damage caused to your car by an attempted theft.
  • Covers fire damage to your car.

Comprehensive - includes the same protection as third party, fire and theft, plus:

  • If you cause an accident, this policy will cover all damage to your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle.

 Student car insurance


With Endsleigh’s student car insurance you can have all the benefits of the car insurance types listed above. If you take out a comprehensive policy you will also get these benefits:


  • £100 cover for personal possessions in your car.
  • Discounted student prices for RAC breakdown cover.

 Young driver car insurance


You will enjoy all the benefits as listed in the car insurance in section one, as well as the following benefits:


  • Learner drivers can start to earn a no claims bonus immediately.
  • £100 cover for personal possessions in your car.

 Short-term car insurance
You are able to get insurance for short periods, from one hour to 30 days. You might want this if you are lending your car to someone else to drive or if you’re going on a road trip.

Read our detailed Endsleigh car insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Home insurance

There are two types of Endsleigh home insurance policies, which you can take out separately or combine the two in one policy:

a house with a protection shield
  1. Building insurance - This will cover the structure of your home and permanent fixtures in the event of fire, theft, flood, subsidence, vandalism or malicious damage for up to £500,000.

  2. Contents insurance - Covers your belongings in the event of fire, smoke, smoke, theft and flood. You can also select optional accidental damage cover.

Endsleigh also offers variations of these policies, tailored for first time buyers, tenants, and student contents cover. Read our detailed Endsleigh home insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Landlord insurance

If you rent out a house, you will need landlord insurance. As well as the standard landlord insurance, Endsleigh also offers student landlord insurance for properties let to students and specialist landlord insurance (i.e. if your property will be unoccupied long-term).

Travel insurance

Endsleigh offers the following travel insurance policies:

  1. Single trip - This will cover you for one trip (can be to multiple countries). The maximum trip length allowed is 365 days, reduced to 183 days if you are aged between 65 and 74.

  2. Annual multi-trip - This will allow you to take as many trips as you like throughout a one year period. The maximum trip length is 42 days per trip. The maximum age you can be to take out the annual policy with Endsleigh is 60.

  3. Gap year/backpacker - This will cover you from three months to one year. It will cover you for over 100 activities, including volunteering and wildlife conservation.

  4. Study abroad - On top of medical and luggage protection, this will also cover course fees of up to £8,000 if you have to cancel your trip (due to an insured event).

There are also some optional extras you can add to a single/annual multi-trip holiday:

  • Winter sports - Includes cover for injuries on the slopes, ski gear and transport if an avalanche closes your resort.

  • Wedding - For weddings abroad, this includes lost, stolen or damaged rings, attire or gifts.

  • Business - If you have a business trip abroad, this will cover business equipment that’s stolen or damaged, plus more.

  • Independent traveller - If you haven’t booked a package holiday, this will cover you for accommodation and transport you arranged yourself but is unused due to an insured event.

Read our detailed Endsleigh travel insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Gadget and possessions insurance

Endsleigh has three types of gadget insurance: Essential, Advanced and Premium. Depending on the level of cover, you will be protected from liquid damage all the way through to loss. You can save 10% if you insure two gadgets and 15% if you insure three or more.

Endsleigh Insurance contact

You will find the main Endsleigh Insurance contact details below for general enquiries and quotes:

Product Phone number Lines open
Car insurance 0333 234 1552 Mon - Fri: 8am to 6pm Sat: 9am to 5pm Sun: Closed
Home insurance 0333 234 1552 Mon - Fri: 8am to 6pm Sat: 9am to 5pm Sun: Closed
Non Standard home – Unoccupied, Renovation, Previous Subsidence and Holiday Homes 0333 234 1507 Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm Sat - Sun: Closed
Travel insurance 0333 234 1552 Mon - Fri: 8am to 6pm Sat: 9am to 5pm Sun: Closed
Gadget, possessions and student insurance 0333 234 1557 Mon - Fri: 8am to 6pm Sat: 9am to 5pm Sun: Closed

If you need to make a claim, visit the Endsleigh claim centre for a list of contact details specific to the nature of your claim.

Endsleigh Insurance login

All of your policy documents are stored online and you can view them via your account. You can access your online account and log in via the screen below. If you forget your Endsleigh Insurance login details, it’s really easy to reset your password online.

You may be able to change or update your details online too, depending on your policy and query. If your online account doesn’t allow you to make the changes your require, you can phone Endsleigh on 0333 234 1558.

Make a complaint

a man making a phone call

Endsleigh allows you to make a complaint through a number of methods: phone, email or post:

Call: 0800 085 8698 Email: complaints@endsleigh.co.uk Write: Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Shurdington Road, Cheltenham GL51 4UE

If you need to contact Endsleigh about an issue you have with an existing claim, you should contact the person handling the claim.

How do I get an Endsleigh quote?

You can get a quote for Endsleigh home, car, travel, gadget & possessions, or landlord insurance products online. Simply head to the Endsleigh home page and navigate directly from there to the relevant product that you’re interested in. There is a link to start your quote from each of these pages.

Alternatively, you can get a quote over the phone (see our Endsleigh Insurance contact section above).

Endsleigh Insurance review: a quick look

It can be beneficial to look at other customers’ reviews of a company, especially if you have not bought insurance from them before. Let’s see what customers are saying about Endsleigh.

On Trustpilot, there are 1,000 customer reviews of Endsleigh and overall it gets an average of 4/5 stars (five being the highest).

Many of the positive reviews are centred on the friendliness and quality of its customer service.

“They promised to call me back the same day - they did. I also messed up the insurance and they were very understanding and efficient. They didn’t charge me for the mix up either which was good of them.” - Trustpilot customer

Moving away from the positives, there are quite a few negative comments about the policy documents not arriving.

“Absolutely useless. After more than a week of long phone calls we still haven’t got our new policy documents either by email, in my daughter’s account, or as promised, by post. I'm fed up with phoning. All nice people in call centre but it’s still not sorted.” - Trustpilot customer

On reviews.io, there are 185 reviews from current and past customers. It paints a slightly different picture than Trustpilot with an overall rating of 3.14/5 stars, with 50% saying they would recommend Endsleigh.

The main things that customers like are the competitive prices and friendly agents.

“I found it very easy to open an account. The customer service people whom I spoke to were particularly helpful and polite and friendly.” - Reviews.io customer

On Reveiws.io there are quite a few complaints about being charged to change their details. This is contradictory to the example shown for Trustpilot and just goes to show you cannot rely solely on reviews as your experience can vary greatly.

Complaints handling

A company’s complaints data can give you an excellent indication of how it treats customers and how efficient it is at resolving complaints. The following data for Endsleigh is for the period 1 September 2018 – 28 February 2019.

Endsleigh received 4.96 complaints for every 1,000 policies in force, which is an average level when compared against other providers. It resolved 47.4% of complaints within three days, which is above average and a good response rate. It resolved a further 44.9% of claims within eight weeks, meaning that under 8% of claims took longer to complete.

The main reason customers complained to Endsleigh was general admin/customer service.

Selectra’s verdict

Endsleigh has a long and proud history in the UK insurance market. It still seems to be going strong and does not receive much negative press.

Customers like the friendly, professional nature of its agents, even when they haven’t been able to solve queries instantly. While many customers say that policy documents have taken a long time to arrive, you will receive Endsleigh Insurance login details when you purchase a policy, which means you can log in to your account online and see all your documents there.

Friendly, professional nature of agents on the phone. Policy documents can take a while to arrive.
A comprehensive website that’s easy to navigate and find the information you need. Can be charged for changing personal details such as an address or phone number.

Data and information correct as of October 2019.

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