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How well do the Samsung S9 and S9+ perform in today’s saturated smartphone market? Well, customer reviews are varied, as are those from the tech experts. Selectra investigates everything Samsung S9 and S9+ including where to find the best S9 and S9+ deals and Samsung S9 reviews. If it’s a Samsung S9 or S9+ you’re after, we’ve got you covered, read on to discover all you need to know.

The Samsung S9

Samsung is certainly a household name when it comes to technology and it’s no surprise that every new Samsung smartphone released is highly anticipated by members of the general public, as well as mobile phone providers alike. So how well did Samsung do when it came to the release of the Samsung S9? Well the phone saw praise in some areas and criticism in others.

The Samsung S9 has a similar design to the Samsung S8 but with improvements to its biometrics and camera. Biometrics changes resulted in faster biometric security, which has received praise over the years. Unfortunately improvements in the S9 cameras’ low light capabilities resulted in sacrifices in other areas. Some critics argue that the Samsung S9 was outdone by its predecessor, the Samsung S9 Plus.

The Samsung S9 Deals

The Samsung S9 is more often than not, fairly reasonably priced and you should be able to find decent Samsung S9 deals out there, although it will depend on where you are buying it from. If you compare Samsung prices to the cost of Android phones overall, you will most likely find them more expensive. This higher price tag comes with the name of a recognised brand, and there are lots of Samsung converts out there singing their praises. Praise from other customers might reassure you of the phones’ quality. If you opt to buy the phone in full, you can do so from Samsung directly or alternatively you can check out the deals on offer from the main providers. Other retailers like Carphone Warehouse or Mobile Phones Direct usually also have S9’s in stock too.

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The Samsung S9+ or Samsung Plus

The Samsung S9 plus or S9+ is similar to the Samsung S9, however there are some key differences between the two smartphone models. The primary difference between the two phones is the difference in display size - the S9’s display is 5.8 inches and the S9+ display is 6.2 inches. The camera of the S9+ received praise, as the S9+ came with a dual lens instead of a single lens. The S9+ camera includes dual optical image stabilization and 2X optical zoom.

The phone battery also changed in the transition from S9 to S9+. The S9+ has a 3,500 mAh battery, while the S9 has a 3,000 mAh battery. Additionally, the S9 will give you 4GB of RAM, and the S9+ has 6GB of RAM.

Samsung S9 Plus Deals

If you’re interested in Samsung S9+ deals then you’ll find them in the same retailers as the S9. Some of these retailers include (but are not limited to) Samsung, O2, Vodafone, EE, giffgaff, Envirofone, Carphone Warehouse and Mobile Phones Direct. You can find the Samsung S9 plus in a refurbished model, brand new and outright, or brand new on a fixed term mobile phone contract. It’s worth keeping in mind that a refurbished model is likely to be cheaper than a brand new S9+.

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Samsung S9 Review

The Samsung S9 and S9+ received mixed reviews, as do most smartphones. As is often the case, those who left reviews on the manufacturer’s website only did so if they had a positive or negative score out of five. Take a look at what some Samsung S9 and S9+ customers had to say about their phones in their Samsung reviews:

Battery just gives up after just one year....When I buy a phone brand new, I expect it to last more than a year. Buying a phone for this much money should not be an annual thing. I expected quality and durability and now the phone literally will not charge. Completely useless.


Best Galaxy to date. So I gave 4 stars. Only reason that is, battery. At 3000mah and the power behind this phone it doesn't match only gripe is the battery…The screen is amazing. I have had the phone [for] about 3 weeks now and maintain at FHD...Pictures and videos are so vivid and real, the added infinity screen just brings video and photo over the far this phone is unmatched. My friend at work has the iPhone X and we compare every day and the Galaxy wins every time.

ActionRonson87 Samsung

Was a long-time user of various Galaxy models, decided to upgrade to S9. Overall this is a pretty decent phone - really like that Samsung still uses the wireless charging and the fact that this (just like S8 before it) …[The] only major "con" is that the battery capacity is pretty average. Other smartphone manufacturers are not afraid of putting 4000 mAh batteries into their flagships, Samsung should do the same, even for regular S9 models.

Samsung Galaxy Fan 22Samsung

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