A Guide to Apple iPhone X Deals

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Apple iPhone X Deals Guide

There are many different Apple iPhones on the market and when a new phone gets released its difficult to know whether or not to opt for the most recent phone or an older model. Selectra investigates the Apple iPhone x deals, reviews, design, features, contracts and so much more.

Apple iPhone x

The Apple iPhone x is the 11th generation of the iPhone produced by the manufacturer and was announced on the 12th of September 2017 and was released in November that same year. The iPhone showcased a lot of new developments made by Apple, like the replacement of the home button with Face ID and a glass and stainless steel form.

The Apple iPhone x has lots of different features, some of which are of course found in the previous models of the iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the main features you can find in the iPhone x:

  1. Single-camera system offering a wide lens and high quality photos.
  2. 16 hours of video playback on offer at the very least.
  3. Water resistance, meaning you won’t need to fish out the rice due to any unwelcome liquid spillage. Keep in mind that the water resistance works to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.
  4. An impressive 6.1” Liquid Retina HD display.
  5. A face ID authentication system.

Is the iPhone X still for sale?

Yes, the iPhone X is still for sale but new ones are no longer being produced. The best deal out there will most likely depend on what your contract needs are, like the amount of mobile data you’ll need for example.

Is iPhone X or XR better?

The iPhone X does pretty well under comparison, in fact the iPhone X went back into production when the iPhone XS was not well received by customers and sales were down. Of course the better phone for you will be a subjective choice, but overall some consumers seem happier with the iPhone X than the XR and they are certainly happier with iPhone X than the iPhone XS if sales are anything to go by.

What is iOS?The term iOS refers to the operating system that all Apple mobile phones run on. Android phones like Huawei or Samsung run on the Android operating system.

Apple iPhone x price in the UK

The iPhone x is now discontinued in the sense that Apple aren’t making new ones, however this particular installment of the iPhone is still not that cheap. The phone launched at a £999 price point for the 64GB model (and £1,149 for the larger memory 256GB model) but since has reduced in price only marginally.

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Apple iPhone x deals

If you’re looking for iPhone x deals the first port of call could be to speak with your mobile phone provider to see if you can secure a good deal or trade your existing phone in to save money. It could also be worth shopping around amongst different providers like O2, EE, Vodafone or Sky Mobile for example, as they may have a better deal on offer that will suit your needs.

Those looking for the best iPhone x deals might benefit from checking out what refurbished mobile phone sellers have on offer. Opting for a refurbished phone can save money and also recycle a pre loved phone. Other retailers like Carphone Warehouse also have great deals on phones from time to time, check out our guide to Carphone Warehouse to learn more.

Getting an iPhone x contract

If you’re interested in the iPhone x you’ll have two different main pathways through which to secure one. The first is to buy the phone outright and in full, and the second main option is to get an iPhone x deal through a contract with your mobile phone provider. If you’re signing onto a new contract our Selectra guides to all of the main mobile networks across the UK could come in handy, like guides on Tesco mobile, BT mobile and giffgaff for example.

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Apple iPhone x reviews

Apple received generally positive customer reviews for the iPhone x. Customers praised things like the camera, build and display. It is worth noting however that some customers were less than impressed with the new authentication method as well as a sensor “notch” located at the top of the screen. The Face ID facial recognition system was actually praised by some users for its straightforward setup, but some people felt that the need for direct eyes on the screen made things difficult, despite the fact that this option can be disabled in settings.

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