Will the More Than insurance products be more than enough for you? Insurance is one of life’s big decisions but we often neglect it because it’s not quite as fun as buying that house or booking that holiday. Don’t despair! You don’t need to spend all your time scouring websites for information. We’ve done that for you and put together this practical guide to see if More Than is right for you.

Read on for more information including contact numbers, reviews, login details, quotes and more…

Who owns More Than insurance: its history

The More Than company is fairly young in the somewhat antiquated world of insurance. Rather than letting this hinder it, this freshness is at the core of the company’s ethos and it relishes and promotes this image throughout all the More Than insurance products.

So, who owns More Than, or is it just a new player in the market? More Than is a subsidiary of the RSA Insurance Group, a company with hundreds of years of experience in the insurance industry. RSA created More Than in 2001, with More Than insurance products being the core focus of the company.

More Than’s focus has been different from the very beginning. Its aim is to create small service teams that are truly customer friendly. They’ve even done away with the dreaded phone scripts, so you won’t feel like you’re talking to a robot! Perhaps this is one of the benefits of a new, modern company. Either way, this certainly bucks the trend in one of the world’s most ancient industries.


  • 2001 - More Than is launched by RSA.
  • 2013 - More Than wins Best Pet Insurance Provider at the Your Money Awards. Also in this year, More Than wins the Best Home Emergency Cover Provider at the What Mortgage awards.
  • 2014 - More Than wins Best Overall Insurer at the What Mortgage awards. It also wins a gold award for motor insurance at the Intelligent Choice Awards.
  • 2015 - By now, the company has donated more than £260,000 to help unwanted or neglected animals in England and Wales.

More Than insurance products today

Today, More Than offers a diverse range of insurance products. It is involved in socially responsible projects and maintains its forward thinking approach as a financial services company. Overall, More Than insurance products get very positive online reviews from customers (see our review section further down).

More Than insurance policies: car, home, landlord, travel and pet

The More Than insurance products on offer are:

  • Car
  • Van
  • Caravan and motorhome
  • Home
  • Landlord
  • Travel
  • Pet (plus specific cat or dog insurance)
  • Life
  • Business

On this page, we’re going to focus on car insurance (including van, caravan, and motorhome insurance), home insurance (including landlord insurance), travel insurance and pet insurance.

Car insurance

More Than offers three main car insurance options:

  1. Third party only.
  2. Third party, fire and theft.
  3. Comprehensive.

It also offers a policy geared towards young drivers who use a black box device (telematics solution). This is attached to the car and monitors how safely the person is driving on the roads. If the driving is recorded as safe, a discount will be applied at renewal. This policy is called More Than ‘Smart Wheels’ Young Driver Insurance.

Van insurance

If you purchase comprehensive More Than van insurance, your cover will include:

  • Loss or damage to your windscreen, windows and a glass sunroof.
  • New van cover if your van is involved in a total write-off claim.
  • Driving abroad in the European Union.

Caravan and motorhome

A small yellow house on a blue trailer

If you have a caravan or motorhome, then you know how much time and money you invest in your setup. Finding this type of insurance can be a little trickier than finding regular car insurance. With More Than, you can get cover for a touring caravan, trailer tent, folding camper, fifth wheeler, static caravan, holiday lodge, motorhome, American RV or campervan.

Read our detailed More Than car insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Home insurance

There are two types of More Than home insurance policies, which you can either take out separately or combine under one policy:

  1. Building insurance - You will be covered for rebuild costs (up to £1 million) against insured events. Another benefit to this policy would be if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a flood or fire. In this case, More Than would find you alternative accommodation while repairs are underway.
  2. Contents insurance - This will cover your belongings and includes new for old cover (up to £100,000 worth of contents). For example, if lost or damaged items such as furniture cannot be repaired, they will be replaced.

There are also a number of optional extras you might like to add on to your buildings and/or contents insurance. Read our detailed More Than home insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Landlord insurance

If you rent out a residential property, this policy will cover your property’s external and internal structures against events such as fire, flood, burst pipes, vandalism and theft.

Travel insurance

More Than offers three different levels of cover: silver, gold or diamond. The following travel insurance policies are available:

  1. Single trip - This will give you cover for up to 94 days and is open to anyone up to (and including) 79 years of age. While 94 days is plenty of time for most holidays, if you are lucky enough to be going on a longer trip, many other insurers offer longer single-trip cover. Always make sure that you’re covered for the entire duration you are away.
  2. Annual multi-trip - This is also available to anyone up to (and including) 79 years of age. You may travel as many times as you like within the period but each trip may not last longer than 31 days (silver cover), 45 days (gold cover), or 62 days (diamond cover).

You can also include the following optional extras:

Read our detailed More Than travel insurance guide for more information (coming soon).

Up to six dependent children can be included for free on a family policy!

Pet insurance

More Than offers four levels of cover for your furry friend/s:

  • Accident only
  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Premier

Not only that, you can get cover for your pets if you take them on European holidays and you can get a discount if you insure two or more pets.

More Than Rewards

You can join the More Than Rewards programme if you purchase one of the following insurance policies:

  • Home
  • Car (excluding More Than Smart Wheels)
  • Pet

It’s free to join and you will earn cash rewards into your digital wallet that you set up. If you shop at another store that is a partner brand, you will also receive rewards. Best of all, there is no limit to the amount you can save! Each year you can save cash rewards that go towards your next renewal.

More Than insurance number and opening times

You will find some important More Than insurance numbers below as well as opening times:

Product More Than insurance numbers More Than insurance opening times
Car insurance Quote / Change Policy - 0330 100 0593 Smart Wheels - 0345 072 4422 Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 9am to 4pm
Home insurance Quote - 0330 100 7822 Change Policy Details - 0330 102 3627​ Home Emergency number (for help securing your home) - 0800 300 684​ Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 9am to 4pm
Landlord insurance Quote / Change Policy Details - 0330 102 4501 Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm Sunday: closed
Travel insurance 0800 980 5573 Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: closed
Pet insurance Quote - 0330 100 7824​ / Change Policy Details - 0330 102 3638​​ Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 10am to 5pm / Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: closed

More Than insurance claims

If you need to make a More Than insurance claim, head to the More Than homepage. Depending on the type of insurance policy you hold, you can make a claim by logging it online or phoning an agent.

More Than insurance login

The More Than insurance login pages will allow you to do a number of things online. Here is a snippet of the functionality, by product.

Car insurance:

  • Make a claim or track progress.
  • Change your details.
  • Renew your policy.
  • Log in to your legal services account.

Home insurance:

  • Make a claim or track progress.
  • Renew your policy.
  • Add high value items.
  • Log in to your legal services account.

Travel insurance:

  • Check your policy details.
  • View policy document.
  • Log in to your online portal.

Pet insurance:

  • Make a claim.
  • Retrieve a saved quote.

More Than insurance Quote

Selectra logo tick: A blue square outline with an orange tick in front

You can get a More Than insurance quote for home, landlord, car, travel and pet insurance products online.

Simply head to the More Than homepage and navigate directly from there to the relevant product that you’re interested in.

There is a link to start your quote from each of the product homepages.

Alternatively, if you prefer the human touch you can get a quote over the phone (see our More Than insurance contact section above).

If you do decide to opt for More Than insurance, we would recommend having a look at our More Than Insurance review in the section below.

More Than insurance review: a quick look

You may find it useful to look at other customers’ reviews of a company, especially if you haven’t bought from them before. We’ve searched online to see what customers are saying about More Than.

TrustPilot has a lot of More Than insurance reviews on its site. More Than gets an average rating of 4/5 stars, which is a great result.

Its rating is even better on in Reviews.io! More Than gets a 4.27/5 star rating and 84% of reviewers would recommend More Than.

A recurring complaint is that payments fail with the accounts/administration departments and then policies are cancelled. Another gripe is that prices keep going up at renewal, which isn’t exactly promoting customer loyalty.

When it comes to positives though, customers think that the information on the website is good and find the website easy to navigate. In contrast to the negative reviews about renewal prices, customers feel More Than offers reasonable prices for first time buyers.

Complaints handling

There is no individual complaints data on More Than. Since it is part of the RSA Insurance Group, all the figures are mixed with RSA and the other insurance companies that it owns. For that reason, we won’t go into much detail in this section. However, it does give an overview of the group’s overarching ethos and how much importance it places on handling customer complaints.

The following data is for complaints handled by the RSA Insurance Group from 1 January to 30 June 2019.

Product/ service grouping Number of complaints opened Number of complaints closed Percentage closed within 3 days Percentage closed after 3 days but within 8 weeks Percentage upheld
Insurance & pure protection 21,181 21,629 50.3% 47.4% 66.5%

Compared to other insurance companies’ data, RSA Insurance Group scores very positively. It is one of the top scoring insurance companies when it comes to closing complaints within three days.

This could be a good indication that the group treats customers fairly and takes these relationships seriously. Rather than let customers wait for a response, they have decided to take action quickly and turn things around.

Selectra’s verdict

Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable when making such an important purchase decision as insurance. It is one industry where one size definitely does not fit all.

Compared to other insurance companies on the market, the customer reviews are generally very positive. More Than also scores well against its competitors when it comes to handling complaints (not that you ever want to be in that situation).

A young, dynamic company, with a slightly different approach could be refreshing. You need to weigh up all the information and factors, and consider whether it is right for you. Here’s what we think are some of the biggest pros and cons:

Good value for money on policies for first-time buyers. Some customers have cited that there are issues with payments, which can impact policies remaining active.
Easy to navigate website with all the information you need in one place. Prices increase at renewal, which does not encourage customer loyalty.

Data and information correct as of November 2019.

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Other providers are available and the best deal for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Please do your own research and seek professional advice if necessary (moneyadviceservice.org.uk offers free, independent advice on all financial issues).