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Are you considering buying a policy from Esure Insurance? Before you do, read this comprehensive guide on the policies it offers, how to log in to Esure My Account, customer reviews and more. We are going to focus on Esure’s car, home and travel insurance and all the ins and outs. Keep reading to see if Esure Insurance has what it takes to make you happy and protect your most valuable assets...

Esure Insurance

Esure Insurance is a relative newcomer to the UK insurance scene. It was founded in 2000 by chairman Sir Peter Wood, who has had a great deal of experience and success launching insurance brands in the UK. Esure is famous for its adverts and the notorious catchphrase, “calm down dear”! Esure offers car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance, which we will focus on in this guide. Let’s see what they’re all about!

History of Esure Insurance

Esure Insurance commenced in 2000 under the leadership of Sir Peter Wood. He is seen as a pioneer in direct selling and also launched the hugely successful brand, Direct Line (not part of Esure Group plc), many years earlier. In Esure’s early days, it expanded quickly and won many industry awards for its products and services. By its fifth birthday, the company had one million customers! Let’s have a look at the key dates that led Esure Insurance to where it is today.


  • 2000 - Esure Insurance is founded and focuses on selling insurance online.

  • 2005 - Esure Group plc. acquires Sheilas’ Wheels, which also becomes one of the fastest-selling insurance brands in the UK.

  • 2011 - Esure moves into the broker market for car insurance. This is to cater for a more niche market: drivers with high-performance cars or few points on their licence.

  • 2013 - In March, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

  • 2015 - GoCompare becomes part of the group, but operates separately.

  • 2017 - Becomes a member of the Blue Light Card Scheme. The scheme is comprised of retailers and service providers that offer discounts to employees in the emergency services and armed forces.

  • 2018 - In December, the group is acquired by private equity firm Bain Capital.

Esure today

Today, Esure Group provides insurance for approximately 2.5 million customers in the UK. Esure Group’s reported revenue in 2017 was £781.3 million. The company’s focus is on lower-risk customers and offers cheaper premiums for customers with no claims bonuses. Esure has offices in Reigate, Manchester and Glasgow.

hands clapping

The acquisition of Esure in 2018 by Boston-based company Bain Capital was seen as a highly positive move. Sir Peter Wood remained the chairman of the company as part of the deal. He said the backing of Bain Capital will enable Esure Insurance to invest further and grow market share.

Charity and community initiatives

These days, corporate social responsibility is a big drawcard for employees when choosing a company to work for. Equally, many customers look at a company’s philanthropic reputation and related activities. Charity and community initiatives play a large role in the Esure company ethos.

“At Esure we strongly believe in giving back to our local communities and lending a helping hand to local organisations where we can.” - Esure

Here is a summary of the projects and charities that Esure Insurance are involved in:

  • Loveworks - A charity based in Reigate (Esure’s head office). It supports the local community in many important ways. Some of the key activities include: providing food for hungry families, helping the elderly and supporting vulnerable young women.

  • Safe Drive Stay Alive - Esure is one of the founding members of this organisation that educates teenagers about road safety throughout Thames Valley and Hampshire.

  • Sheilas’ Fund - Esure Insurance gives customers the opportunity to nominate a charity for a donation when they purchase a policy. Customers have to complete a purchase via the quote app on Facebook to request the donation. They can then nominate Macmillan Cancer Support, Water Aid or The NSPCC to receive £20 from the Sheila Fund.

  • Employee fundraising - Events are held throughout the year to raise funds for charities. Some of the events held include dress-down days, bake-offs, raffles, book sales, and sports competitions.

  • Environmental - In a push to be more environmentally friendly, Esure refrains from using paper-based methods of communication and recycles what it can.

Esure Insurance policies: car, home & travel

In this section, we are going to delve into the different Esure Insurance policies for car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance in more detail.

Home insurance

More than 300,000 people have home insurance through Esure Insurance. The two types of policies that Esure offers are building and contents insurance.

  1. Building insurance - covers the structural aspects of your home (e.g. walls, ceiling, bathroom, windows). It will protect you if your home is significantly damaged by an event such as water leaks or fire. These bills can be astronomical so you would always want this cover as a homeowner.

  2. Contents insurance - this will protect your items that aren’t fixed (generally), such as furniture, entertainment equipment, clothes etc. You may need to list expensive items (like jewellery) and make sure your payout limits are adequate. You do not need to be a homeowner to take out this insurance and tenants usually need this too. Esure offers new for old contents cover so it’s important to include the cost of items when they are purchased new, rather than the current value.

If you buy combined building and contents insurance from Esure Insurance, you will also receive the following benefits free for the first 12 months:

  • Family legal protection - up to £50,000 in legal costs covered.

  • Home emergency cover - Esure will arrange for emergency repairs up to the value of £500.

Read our Esure home insurance guide to find out more (coming soon)!

Car insurance

We can categorise Esure’s car insurance policies into three main groups:

 Car Insurance

As the name suggests, Esure’s third party, fire and theft covers you for damage you accidentally cause another driver’s car or property, as well as payment for any injuries the other driver sustained. It will also cover you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire or theft.

The fully comprehensive policy will protect you against everything that the third party, fire and theft policy will, plus more. One additional benefit is you are insured if you drive another car (certain exemptions apply). It will also protect you against accidental damage to your car.

image of a damaged car

There are also optional extras you can add onto your car insurance:

  • Motor legal protection

  • Breakdown cover

  • Car hire benefit

  • Personal injury cover

  • Key cover

  • Misfuelling insurance

Read our detailed Esure car insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

 Multicar Insurance

You can get a discount with Esure’s car insurance if you insure two or more cars. It can be for anyone who lives with you who is over 25. Your policies will be kept separate, which means renewal dates can be different and a claim on one policy won’t affect the other’s no claim discount.

 Electric Car Insurance

The rise of the electric car is a sign of the times and popularity is only expected to increase each year. If you are the proud owner of an electric car you will need specific car insurance. Esure’s Electric car insurance will offer you a range of unique benefits in addition to the standard car cover. Here is a sample of what it will cover:

  • Battery cover - whether your battery is owned or leased, and wherever it is located in your vehicle, you will be covered for accidental damage to the battery.

  • Power cable cover - protected whilst you are charging your vehicle.

  • Out of charge (add on) - if you run out of charge, Esure has partnered with RAC who will take you to the closest charge point.

Travel insurance

Esure travel insurance will cover anyone who is 79 or under. There are two main types of policies you can choose from:

  1. Single trip - this will cover you for one trip (can be to multiple countries). The maximum trip length allowed is 180 days, reduced to 90 days if you are aged between 66 and 75, and 62 days if aged 76 to 79.

  2. Annual multi-trip - this will allow you to take as many trips as you like throughout a one year period. The maximum trip length is 31 days (Essential cover), 45 days (Classic cover), 62 days (Extra cover). You also get winter sports cover for up to 17 days total in the policy period.

Esure offers a range of optional extras you can add to your policy, including gadget, golf, winter sports, wedding, cruise, vehicle hire excess waiver and business cover. Read our Esure travel insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

New customers can get up to 20% discount for purchasing travel insurance through the Esure website!

Esure Insurance login: how to manage your account

Esure Insurance offers customers an online account where you can log in and view, check and download policy documents. You are also able to let Esure know about any changes you would like to make to your policy and find out how to make a claim.

How to log in to your Esure account

If you're a new customer you will be sent an email with a temporary password so you can set yourself up on My Account (see instructions below). You will then need to choose a password to use to access your account.

All customers can access their account online from the following link: Esure Insurance log in. To sign in you will need to enter your email address and password.

esure log in screen

Registering for My Account

If you are a new customer or had a Policy Portal account before 20th May 2018, you will need to register to use My Account.

To start using My Account for the first time head to the registration page.

  • Your policy number or car registration number (car insurance only).

  • Your name, date of birth and postcode.

Complete the fields on the screen and you will be sent a temporary password to sign in. You’ll then be prompted to choose a new password (it must be eight characters long and include at least one uppercase letter and one number).

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I log in?

If you forget your Esure My Account password, you can reset it easily:

  1. Go to the ‘Forgotten your password’ page, enter your email address and click ‘continue’. You will need to use the email address you have linked to your policy.

  2. Once you submit this, do not leave the web page until your new password has been sent to you.

  3. You can then log in with your new password and change it to something more memorable if you wish.

How do I get an Esure Insurance quote?

The most convenient way to get a quote for Esure Insurance is online. Head to the Esure homepage. The screen will look like below and you can get a quote for car, home or multicar insurance by clicking the orange buttons, “get a quote”.

esure homepage

If you want a travel insurance or electric car insurance quote, click on “other products” (next to car and home insurance), then select which product you want on the next screen.

Make a complaint

Hopefully, you have a pleasant experience with Esure Insurance but if you do need to make a complaint head to our Esure contact page (coming soon). We’ve listed the different phone numbers and email addresses you need depending on the nature of your complaint. Esure aims to resolve complaints within three days, although as you will read a little later, this is not always possible.

Esure Insurance reviews: a quick look

What do current and previous customers think of Esure Insurance? We searched customer review sites and they were generally positive. The main praise for the company was its excellent online service and customer service for queries (prior to claims).

On, Esure has 1,066 customer reviews and receives 3.76/5 stars. Of these customers, 70% would recommend Esure.

“Very helpful staff...excellent customer service...great company, would recommend.” - Natasha,

On Trustpilot, Esure has 7,638 reviews. It receives 4/5 stars, a great score, attributed mostly to its good customer service, easy sign-up process and good value for money.

“First time with Esure. Very good insurance quote, pleased with pre-sales service, gives me confidence that they will have equally good after-sales service.” - Margaret, Trustpilot

Some customers on Trustpilot were not as happy with the process though. Obviously, busy periods of the day and any major issues impacting customers can change someone’s experience drastically!

Complaints handling

Company’s complaints data can give you an excellent indication of how it treats customers and how efficient it is. The following data for Esure is for the period 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2019.

Esure received 4.85 complaints for every 1,000 policies in force, which puts Esure right in the middle when compared against other providers. While Esure aims to resolve complaints within three days it does not often reach this target (36.1% success rate in this period). However, it did manage to close 61.1% of complaints within eight weeks.

The main reason customers complained to Esure Insurance was disputes over sums/charges.

Selectra’s verdict

Considering that Esure Insurance has not been around that long, it has proven to be successful quickly.

It offers many benefits for new customers, but there are reports of renewal prices rising by around 25% (even with no claims bonuses). Esure Insurance does say that if you find a cheaper quote they will match it.

Pre-sales care by agents is good and customers like their friendly and helpful attitude. As with so many insurance providers, they seem to fall down when it comes to resolving claims.

It’s a young, dynamic company, and offers modern insurance solutions such as electric car insurance and gadgets insurance (for travelling). It also has a great website and online account offering.

Has a flexible product range (particularly its travel insurance policies). The increase in premiums at renewal time.
Competitive prices for first-time customers. Claims can take a little longer to resolve than some providers.

Data and information correct as of October 2019.

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